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DMX Arrested...AGAIN...For Driving Without A License

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DMX is back on his jail ish.  The rapper was arrested around 2AM this morning in Spartanburg, SC.  All thanks to him ridin' round and gettin' it....without a license.  Deets inside....


It's feeling like a while ago when DMX was getting arrested every other day. 

Last night around 1am, X stopped at the "Lil' Cricket" with his 5 month old daughter in the car. Why he had a 5 month old out at that hour, who knows.  And when cops recognized him....knowing they had given him several tickets before....they stopped him.

WISTV reports:

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office report, a deputy recognized Simmons at the Li'l Cricket on Gap Creek Road just before 1 a.m. Deputies said after he went inside the store, he came back outside and got in the driver's seat then drove away.

Deputies said Simmons had been issued tickets in Greer and Duncan, accused of driving without a license, and a state DMV search showed he only had a state identification card on him. After pulling him over, deputies said the car was turned over to a licensed passenger riding in the car.

Earl--X's government name--went before the judge at 6am and was released shortly after.  Video is above of him talking to the news after his release.

"When I could have just paid the money right there on the spot," Simmons told FOX Carolina. "Basically it was just five hours wasted for nothing. I don't have a court date or a court appearance."

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Tashera is dishing all his dirt on the TLC show "Starter Wives." 

Photo via FOX Carolina




Alot of demons following

Alot of demons following DMX...Damn!! He is still one of my favorite artists but its messed up to see him fall so far down..
Money First's picture

DMX looks like he's on CRANK

DMX looks like he's on CRANK or PCP, 4get drivin around with an infant at 1am..what was D doin in SPARTANBURG, SC...at the "Lil Cricket?" Smh
tori's picture

babe... the man was tryna get

babe... the man was tryna get his daughter home safely. He ain't drunk, he pissed.
RO's picture

He should have been arrested

He should have been arrested for endangering a minor. Driving aroung at 1 am with a 5 month old baby in the car.
LBA1's picture

This guy is a friggin nut

This guy is a friggin nut case!! Lock his ass up and throw the key away!! he is going to hurt or kill someone soon(probably himself!) He has brain damage or something!! And who on earth would have a baby with this monster!! How old is he???? Still acting like he's 18 years old!! Pathetic!!
dunkin57's picture

When will this ugly thing

When will this ugly thing learn. How can he have any money or a car and you aint workin man? Do something before it's too late.

Well, he already said that he

Well, he already said that he is going to drive whether he has a license or not. X is dat dude.
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DMX stays talking about

DMX stays talking about everyone else and he should look at himself.
Happy Lady's picture

How is this a FREE country

How is this a FREE country when U can get arrested for that????????????
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SMH ~ I am Not surprised.

SMH ~ I am Not surprised.
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