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Jada & Willow Smith, Zoe Saldana, A$AP Rocky, Eve & More CLOSE OUT NY Fashion Week!

 photo ZoeSaldanaMichaelKorsFrontRowFall2013LxmtiuLjZI0l_zpsf93b431c.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith took in the last day of Fashion Week at the Michael Kors show with her daughter Willow.  We've got pics of the Smith ladies, Zoe Saldana, Eve, A$AP Rocky and more inside.....

 photo JadaPinkettSmithJadaPinkettSmithFashionTs8dXGWCxExl_zps029c08c1.jpg

 photo JadaPinkettSmithJadaPinkettSmithFashionSTZmjHv7ZhFl_zps8d5d7857.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith, in a green croc trench coat, and her 12-year-old daughter Willow Smith made their way to the Lincoln Center in Manhattan today to take in the last round of Fashion Week shows. 

 photo ZoeSaldanaMichaelKorsFrontRowFall2013ndIrkjvn960l_zpse20ce8e5.jpg

They both kicked it front row with actress Zoe Saldana.

 photo MichaelKorsBackstageFall2013MercedesW56uMsUC9QKl_zpse7dfcf85.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsBackstageFall2013Mercedesl06v-SwHwW0l_zpsc772f0b9.jpg

And snapped some pics backstage before hamming it up with Mr. Kors himself:

After the show:

 photo MichaelKorsBackstageFall2013MercedesfIhoYtU-yaBl_zpscd2582ae.jpg 

 photo MichaelKorsBackstageFall2013MercedesLEZfNHkYN3zl_zpsf4a7a5ac.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsBackstageFall2013Mercedes3pZgJt24ebal_zpsd86175a2.jpg

Must be nice to be 12 and spend your school day morning chillin' at fashion shows while your friends are battling long division.

 photo ElieTahariRunwayFall2013MercedesBenzB3xqCLu92gnl_zps561a1e6d.jpg

 photo ElieTahariRunwayFall2013MercedesBenzUa5BO6_B-L7l_zps78f9d0e0.jpg

Eve was spotted at the Elie Tahari Fall 2013 fashion show with "GMA" anchor Lara Spencer.


Celebs also headed over to the Jeremy Scott fall 2013 fashion show during MADE fashion week at Milk Studios.  And "Vampire Diaries" actress Kat Graham--who's newly blonde and rocking a colorful dress byt he designer--chopped it up with photographer Terry Richardson:

 photo KatGrahamJeremyScottFrontRowFall2013uJ_8inOOVm0l_zps3bf8c406.jpg

 photo KatGrahamJeremyScottFrontRowFall2013Bc4yXvTFyI1l_zps30ed99ed.jpg

Big Sean hit up the show:

 photo JeremyScottFrontRowFall2013MADEFashionJoo9JDib0zml_zps783bc598.jpg

 photo sb1_zpsae5957dc.jpg

 photo jeremyscott1_zpsb698216d.jpg

Even rapper Waka Flocka hit up the show.  For some reason.

 photo JeremyScottFrontRowFall2013MADEFashionZYT3t_dHZA8l_zps5d7a4312.jpg

And rapper A$AP Rocky--self proclaimed lover of fashion--was extra polite with it.

Fab times.




Im mad Jada made all that

Im mad Jada made all that effort with ther ensemble and didnt extend it to Willow. From the waist down that outfit totally failed. On the positive Willow is a lil cutie though. Eve & Zoe looked spectacular.
Realist's picture

Jada looks nice. ASAP should

Jada looks nice. ASAP should not have done that, but he has really nice teeth - lol.
Happy Lady's picture

A$AP will be over in about 18

A$AP will be over in about 18 months. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

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romance2013's picture

The Smiths should have

The Smiths should have shielded their children from public scrutiny, especially their daughter--society is incredibly hard on black girls. They seemed more intelligent than this. Eve looks great.
WoolyBlunt's picture

A$AP... real tacky. Real

A$AP... real tacky. Real tacky.
TheMrs's picture

Kat Graham is wearing a wig.

Kat Graham is wearing a wig. Zoe did something to her face, she looks like she got those wrinkles filled or something. Beautiful woman, no doubt, just an observation.

Come on ~ Big Sean is too

Come on ~ Big Sean is too cute to be dressing like this. I hope Kanye hasn't gotten in his wardrobe too. A$AP is oh so classy.
GetUrLife's picture

Fabulous look Jada. This is

Fabulous look Jada. This is the best Zoe has looked on and off the carpet in a long time. She finally figured out that she needs to add volume to her hair.
Denise2007's picture

classless. chick probably is

classless. chick probably is embarrassed to be w/what's his name. The ladies look gorgeous. GMA anchor's boots not the best match for her dress though. love big sean but what the what does he have on?
sista2sista's picture

Willow, willow, willow. In

Willow, willow, willow. In pictures, she seems to be miserable, distant and detached. Her twitter says the same thing. Maybe she needs to be in school so she can socialize with some kids. She's a really cute girl though. She's just...odd to me.
holmesa925's picture

ooh and I don't normally call

ooh and I don't normally call people out this tough but ASAP Rocky is not a good looking guy at all. Like I don't see one piece of cuteness on his whole body....
cutethatsall56's picture

Again Jada P. is sugar sharp

Again Jada P. is sugar sharp and she brings her daughter out looking a mess and a half. I don't respect that..its borderline neglect if you ask me.
cutethatsall56's picture

the smiths look really

the smiths look really good... i cant believe romeo miller forgot to wear his boxers though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I agree with everybody who

I agree with everybody who says that Jada has ruined her face. Every time I see her in one of her old movies like Jason's Lyric, I wish that she had never gone this route. Willow has too much freedom to make decisions about her appearance, school, etc. Will and Jada are going to wish that they had more rules one day. As a side note, I have the dress that Eve is wearing.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Jada really got in the botox

Jada really got in the botox just like Whitney did to give her face some body. I never really expected black women would go for it. I don't know what to say about Willow. She is not in her prettiest time right now and her style is not helping, hope she catches up with that later. Zoe looks lovely and elegant.
Tannygirl's picture

Willow needs to eat some food

Willow needs to eat some food for Christ's sake
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jada. Whatever you're doing

Jada. Whatever you're doing to your cheeks please stop.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Can't go wrong with Michael

Can't go wrong with Michael Kors! Zoe, Eve, & Jada look SPECTACULAR! Big Sean is a cutie, Waka & A$AP look DIRTY & I REFUSE to believe that thing with the BLONDE LACEFRONT & LOUD OUTFIT is KAT GRAHAM! LMAO @ Asap's ASIAN KIM K. LOOK ALIKE!
tori's picture

Ignorant a** rappers taking

Ignorant a** rappers taking their ignorance to the fashion show...ugh...and that boring a** Zoe
Reign's picture

ewww waka flocka's fingers

ewww waka flocka's fingers look stubby and creepy
litebrite's picture

6 years from now Willow gone

6 years from now Willow gone look back and say "I thought i was cool when I wore that hairstyle" #Her.face.is.too.pretty.for.that.Bart.Simpson.mohawk.hairdo
sexybrownpyt's picture

This is where trying to be

This is where trying to be different goes wrong..... walking around with sod on your head, like it's the new normal. Anywho..... I need that dress that Nina...... I mean Zoe has on PRONTO!!! I could give that dress LIIIIIFE!!! (snaps fingers)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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tom101's picture

The awful reality of the

The awful reality of the parents getting cosmetic procedures and the children looking "different".

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