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EVENT FAB: Kim & Kanye, Chris Brown, Solange & More Hit The TOPSHOP L.A. Opening + Celebs Flock To Tommy Hilfger Opening

 photo kimtopshop1_zpsebcd21f6.jpg 

Celebs were all over L.A. yesterday for two big fashion events.  TopShop/TopMan officially opened in the west coast city, and celebs flocked to the store's party to celebrate.  Plus, a big Tommy Hilfiger L.A. Flagship store opening party went down.


Pics inside...

Fresh off some drama at JFK airport with TSA pushing them PAST security, Kim & Kanye bumped their way to the Topshop Topman LA Opening Party at Cecconi's West Hollywood last night.

Kimmy covered her growing baby bump with a feathery frock and leather pants.  And Kanye threw on a real shirt and his leather pants as well.

 photo ChristinaMilianTopshopTopmanLAOpeningC-Q_Y2ClZ4il_zpsc13cf158.jpg

Fab chick Christina Milian looked great in a sequin crop top and peachy trousers with a sheen.  Loves this look.  Not sure what that fat diamond on that ring finger is all about though...

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiInside7T646bo_6Eyl_zpse8f988ec.jpg 

 photo ChrisBrownTopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartypjm0Qy7y28Xl_zpsccfee201.jpg

Chris Brown got into the V-Day spirit with a red heart over his chest.  He later met up with Rihanna to go party it up at their fave nightspot.  And is also caught up in legal drama as it was just reported that he and Drake are now suing EACH OTHER over that NYC Greenhouse nightclub brawl from a while back.  TMZ has the story.

 photo ChrisBrownTopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyBOuCPB27MLXl_zps5bef6c23.jpg

Jennifer Lopez kept it futuristic with her look:

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsQ74lerXkubul_zps1e7a465d.jpg

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsOxTbNHume41l_zps6bdaf091.jpg

Lots going on here with this look...and we kinda like it.

 photo topshopkeke_zps1035857e.jpg

Actress KeKe Palmer made her way to the event.  Not loving this dress though.

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsoFv-vkuS3Lrl_zpscf6eb361.jpg

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalstOrXdh-0EF0l_zps02f3aaf9.jpg

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsWDUyHSWzmLcl_zpsb3830bce.jpg

Solange & her 'fro made their way to the event in a longer dress than the night before at her sis' Premiere.

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsVxrHYZ8idpQl_zpscb5b699e.jpg

Lionel Richie and his "date" hit the event.


 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsc_EHw2zPo5Fl_zps1e3b1856.jpg

Oh hey LaToya.

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiArrivalsjEQQC3CkxFIl_zps4d49e2b3.jpg

"Idol" judge Randy Jackson kicked it with his co-star Ryan Seacrest.

 photo TopshopTopmanLAOpeningPartyCecconiInsideIf5H-RqaCUul_zpsd570e55f.jpg

And will.i.am was also in the mix.


Over at the Tommy Hilfiger LA. Flagship Store opening:

 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfterr39XzutDkMWl_zpsc9eebff0.jpg

Swizz Beatz threw on his white blazer for the fresh occasion.

And his wife Alicia Keys was pretty in red:

 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfter3nlPNjkQUr-l_zps31bdeccc.jpg

 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfterxYORCSlmXh3l_zpsbaa5a9aa.jpg

Nice.  She knows what flatters her bod.

 photo TommyHilfigerLAFlagshipOpeningInsiderGBemvgiol5l_zpsdec5d7f7.jpg

Olympian Allison Felix kept it chic in a blue suit and sheer paneled top as she posed with Mr. Hilfiger himself.

 photo TommyHilfigerLAFlagshipOpeningInsidefaiu6KM10GKl_zps8c0a7a57.jpg

Estelle also rocked a cute looked while posing it up with the man of the hour.

 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfterrvN8MrVxCaEl_zpseceb2ef8.jpg

I don't knw what Estelle has changed in her style department recently, but whatever--or whoever--it is....keep 'em.  Love this look.

 photo RocsiDiazTommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipz82cZ9xnOnVl_zpsd4855942.jpg

"ET" correspondent Rocsi rocked a cute flirty dress for the event.


 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfterLjqisNcButHl_zpsf4214e1a.jpg  photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAfterxeYA2-9vuk6l_zpsd95e26d4.jpg

J.Lo pulled double fashion duty hitting up this event after the Topshop/Topman party.


 photo TommyHilfigerNewWestCoastFlagshipAftervBZDO6jzlT2l_zps03d8e9ec.jpg 

Former "CSI" actor and Jumping The Broom star Gary Dourdan escaped all his legal problems for a bit to hit up the carpet.





Kim K looks like Big Bird's

Kim K looks like Big Bird's cousin (Bigger Bird) in that get up! Ms. Felix looks fab!
Denise2007's picture

What are Kanye en Kim

What are Kanye en Kim actually thinking with this ridiculous style, I mean really? I love the way Jennifer Lopez looks and I am really not feeling Estelle, what's that on her head. Really not a good look and I think the weave looks kinda cheap.
Tannygirl's picture

I find Estelle is looking

I find Estelle is looking Xtra skinny these days.......Is she trying to b a Model all of a sudden?
star's picture

I think Jlo is slowly losing

I think Jlo is slowly losing her damn mind. Alison's makeup is flawless. Im really feeling Estelle's sense of style lately. Mr Ritchie is looking good and Solange is gorge as usual.
Realist's picture

Jlo didn't impress.

Jlo didn't impress.
Set's picture

Alicia Keys may know what

Alicia Keys may know what works for her body, but she still doesn't know what works for her face. Her makeup (or lack thereof) is terrible and her eyebrows look very, very unkempt. JLo really brought her inner fashionista to this event. I'm glad to see her in something other than a skin tight, sparkly, slit up to there dress. I really wish that Christina Milian would stop baring her liposuction belly. That's not a good look. Wear things that accentuate how small your waist is without showing the skin itself.
Santi114's picture

Just because he has all

Just because he has all shades of color at his event doesn't erase the prejudice comments he said way back when. #never.supported.his.line
sexybrownpyt's picture

Have you seen the video

Have you seen the video stating that he didn't want black people to wear his clothing line ? All brands promoted by rappers and r&b singers (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana...) don't care at all about them and about black culture.
Honey972's picture

for the first time i can see

for the first time i can see that jlo is really beginning to show her age. in terms of solo, i usually like what she is wearing. it's always the hair that throws everything completely off. how can you look at yourself in the mirror and think it's perfectly normal to go to a red carpet event with that hairstyle? don't get me wrong. i love natural hair! i really like how esperanza spalding wears her hair.
gogreen's picture

WOW Kim's outfit isnt

WOW Kim's outfit isnt flattering AT ALL! she looks fat as f***. She's not even 6 months yet. JLo- Just NO to everything. Alicia- please get your eyebrows done before going to an event and her lazy/droopy EYES are getting on my nerves and that foundation didnt cover up your horrid acne.
montycarlo105's picture

Yuck¡! Yuck¡!¡ and more

Yuck¡! Yuck¡!¡ and more Yuck¡!¡! ~ oh wait . . . JLo is doing it. Wish she'd teach the other young lames a thing or 2.
GetUrLife's picture

Oh, Kim. You are going to

Oh, Kim. You are going to have to do better! You are barely 4 months along... you are going to only get larger...pick more flattering clothes.
TheMrs's picture

People still wear Tommy

People still wear Tommy Hilfiger 0_o
Naomi's picture

C-Milli and Solo look uber

C-Milli and Solo look uber cute. J-Lo...hell to the no on that outfit, boo! And Mr. Richie, I sure hope that's a daughter we knew nada about and not your date. #oldperv
MrsCPA's picture

Other than Alison Felix they

Other than Alison Felix they all look a hot mess. Why is a professional athlete the only person here who can put themselves together? Solange, Estelle, and the usually fabulous JLo look like they're auditioning for the circus.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Meme Palmer looks so pretty!

Meme Palmer looks so pretty! Kim I liked the dress but then you added pants!!! Whomp
cutethatsall56's picture


PacificGirl's picture

Allison Felix looks nice,

Allison Felix looks nice, everybody else can have a sit down. BTW, J.Lo looks like a 55 year old socialite, not good.............not good.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

AK looks weird in the

AK looks weird in the face..anyhoo Everybody looks blah blah and blah!
Like Really's picture

imagine sitting behind

imagine sitting behind solange with that wig, sheesh
ava's picture

Also, I must be the only that

Also, I must be the only that likes Solange's hair. I think it works on her.
holmesa925's picture

alison felix is the ish, such

alison felix is the ish, such a babe... alicia looks a little tired. jlo just a big fat no. is kanye gaining preggo weight with kim lol
ava's picture

I'm not feeling the black

I'm not feeling the black tights with J. Lo's shoes. Not feeling the shoes for that matter.
holmesa925's picture

Drake is upset because

Drake is upset because Rihanna don't want him.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Why is the opening of Topshop

Why is the opening of Topshop such a big event? I don't get it. why are Kim and Kanye always wearing black leather pants?
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Kim is going to blow up

Kim is going to blow up literally, she's already swole
TeaNicole's picture

She will look like Adele by

She will look like Adele by the time she gives birth.
PacificGirl's picture

i can definitely see that

i can definitely see that happening
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Everyone looks not good, bad

Everyone looks not good, bad fashion choices for everyone. JLo looks old in the face.
TeaNicole's picture

yeah Solange's big fake hair

yeah Solange's big fake hair is not working; WTH does Kim have on;?? not flattering to her figure; not a fan of the line
ladydiinpa's picture

Solange's (Side Show Bob) Big

Solange's (Side Show Bob) Big FAKE Hair...takes away from her Clown Face
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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