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ENGAGED! Giants Baller Osi Umenyiora & Miss Universe Leila Lopes!

 photo BC5-XJ8CUAELANg_zps6ee1948d.jpg

Well that was quick!  NY Giants champ Osi Umenyiora popped the question to his girlfriend of only 5 months, Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes.  Deets and pics inside...

The Nigerian footballer Osi took his girlfriend Leila on a European vacation last week, along with his brother Okwi and his wife (pictured below as Osi & Leila get kissy in the shadows), jetting from NYC to Paris, Rome, Monaco and more. 

And when the foursome were on a sight seeing excursion in Monaco, the 31-year-old Defensive End asked the 26-year-old Angolan beauty queen to marry him.  And the twosome posted some cute pics...likely taken right before he popped the question...with Osi saying, "My beautiful fiancée Leila."

 photo BC6ooYYCUAEODlzjpg_large_zpscf6f4447.jpg  photo Miss-Universe-2011-Leila-Lopes-NFL-Star-Osi-Umenyiora-are-ENGAGED-February-2013-BellaNaija001-600x450_zpsfe7da102.jpg

And the two have something in common: Osi was born in London, and Leila lived and studied in England and participated in Miss Angola UK back in 2010. Leila won the title, giving her the opportunity to represent the British Angolan community in Miss Angola 2011.

We confirmed the engagement with a source close to the couple who revealed Osi indeed proposed three days ago.  The twosome met for the first time at NY Fashion Week this past September. 

When a man knows, he knows.

Congrats to the couple!

P.S.  The Newark Star Ledger reported last week that Osi Umenyiora's contract with the Giants voided on Thursday, Feb. 7th, ending his tenure there technically.  But there's still a chance he could sign a new contract there, or he may have to move on elsewhere.




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If they're happy I'm happy

If they're happy I'm happy for them. But she's Miss Universe--she could have parlayed that into a marriage with an international billionaire, not settled for some ex-NFLer, like Kendra Wilkerson. But she had to "stay black." Oh well.
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My Sentiments Exactly

My Sentiments Exactly
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Congratulations to this

Congratulations to this beautiful couple!
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Congrats! Best wishes .

Congrats! Best wishes .
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CONGRATS! I hope Osi & Leila

CONGRATS! I hope Osi & Leila make it, they both travel...A LOT!
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His brother looks miserable -

His brother looks miserable - geez. I'm hoping it's the sun in his eyes that is making him have that stern facial expression.
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Oh yea and P.S who gives a

Oh yea and P.S who gives a goddamn if she knew him only 5 months it's better than knowing the nigga for 2 days and having children out of wedlock by a THUG ASS NEGROOOO!!!!! <------- Exactly! Most are already full term in their pregnancy before the one year anniversary of "dating" comes up.
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congrats to the lovely couple

congrats to the lovely couple despite the usual killjoys.
Realist's picture

As cute as they are together,

As cute as they are together, marriage is about more than that. Five months is not enough time to really know if someone is the right person for the rest of your life. Right now he's caught up in the fact that she's African like him and a beauty queen. Here's hoping they have a loooooong engagement.
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don't leave big blue osi.

don't leave big blue osi. pleeeeeeeeease.
litebrite's picture

Congrats!! Beautiful couple.

Congrats!! Beautiful couple.
Keys's picture

You don't know someone after

You don't know someone after 5 months. Everyone is still on their best behavior and you have yet to see the REAL person. They should slow their roll...
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He just got CUT. Good or Bad

He just got CUT. Good or Bad timing???????
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nice. they have traditional

nice. they have traditional family values.
shuga's picture

Hmm what's so Traditional

Hmm what's so Traditional about marrying someone, after only Five months of knowing each other?
Like Really's picture

What's not traditional about

What's not traditional about their situation? They dated and now they're engaged. Besides, most men know if they want to marry a woman shortly after they begin dating. I'd rather marry a man shortly after meeting him and have it not work out, than have a baby by a man out of wedlock, shortly after meeting him. History has shown that women in the latter situation end up with the short end of the stick.
CLS1986's picture

Hmm so u'd rather be a

Hmm so u'd rather be a statistic adding toward the rapid Divorce rate, instead of taking birth control? Hmm that doesn't sound like my type of traditional.. I mean u can't be my bff after only 5months of knowing u. *shrugs.. However, I can see getting engaged and taking some real time to learn about each other, but anyhoo to each is one's own.
Like Really's picture

When you know, you know. My

When you know, you know. My parents got married 6 months after knowing each other and they've been married now for over 30 years. Divorce can happen regardless of how long you've known that person because a lot of people get married for all the wrong reasons. They're focused on beauty and not that persons inner qualities. They will date a person for 3 years and get married. And although they're aware their partner doesn't have a good personality, they go through with it anyway because that person looks good.
CLS1986's picture

Yes and that maybe true but

Yes and that maybe true but I'm speaking realistically, getting divorced isn't a thing most people who know are looking forward too. Im srry but Thats NOT the traditional im familiar with. I mean u Make ur own choices and if u decide to marry for materialistic reasons then u get what u deserve! It's really impossible to know someone in five months whether it works out or not and As I stated to each is one's own but for me Marriage is sacred, so I'd rather take the time to find out before that walk! However, I do wish them the utmost best!
Like Really's picture

Don't get me wrong, when I

Don't get me wrong, when I get married, I want it to be for life! Marriage is sacred to me, too. What I said was that marriage can work after only knowing someone for a short time. In fact, back in the day, couples didn't date for a long period of time and the divorce rate was much lower. It all depends on the individuals involved. I, too, wish them all the best!
CLS1986's picture

REAL TALK!!!!!!!! You have to

REAL TALK!!!!!!!! You have to understand "Like Really" is used to those hood negros that she go back and forth with for over 5 to 6 years with, " the constant drama type men". Alot of black women think that's normal!! So forgive her...
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Oh, I know. It doesn't take

Oh, I know. It doesn't take 10 years of dating and four children out of wedlock for a man to decide if he wants to marry you. Most black men get away with this behavior because women allow it. Black women say they don't want to get married when deep down they do. The reason they say that is because they know the man doesn't want to marry them! It's sad.
CLS1986's picture

No....Black women want to get

No....Black women want to get married, BUT AT THE SAMETIME THEY DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED. Let me explain, black women like the benefits of being married, they like the flashy weddings, the high priced receptions , and ALSO women know for a fact that after that man say "I do" it's all about her afterwards. But here is why they don't really want to get married, alot of these women don't want to play the role of a wife, They so use to that back and forth bullshit ass relationships they had with these clown ass niggas that they don't know how to be there physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally for a man. And as soon as a woman gets tired of that man, for whatever reason she ready to leave and take what every the brotha got. THAT'S WHY MEN ARE SCARED TO GET MARRIED. When talking marriage to a man HE HAS TO MAKE SURE HE'S READY as with a woman she just thinking about glamor and bullshit and who all's gone be there. Fuck all that you are about to make a covenant with this man!!!!The main reason these women aint getting married is because they arent marriage material!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

The main reason these women

The main reason these women aint getting married is because they arent marriage material!!!<-------- Sad, but true! These women aren't marriage material because they have no morals or values and they suffer from low self esteem. Until they undergo a makeover, these women will always be down and out. Use birth control when having sex, go to school and get a decent education, date only men of high integrity who are financially stable and then marry him and don't have ANY children out of wedlock. If black women did just those four things, it would turn things around for our community.
CLS1986's picture

I agree and while

I agree and while Letsnotgetit only focus is taking digs at BW, all women have a choice in the value of their WORTH!
Like Really's picture

I guess.o_O

I guess.o_O

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