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ON THE SET: Oprah Winfrey DECLARES Tika Sumpter A "STAR" + Oprah Talks To Beyonce About Gaining 57 Pounds Of Baby Weight....And Bey's "The Gentle Woman" Magazine Shoot

 photo large-2.png

Oprah Winfrey was seen on the set of Tyler Perry's upcoming OWN series with Tika Sumpter...where she declared her a star!  See what they were up to inside and watch more sneak peeks of Oprah's Beyonce interview.  Also, see Bey on the cover of The Gentle Woman magazine....

 photo large.jpeg

We told you a few weeks ago that Tyler Perry was developing a few new scripted series for the OWN Network.  And now we know that Tika Sumpter will be appearing in one of them!  We're not sure which show Tika will be appearing in or what her role will be, but we're loving the casting decision.

 photo large-1.png

Another person excited about Tika is Oprah Winfrey who tweeted, “@Oprah: New Star in the making @iamtikasumpter All New Tyler Perry shows coming to @OWNTV in May."  And you all know what happens when Oprah decides you are a star........

Get ready for your close-up Tika!


Also on the OWN network.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-15at91528AM.png

Oprah also offered more sneak peeks of her "Oprah's Next Chapter" with Beyoncé interview.

During the chat, she talked to her Bey about her documentary, Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream (which airs Saturday), her daughter, Blue Ivy, and what Jay-Z is like as a father and a husband.  And Bey reveals she gained 57 pounds while pregnant with Blue Ivy.  Check out both videos below:

Oprah’s Next Chapter with BEYONCE airs THIS Saturday, February 16 at 8pm EST/PST.


 photo url-7.jpeg

Bey covers the latest digital issue of British magazine, The Gentle Woman.  It's released only twice a year and focus on the finer things of fashion and style.  Inside, she models in black and white for their spring/summer 2013 issue in a shoot captured by Alasdair McLellan.  Simplistic and classic.

 photo url-1-4.jpeg  photo BeyGentlewoman3.jpeg  photo BeyGentlewoman2.jpeg

She says, “In the industry the biggest mistake is not being in your right mind, and then not making the right judgement.”

 photo BeyGentlewoman1.jpeg

The issue hits magazine racks today.


Photos via Twitter/The Gentle Woman/Harpo Studios/George Burns; THE GENTLEWOMAN,PHOTOGRAPHED BY ALASDAIR MCLELLAN



She's beautiful!

She's beautiful!
cutethatsall56's picture

Why is Tika pushing herself

Why is Tika pushing herself on Oprah...Honey either Oprah naturally likes u (like Bey) or she does not...Calm down Tika
star's picture

#2013 I love the fact that

#2013 I love the fact that this is a Beyonce yr lol.. Oh well let’s say goodbye: ) to kimk, nicki, kanye, and many more
REd™'s picture

LMAO this article started off

LMAO this article started off talkin about Tika, for all of 2 lines than MORPHED into another BEY SHRINE, smh Natasha couldn't be OBJECTIVE if it was her job!
tori's picture

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tom100's picture

whoa 57 pounds is a

whoa 57 pounds is a lot!!!!!!!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Wow... people sound crazy...

Wow... people sound crazy... she faked her pregnancy. *blank stare*
TheMrs's picture

beyonce has no one to blame

beyonce has no one to blame except herself for the general public not believing that she was pregnant. having the gumption to go on an interview and show the world that your "pregnant stomach" squished up when you had a seat is really ballsy. you brushed it off by saying clothes fold when you sit. really? lol then you lied about actually singing for pres obama's inauguration by your behavior: taking out your ear piece at the end of the song and then remaining silent about whether you actually sang the song or not. not to mention the constant allegations of stealing other people's music over the years. to this day, i STILL 150% believe rob fusari was telling the truth about bootylicious (and that's saying a lot for me to take a white man's side over an african-american). i also remember reading that you said that you do not drink. days later there was a ton of photo evidence of you drinking. my god. lol if you want to drink then drink. you are of legal age. why lie about it? in addition, mrs. obama praised your super bowl performance even though you (1) popped your pussy countless times in the audience's face, (2) yelled to the audience "you sing!" and (3) STILL lip-synced most of the songs. what kind of example is that for young women?? for african-american girls?? i believe beyonce is a nice person but something has gone astray with celebrities not being honest with their constituents (you know, the folks who buy your music, purchase tour tickets and defend your behavior even when the truth is staring them in the face). side note: i'm just wondering how someone can be in a meaningful relationship with an individual who refers to women as cunts, sluts, hos, whores, bitches and everything else evil up under the sun. then thanking the good lord for his wonderful blessing in awards' acceptance speeches. lol
gogreen's picture

She really looks a lot like

She really looks a lot like her sister in these pics. While I really dont give a damn about her pregnancy and whether it was legit or not, I do wish she would stop perpetrating all this mess and just keep it moving.
Realist's picture

Really BiSH?!..*57lbs to be

Really BiSH?!..*57lbs to be exact! bwhaaaaaaaha Uh Ok was that supposed to make it more believable!? Bwahaaaahaahaaaaahah!..*the biggest mistake is NOT being in my right mind, and then NOT making the right judgement....Well there u go folks, the only real thing eva heard frm this Trifling Ho! Like Duh oh dumb one, we Know that cho azz is Neva in yo right mind BCUZ u don't have one BiSH!  Lol Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let u make business decisions or even THINK for that matter! Lol that's exactly why her lying azz going bat shit crazy on and off stage, the delusional & manic depressed BISH can't handle the f'ing Truth! Lol..I can't fathom all the chaos and wickedness she truly spawns, *smh sitting on Okra couch spewing one rumbustious Tale after the other! Hmmm I guess she feel its safe with another Fake Mf! Smhdlol....I mean this is what She rather do than push grade A music, Now that's something her silly azz shud be trying to perfect!
Like Really's picture

Beyonce is such a beautiful

Beyonce is such a beautiful woman! However, until I see an actual pic of her @ 8 months, I still do not believe that she gave birth :/
Beautyfulones's picture

Less is more for Beyonce. She

Less is more for Beyonce. She looks better with out all that mess on. I don't care if she said she gained 157 lbs I still don't believe she had a baby. Nope.
Keys's picture

Get it Bey...she looks so

Get it Bey...she looks so elegant and chic in these photos. I love to see her with minimal makeup and wardrobe.
Classic87's picture

she looks extremely beautiful

she looks extremely beautiful im loving the photo shoot
litebrite's picture

She looks just like Solange.

She looks just like Solange.
TeaNicole's picture

What a difference when the

What a difference when the right wardrobe stylists get a hold of her !!

Agreed. She looks so much

Agreed. She looks so much better with minimal makeup and wearing classy outfits. I'd like to see her go the classic route with the styling this album like Timberlake. She's getting older (not to mention being a wife and mom now) and it's time to transition out of the naked booty shaker thing. Its better for her longevity, you don't want to be Mariah Carey who tried to do the naked T&A thing WAY past the point she should have stopped.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

Beyonce concert in DC sells

Beyonce concert in DC sells out in 9.5 minutes. Her 2nd show sells out in presale. (and they've sold out all across the country) DO THE MATH!! HATERS MEAN NAYTHIN!!! LOL!! #QUEENBEY
BooLuv's picture

because she SQUIRTS on 13

because she SQUIRTS on 13 year old boys in the 1st Five Rows while jamming her sweaty clam in their face..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I KNEW it was you ~ LOL!¡~

I KNEW it was you ~ LOL!¡~ The name done changed ~ but the playa remains the same ~ ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

Shouldnt u be still standing

Shouldnt u be still standing in the unemployment line?
BooLuv's picture

Say it again!!! lol. She's

Say it again!!! lol. She's gonna hit you with the same "My money makes me money" line. lol. She is sick in the mind it tell you.
Classic87's picture

Right...with her fake broke

Right...with her fake broke ass. Lol all she does is Google & Bing shit all day & then comes on here and stunt! Lol
lj's picture

lmao right. lonely lil bald

lmao right. lonely lil bald eagle.
Classic87's picture

"Ni**a what money" ---n my

"Ni**a what money" ---n my Weezy voice
BooLuv's picture

lmao right.

lmao right.
Classic87's picture

Oprah's fat ass think she

Oprah's fat ass think she knows everything. Anywho.... Bey's face looks like Ronald Mcdonald in those photos with her padded self.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bey embodies natural beauty.

Bey embodies natural beauty. As much as I love bey, she need to come up with some personal pregnancy tid bits for me to know its real. After that whole inauguration fiasco she seems so questionable. #looking.forward.to.watching.her
sexybrownpyt's picture

She could come with a

She could come with a thousand sonograms, pics of her naked pregnant body and footage from the birth and people will still say she faked it. So why bother? I'm sure there will be some stuff in her documentary anyway, but it will never be enough.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

Why does she have to "come up

Why does she have to "come up with some tidbits" to prove to you? People with real lives dont care. We just like her music.
BooLuv's picture

Because I dislike when others

Because I dislike when others fabricate stories and stick to it, i also don't sit well with conspiracies.
sexybrownpyt's picture


Like Really's picture

Beyonce didn't gain 1 pound

Beyonce didn't gain 1 pound during her 'pregnancy'. She was pregnant for 2 months and gave birth, PULEEEEZE....SMH. How in the 'fock' does that happen? I know everyone's pregnancy is different, but how do you shave off 7 months and speaking of real pregnancies, has Amber Rose had her bundle of joy yet?
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Pics are gorgeous & very

Pics are gorgeous & very natural...great shoot!
cutethatsall56's picture

Jesus will fuck Orca's Back

Jesus will fuck Orca's Back Fat......and Batty Bey will gyrate and hump the audience (and SQUIRT on them with her Nutty Whirly-Gig) ...............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

ew....youre no better than

ew....youre no better than her. The way you are on this site.
Classic87's picture

LMAO .....lisaraye is that

LMAO .....lisaraye is that you??? hmmm wonder where she went?
sexybrownpyt's picture

Wind Talkers got LisaRaye®©

Wind Talkers got LisaRaye®© suspended
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Um no, actually you, got you

Um no, actually you, got you suspended.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

@J.H.C , oh I see

@J.H.C , oh I see
sexybrownpyt's picture

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