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Rihanna Spends Valentine's Day At The Club...Solo

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They may have been completely cuddled up at the Grammys and Grammy afterparties, but it seems something may have changed.  Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly avoided each other at the club on Wednesday night...and she was at the club solo on Valentine's Day.  We've got the deets inside...

Rocking a cute orange ruched dress, "Pour It Up" chick Rihanna made her way to Blok nightclub in L.A. last night.  And Breezy wasn't in her mix on this day of love.  She actually Instagram'd a tweegram saying, "Mary Jane will be my Valentine."  And then posted a pic of weed in the shape of a bouquet...and she called it green roses.  Of course.

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She arrived to the club solo and left solo as well.  And word has it that Wednesday night, both she and Chris popped up Playhouse in L.A.  But partied at separate tables.

“Rihanna refused to sit with or even near Chris – and when Chris noticed she was there, he made a huge show of rubbing his presence in her face,” a source told the Daily Mail.


Rih jets to London soon to debut her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week.  And her 25th birthday is also in a few days.  We'll see if Breezy turns up for any of that.

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beautiful as always Rih

beautiful as always Rih
nico89's picture

Smh, this DESPERATE ho hates

Smh, this DESPERATE ho hates bein alone, explains her THURSTY behavior!
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tom100's picture

Doesn't she ever doing other

Doesn't she ever doing other than go to the club? She has every resource in the world, and this all she wants to do with her time. Pahetic.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Maybe make the story-line

Maybe make the story-line about her outfit and not that fact that she spent V-Day w/o chis. Robyn is about her paper. Do you boo!
Shoe Ladee's picture

I never comment on this blog,

I never comment on this blog, but y'all have to stop getting false info from other sites then posting it as if it's true. First of all Chris was with Rih yesterday. His cousin posted pics on instagram. I'm sure he wasn't with Rih last NIGHT because he had to fly to Houston & Rih will be leaving for London soon. They both have careers which isn't going to allow them to spend every minute of everyday together. Plus Chris isn't allowed in the UK so nobody should be expecting him to be at London Fashion Week.
SMH's picture

Thank you SMH. Maybe you can

Thank you SMH. Maybe you can get a job on YBF and help audit some of these ridiculous stories.
Username's picture

Ah okay, thanks for droppin

Ah okay, thanks for droppin the right information.
Tannygirl's picture

So these people can't be mad

So these people can't be mad at each other like normal couples??!! OR maybe they had some gigs and we know their career is not like most. They usually have to work even of holidays. Better yet, gatdam let them live!! Leave them alone.
Keys's picture

LOL. Rihanna's poor excuse of

LOL. Rihanna's poor excuse of a love life. Next!
Yas's picture

Maybe they just had a fight

Maybe they just had a fight like all normal couples have from time to time but frankly I don't really trust Chris. I have a feeling that his spark for her is coming and going and things are not the same anymore for him which is really normal because he gave his heart to another woman for two years.
Tannygirl's picture

Poor reporting at it's

Poor reporting at it's finest. They got this story and pics from Huffington Post.
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I WANT THOSE GOLD SHOES!!! #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

pls....he was with her the

pls....he was with her the night before and yesterday. he left for houston for a all-star gig and she leaves next for her LFW gig. stop being messy.
yardie1984's picture

Hopefully she does some self

Hopefully she does some self realization soon. She's a beautiful girl and can truly do so much better.
cutethatsall56's picture

I mean really, is this

I mean really, is this mediatakeout?
MakeMe's picture

she has nice feet (and Jesus

she has nice feet (and Jesus has a CRAZY foot fetish) **beats off to island girl's crusty feet**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

ok... you gonna get banned

ok... you gonna get banned again. I take it you don't get to say much in the real world so you come here to please that sick mind of yours.
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Lazy ass journalism YBF.

Lazy ass journalism YBF. Chris is n Houston for the Celebrity all star game today And Rihanna leave for the UK today for her fashion show on Saturday. They spend They spend the day together.
xedos's picture

@XEDOS; lets not refer to

@XEDOS; lets not refer to them as journalist they "hear something," or read about something- most times from a site that is not credible at all and post it as if it where true. BTW Chris and Rih don't have to spend every waking moment together to show that they are happy. How is it that you and I know what they are doing- and these idiots ppl call journalist don't? You people need to QUIT YOUR day jobs, and learn how to do full investigations before just posting stories. LAZY PRICKS.
Keonta's picture

Thank you.

Thank you.
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