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WEDDING FAB: Nene Leakes & Cynthia Bailey ATTEND Preston Bailey's KING KONG-Themed CEREMONY

 photo nene-leakes.jpeg 

"RHOA" stars Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey were among the celebrity guests at the King Kong-themed wedding of famed celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey to Theo Bleckmann.  See pics from the nuptials inside....

 photo joan-rivers.jpeg

On Valentine's Day at midnight, famed celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey married his partner of seven years, Theo Bleckmann in a King Kong-themed ceremony.  So where does the "King Kong" part come into the story?  Well....Preston and Theo got married on the top floor of the Empire State Building! Preston told People"We love the imagery of the films but King Kong has a tragic ending. We wanted to create a happy ending."

Once the couples' celebrities guests reached the top of the building, they were led down a hallway, set up like an art gallery, featuring personal photos of their own weddings.

Then, according to People

"...guests saw a 12-ft.-tall sculpture of a bridal gown that had been custom created by designer and guest Reem Acra. What looked to be Bailey dressed as a "bride" was in fact a body double – as evidenced when Bailey himself emerged from inside the sculpture, wearing a custom Reem Acra tuxedo. "It was important to us to create very strong memorable moments that mean something," says Bailey."

And the ceremony itself was conducted by Joan Rivers (who got ordained online for the occasion!).  After the ceremony, guests partied until 6am to the sounds of Starlight Orchestras.

 photo nene-leakes-midnight-wedding-catches-bouquet-the-jasmine-brand.jpeg

The very rich "RHOA" star Nene Leakes was among the guests.  It's interesting to note how "rich" Nene truly is since she is having her upcoming nuptials to Gregg Leakes planned my Preston!  Now.....we assume Bravo will be footing the bill but Nene will still have the bragging rights of joining the ranks of celebs like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart who've all worked with Preston.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-15at84919AM.png 

Nene's bestie and fellow "RHOA" star Cynthia Bailey was also there.

 photo carlos-kig-rhoa-cynthia-bailey-nene-greg-leakes-midnight-wedding-the-jasmine-brand.jpeg

Nene and Cynthia were joined by "LAHH ATL" producer Carlos King andNeNe's hubby to be twice over Gregg Leakes at the fab wedding.


Photos via Twitter






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NeNe looks so good!!

NeNe looks so good!! Especially when compared to the first season. And it's big things poppin to get Joan Rivers to become "ordained" just to marry you LOL.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Cynthia looks like she's

Cynthia looks like she's going on a job interview with that Hairstyle...I like Preston and I Luv me some Ms. Rivers.
star's picture

Not a good hair look for Nene

Not a good hair look for Nene but Greg really does soften her hard edges and make her more like-able.
Denise2007's picture

That thing on NeNe's head

That thing on NeNe's head looks a HOT A$$ MESS! Sumthin tells me Lil Kim's face is goin to look EXACTLY like Joan Rivers' face in about 5 yrs!
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tom100's picture

Nene and that tired fake

Nene and that tired fake blonde hairstyle; give it a rest; Cynthia proves black don't crack; she looks fab.
ladydiinpa's picture

Judging by the pics you would

Judging by the pics you would think it was the moose getting married.
Realist's picture

Nene should never comb her

Nene should never comb her hair away from her face.
PacificGirl's picture


Like Really's picture

im so tired of this gay

im so tired of this gay wedding stuff!!!!!!! its so ridiculous! Im gonna need Jesus Allah Jehova & Buddah to come and get them!

Child boo, they didn't invite

Child boo, they didn't invite you to the wedding so you didn't have to sit through the ceremony. They didn't tell you to read the story about the wedding. You chose to. They also didn't tell you to comment. You chose to do that too. The bottom line is that they aren't worried about you so why are you checking for them? Let them live their life. You live yours. The world would be a better place if everybody just did that! Damn!
DesignDiva's picture

Aint nobody asked you shhh!

Aint nobody asked you shhh! Girl, take your own advice. You must be a nasty azz capet muncher your damned self to be so rilled up about my post! Bish, im the mother of a lil boy and i get sick of all this out in the open GAYNESS. no matter how you fags try to spin it ITS AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD! now im all for ppl minding their own business & living they life but it doesnt have to be on display! they dont have to get married! that shh is stupid. So to you, Bish grow up and calm down. and take hos like your lil cosigners w you! you tried it!

If you are a mother, I feel

If you are a mother, I feel sorry for your child. How are you going the use the name of God in the same sentence that you spew hatred and name-calling. God is LOVE honey! Teach your child THAT! And no one is throwing gayness in your face. This was a PRIVATE ceremony. It wasn't aired on TV. You did not have to turn the channel. The main picture of this post also CLEARLY illustrated that it was about 2 men getting married. If you didn't agree with it, you could have skipped it and moved on the the other two HUNDRED articles. But no, you chose to click on the post (that you hate so much), look at ALL the pictures (that you hate so much), and then COMMENT (about the post that you hate so much). When I don't like something I just don't put any energy into it. I ignore it. You seem to be really up-in-arms about this. So you get the side-eye! #suspect
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this is the worst pic of 2

this is the worst pic of 2 african monkeys ive ever seen! LESBhonest!

your momma! for having a lil

your momma! for having a lil nasty dike like you!

That blond baby wig is

That blond baby wig is killing me.
TrueThinker's picture

More photos of the wedding

More photos of the wedding and decor would've been nice, instead of four unnecessary photos of NeNe and that horribleness on the top of her head. There are more photos of her than Preston. I mean really......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

very nice. Joan Rivers

very nice. Joan Rivers always said she wished she had a fabulous gay son. lol!
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