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Azealia Banks Drops Video For "Harlem Shake Remix"....Despite Beef With Creator Baauer

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Azealia Banks just dropped the video for her "Harlem Shake Remix."  Just to prove she really doesn't care what creator of the (new) song, Baauer, had to say about her using his track.


Peep the hair twirling video inside....

Azealia Banks loves to stir the pot of drama.  But this time, we don't really think it's her fault. 

This "Harlem Shake" craze taking over Youtube and everywhere else--where one person in a group starts dancing to the Electro House track, then the camera cuts to everyone in the camera shot doing their own crazy dance once the beat drops.

So Azealia took the track and rapped over it for a remix.  Something often done by rappers and singers in the business who want to put their own spin on things.  And rarely--especially if they are not selling it--do they need to get permission to do so.

When "Harlem Shake" creator Baauer (no, not the one we're used to hearing/seeing Diddy do back in the 90's...this is some new ish..but we were confused to) heard Azealia's remix, he went off on her via Twitter and had her remix snatched off Soundcloud on Valentine's Day. But we're sure if Jay-Z had laid some tracks on that mug he would have been saying "Thank You."

Billboard reports:

Azealia took to Twitter to respond to Baauer, who tried to block her remix of his surprise hit "Harlem Shake." She responded to the Mad Decent artist by calling him a "pussy" and stating that he doesn’t "belong in hip-hop."

After musician Brillz wrote that they were "too busy making tunes for u to steal tho," the Harlem native fired back, "you guys are all fagots… May you drown in faggotry."

And now we're here.  With a video.  And we like her version.  But she's on her own with the F bombs.  Check it above.




She looks like

She looks like Smeagol-Gollum's unbe-weavable hood rat girlfriend. Long arms & legs, no shape, big feet, and cretin face.
Peace Silas's picture

It sounds like she lost her

It sounds like she lost her ghost writer, contract, and background dancers.
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I've NEVER listened to an

I've NEVER listened to an Asealia Banks FULL SONG becuz the b!tch is a DIRTY RAT & a GROTESQUE individual! Leave the Harlem Shakin in the 90's!
tori's picture

I don't care who you are. If

I don't care who you are. If you use my music, even if it's only for " promotional purposes" (i.e., to encourage others to listen to and purchase songs that ARE for sale and not necessarily this track), you are going to pay me. It could be Jay Z, it could be Sir Paul McCartney, it could've been George Washington Carver for all I care. Just because it's done by music veterans does not make it acceptable. The same way I can't get on the Internet and copy word-for-word another person's thoughts and present them as though there were my own (termed "plagiarism"), is the same way artists like Azealia Banks cannot and should not attempt to use another musician's music without his or her consent. F* YOU...PAY ME.
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Dope...I like it

Dope...I like it
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Im turned off by her and she

Im turned off by her and she looks like a gremlin.
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Well I do Like her

Well I do Like her Jeans.....that's it
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I like it. She slays.

I like it. She slays.
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She is so overrated and not

She is so overrated and not even all that.....#GIRLBYE
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The beat was already fire but

The beat was already fire but her flow gives it something different which i like. I don't really care much about her personal life/ twitter rants...her music is dope.
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i accept the fact's picture

I like the track and the

I like the track and the visuals....and as long as she isn't selling her track, she can legally use it.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Azealia and that lame Harlem

Azealia and that lame Harlem Shake movement can both take a hike for all I care. Sick of em both.
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jacksonqw's picture

Someone should remind Azealia

Someone should remind Azealia that she borrowed her fast rapping technique and dance moves from those 'faggots' and that's why she's gained online and underground notoriety. That being said..I love this. Her flow reminds me of Foxy at times. I feel like this was where Foxy was supposed to be in her career.
TrueThinker's picture

This is where foxy suppose to

This is where foxy suppose to be in her career???? And where exactly is azealia??She aint even really that noticed yet.
LetsGetIt's picture

I was referring to her style.

I was referring to her style. They both have the same husky voice when they rap. Azealia has reintroduced hip-hop through more upbeat rhythms which has been adapted by this younger generation here and abroad. And yes, she has been noticed. She's been performing for fashion events for the last year and a half and her mix tapes have been critically praised. Not to mention she's been all over social media. She just has an ugly disposition.
TrueThinker's picture

I see hip hop dancers going

I see hip hop dancers going ham over this track. i like it #whine.hips.then.drop.to.a.split
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