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Beyonce & Jay-Z, LaLa & Carmelo, Vanessa & Kobe, LeBron And Lots More Celebrate At Michael Jordan's 50th Birthday Bash In Houston!

 photo tumblr_mibbkvfZAg1qgmkcqo1_500_zpsad4e6237.jpg

Beyonce traveled back to her home state of Texas to party it up at the 2013 All-Star weekend with her husband Jay-Z.  And they hit up Michael Jordan's big 50th Birthday Bash last night alongside Carmelo & LaLa Anthony, Drake, Kobe & Vanessa Bryant, Nas, Ludacris & Eudoxie, LeBron, Teyana Taylor and plenty of ballers.


Pics and video inside of the party everyone who anyone in sports made sure to be at...


 photo hous21_zps16bd510f.jpg

Drizzy loves the fans.  He was spotted hitting up MJ's 50th's birthday bash at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts last night.  Word has it MJ rented out the gorgeous space for a $100,000 donation--which is pocket change for the man who makes $80 mill a year dropping his Air Jordan shoes and endorsements.  And it was a packed out party to celebrate the man who is the prototype for a top NBA baller.

 photo 29_zps250ae318.jpg

MJ's fiancee' Yvette was front and center with her man.

 photo tumblr_mibh7rcs3P1r877b7o1_500_zps8c620f79.jpg

Beyonce was spotted chillin' on the couches as she partied it up with the people close by.

 photo BDOhWlgCUAEibUW_zpsdfaebf45.jpg

 photo hous23_zps07b63b58.jpg

 photo BDOemQ2CYAAVMQH_zps131d9224.jpg

And Julius escorted the couple out through the mob of people.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at122645PM_zps176bf7bd.png

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant snapped pics with the Anthonys.  And yes, Carmelo's wearing his ring.  Good sign.

 photo kobs1_zpsff4f0502.jpg

Cute pic by Vanessa.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at122656PM_zps4025c036.png 

La rocked a sexy black dress with silver trim.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at122845PM_zpsf246481d.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at122834PM_zpsc5dcaafd.png

And she posted pics from the dance floor with her girl 'Nessa and her fab girl Eudoxie.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at122802PM_zps3019624f.png

Hey Luda.   He and Eudoxie make such a cute couple.

 photo hous10_zps86cc9d4f.jpg 

Nas was there chillin' with OKC's Russell Westbrook.

 photo hous20_zps311ec76d.jpg

Even R.Kelly was there to perform for his Chi-Town homie.

 photo hous14_zpsc5144ae2.jpg

Melo kicked it with his good friends--Clipper ballers Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.


 photo hous15_zps73d98127.jpg

La posted pics of her man, who is also a part of the Jordan Brand with Nike, cheesing it up with Mr. Jordan himself.


 photo 63_zps08964958.jpg

Bron and MJ chopped it up at the party.

 photo 611_zps187d1cca.jpg

Teyana Taylor--who just released her own Harlem GLC sneaker through Adidas this weekend--kicked it with LeBron.

 photo 52_zpsb02c453b.jpg

 photo 302_zps577be406.jpg  photo 234_zps1ea52059.jpg

Even Miguel and Houston's own Bun B were there.

 photo 60_zps13340dc7.jpg

And Scottie Pippen came out with his wife Larsa to support his long time teammate and best friend.

And if you were wondering where Chris' wife Jada Paul and LeBron's fiancee' Savannah were....they are chillin' in Catalina this weekend for Jada's b-day. They tweeted a pic from their zip-lining today:

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at11040PM_zpsa662eca7.png


Hopefully they'll be in Houston by tomorrow for their fellas' big night.

Peep the video of rivals on the court, yet good friends off the court, Kobe & LeBron chopping it up inside the party while Kells performed.

Fab times!

The Randomness:

1.  In other baller news, a judge has sided with Stephon Marbury's mistress...and is making Stephon pay her the remaining $330K hush money that was promised to her.  WOMP.  STORY


Pics: Twitter/Instagram




LaLa & Vanessa look like the

LaLa & Vanessa look like the BOBBSEY TWINS, with their fake lips! Yess Nas! What is Russell W. wearin? And why does Lil Mama #2 keep crashin parties? Smh!
tori's picture

Who teyana taylor hahahahaha

Who teyana taylor hahahahaha
LetsGetIt's picture

Why in da' hell is Jordan

Why in da' hell is Jordan partying with people his kids' age? #growdahellup
PinkRose's picture

Lebron and Savannah haven't

Lebron and Savannah haven't stepped out together in a minute... he didn't take her to the white house last month either. Wonder if the rumors are true.
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Jay shd keep his eye on this

Jay shd keep his eye on this bodyguard, i know hes doing his job but putting your arms around her is going a little too far.
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I love too see my Peolpe

I love too see my Peolpe looking Fabulous ..
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romance2013's picture

NAS looks amazing as always!!

NAS looks amazing as always!! Yum! MJ is one forgot where he came from man.. dont really care for him *Shrugs*
Dgabbanaed's picture

OH!!! annnnnd how in the

OH!!! annnnnd how in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does TEYANA TAYLOR keep squeezing into these A-List Events???!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

(Exactly) I think that

(Exactly) I think that little Rat snuck in...
REd™'s picture

Beyonce looks very pretty

Beyonce looks very pretty with her hair wavy like that. I'll always love MJ but can't get with dissing your wife and kids after her being there from day one for a basic chic like this. Lala, And Larsa look pretty. Kobe's wife definitely had work done but she looks pretty as well. Jayz looks pissed about the bodyguard cuddling his wife, and NAS looks great as always.
cutethatsall56's picture

There's more pictures of

There's more pictures of Beyonce in a post about Michael Jordan. Good grief!
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Don't ever do this again.

Don't ever do this again.
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LetsGetIt's picture


JESUS H. CHRIST ON A CRACKER!!!! That gave me a headache the WHOLE TIME. ...and made me HALF CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Beyonce and that yellow hair

Beyonce and that yellow hair tho.
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jacksonqw's picture

"I aint taking no pictures

"I aint taking no pictures with no niggas!!!" - Michael Jordan "I don't give a fuck nigguhhh" - Michael Jordan
LetsGetIt's picture

Black success!!

Black success!!
SkeeWee's picture

I really hate Beyonce's hair

I really hate Beyonce's hair color
Somerknight's picture

This is just a celeb

This is just a celeb gathering on MJ's dime. There are so many people in the industry who say MJ is the biggest asshoe you will ever meet. The comedian (from Mad TV who play Bobby Brown) on the TJMS. They asked him had he ever had the pleasure of meeting MJ. He said NO and don't want to. He went on to say he idolized MJ but all his celebrity friends have told him how much of an asshoe MJ is so he does not want to witness it 1st hand.
Somerknight's picture

Having met them both I have

Having met them both I have to say Kobe is the more "socially challenged" one. Michael was very sweet and funny.
PacificGirl's picture

MJ is a asshole, Kobe is cool

MJ is a asshole, Kobe is cool tho, many people hate kobe but he's pretty down to earth to me, he almost act like a cool ass street nigguh although he was raised in Italy and shit. But yea i can see why a person that idolize Jordan wouldn't want to meet him, because to see a person u idolize act like a straight up dick would hurt. It would be like me meeting malcolm x "my idol" and he say "i dont feel like talking to no nigguhs!!!!"lol i'd be hurt.
LetsGetIt's picture

Lol, you are too

Lol, you are too funny...sometimes.
TrueT's picture


Somerknight's picture

Beyonce looks real

Beyonce looks real comfortable with the only man, that ACTUALLY show her affection and attention. any other time jay at like she a stranger.

This was a good mix of

This was a good mix of people.
Classic87's picture

Beyonce and LaLa the blackest

Beyonce and LaLa the blackest chicks up in there, lol! And Black Jesus got a blonde with a pointy nose--how à propos.
WoolyBlunt's picture

jay looks lil mad with

jay looks lil mad with bodyguard hands around bey
gluebella's picture


star's picture

All that Ultra Red Lipstick

All that Ultra Red Lipstick (several guys woke up this morning with BRIGHT RED COCKS)..... *says 7 Hail Mary's*...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

M.J. is Black Jesus and will

M.J. is Black Jesus and will ALWAYS be The Man!!!!!! Jay-Z appears to have drank & smoked himself retarded (in photo #7). ....................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

MJ will never be anything but

MJ will never be anything but a black man who made money from basketball, he is arrogant, and so is his whole family. They all think they are better than anybody else. His mother even employs white people in her office. He could not wait to get rid of Juanita, she was not white enough according to his mother's standards. Well regardless, she got the big bucks. These black men really get on my last nerve dating these white women, calling them models. Really??? Yet I guest that's the sophisticated name for call girl right? The said thing about the whole ordeal, many black women were raped by their masters. Many black women have had to endure so much, but as soon as a black man makes a few dollars he grabs himself a white women. They say black women have drama, really?
Miss D's picture


Unlike DELUSIONAL Bey-Z Stans....I am AWARE that M.J. has many flaws. I love him as a the Greatest B-Ball Player EVER. I don't care to know him personally. Why are you limiting yourself to BLACK MEN...this is 2013 not 1813....move on...........its cool........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

The Beyonce haters (you

The Beyonce haters (you included) are the ones that act like maniacs. The fans act normal. Just look at any Beyonce post.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The Bey fans on here are

The Bey fans on here are mostly rational but YBF/Natasha is a Stan for that entire family. Twitter & Instagram is where all the crazy Bey Stans do their work. I'm not sure what other people say about Bey on other websites...but as long as YBF talks about Bey, Solange,Tina & Jay everyday so will I cuz I love this website (except the Logging On thing) ...............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Check out this dope song!!!!

Check out this dope song!!!! https://soundcloud.com/user832223/marc_avery_firefighter
Musicluvher's picture

Beyonce's body guard takes

Beyonce's body guard takes his job real serious...as he should...but he seems to have her "real" close in the photo.
Reign's picture

Damn Beyonce can't even

Damn Beyonce can't even breathe and enjoy a decent party without these people crowding and hoovering over her smdh. Looks like they invited just about everyone and anyone to this party. #what.happened.to.VIP?
sexybrownpyt's picture

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