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ALL-STAR CUTENESS! Baby Egypt Sits Courtside With Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Shaq, The Bryants, 2 Chainz & More During Slam Dunk Contest!

 photo 733002367_zps25ee819a.jpg

Saturday was family time for the Deans!  Egypt Daud Dean and his mom Alicia Keys and dad Swizz Beatz all hit the Jam Sessions yesterday in Houston.  And the fam took in the Slam Dunk Contest and the All-Star festivies courtside with lots of celebs also in tow.


Pics inside...


   photo upgrade2_zpse3edbbae.jpg photo upgrade1_zpsed9399e5.jpg

Yep..he's ready for his close-up.  Now that Alicia Keys is the Global Creative Director for Blackberry, she taking her phone everywhere.  Yesterday, she snapped pics of her 1 and a half old baby boy Egypt with all the big guys of All Star weekend, including Shaq.

 photo upgrade3_zpse0c93887.jpg

Spike Lee got in on the tech talk courtside.

 photo upgrade5_zps39ce3bbe.jpg

Too cute.

 photo upgrade6_zpseeab1d03.jpg  photo upgrade7_zps23fc01c0.jpg  photo upgrade8_zps435d07a8.jpg

Alicia, who is rocking the half time show at tonight's big game, did a few rehearsals in her brown and gold Giuseppe Zanotti combo zip wedge sneakers.  She tweeted the pics saying:

Checking that everything sounds right for tomorrow's #NBAAllStar Game halftime show. Sounding craaaazzzzyy!!!

 photo 732977630_zpse13cc9a5.jpg  photo 732971387_zps33f69eaa.jpg

Also spotted at yesterday's festivities--Kevin Hart, Ne-Yo, East team captain Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony.  These pants and shoes D!

 photo slam-dunk-contest-2013-3_zpsb6054ffd.jpg

 photo slam-dunk-contest-2013-1_zpsf832ef79.jpg

Drake stopped by the Deans' section to say wassup.  And then went H.A.M. over the dunks.

 photo slam-dunk-contest-2013-2_zps57855b82.jpg

2 Chainz made his way courtside after a performance with Fall Out Boy.

 photo slam-dunk-contest-2013-5_zps7a836c4f.jpg

And also kicked it with Bron Bron.

 photo slam-dunk-contest-2013-6_zpscd3a9c77.jpg

Former Laker (now Suns baller) Shannon Brown chilled out with his wife Monica and his former teammate Kobe Bryant and Vanessa.

 photo SpriteSlamDunkContest2013t-bst2bTII_l_zpsa294fed0.jpg

Cute.  Mrs. Bryant is making sure to be front and center at every single event this year.  Not even mad.

 photo SpriteSlamDunkContest2013zOuVn2ct3z5l_zps09a182d6.jpg

And Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had some fun with their former OKC teammate, who now plays for Houston, James Harden.

Fun times!

BONUS: Check out the new Slam Dunk Champ in action, Toronto's Terrence Ross:

And 2 Chainz's performance of "Know What You Did In The Dark" with Fall Out Boy.

Pics: NBA/Twitter/Reuters



A-Keys and Swizz son looks

A-Keys and Swizz son looks nothing like neither of them! On a side note, I FUCKIN LOVE 2 CHAINZ!
I Am Anonymous's picture

I need Russel Westbrook, and

I need Russel Westbrook, and Dwayne Wade to walk out the closet. Drake NO with those Fire Engine Red leather jogging pants! Its hard for me to look Swizz Beatz in the eyes with that honker...she's done
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Is that a vest with a hoodie attached? My eyes...
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zjone123's picture

Love Alicia and her son! I

Love Alicia and her son! I cannot wait for her performance tonight!
Beautyfulones's picture

Lol. So what did you think of

Lol. So what did you think of the performance?
CheyPie's picture

Alicia Key family keeping

Alicia Key family keeping that light skin supremacy in the family. I see you Keys!!!Make sure you make nothing but red bones.
LetsGetIt's picture

but compared to them you're a

but compared to them you're a "dark butt" so gtfoh with the bullshit
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Ahhh!…lilbit, do not fear a

Ahhh!…lilbit, do not fear a “Dark butt” anymore, because the Dark Butt Function itself are identical to yours...and trust me, I know…sorry for the Visual Experience.
rebellious soul's picture

LetGetit and his sidekick

LetGetit and his sidekick (LisaRaye’s Subconscious a.k.a JHC.,) are destined to become great combustion attractions for Satan, someday!...And I just love the Colors of LetGetit forehead with the Pink, and brown colors separated, but, honestly, I think I’d like his face much better if he added some little specks of white paint in between the Two Colors and that way, I’d know for sure that he really is down for only “White People”…
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BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Well her Mom is a Ginger Kid

Well her Mom is a Ginger Kid (Gingers have NO SOUL) Its freakin TRUE, i tell ya!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture


haahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahaahahaha!!!! Ya wrongggggggggg, but explains why her kids a red head :)
LetsGetIt's picture

Baby Egypt needs a HAIRCUT &

Baby Egypt needs a HAIRCUT & what is SWIZZ listenin to? That chair MELO sittin in looks like its about to give out! And where did Irv Gotti come from next to Drake?
tori's picture

Monica's Husband always looks

Monica's Husband always looks like he's plotting to do evil shit......and i hate when Drake tries to act all black n'stuff..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

LMAO @ plotting it reminds me

LMAO @ plotting it reminds me of pinky & the brain tyrna to take over the world...
So BEaUtiful 82's picture

I had to google that but i

I had to google that but i learned something new! Hahaha
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I'm a big fan of being a

I'm a big fan of being a hands on parent but there are times that AK & Swizz need to find a sitter. I would not want my child among that mess of whoremongers. You don't know where there hands and mouths been. It's the biggest groupie festival of the year. That precious child organs are not fully developed yet and they have him around weed heads, chain smokers and ass lickers....SMDH
Somerknight's picture

I agree...

I agree...
cutethatsall56's picture

I don't think Kobe's wife

I don't think Kobe's wife could care less that she was about to get a shit load of money in the divorce. This is why a lot of women can't leave their cheating baller husbands. They are too addicted to the lifestyle. Being front row, VIP to all the big party & industry events. If she were to divorce Kobe she will just be another rich bitch in L.A.
Somerknight's picture

Wow. You can tell the YBF

Wow. You can tell the YBF does not follow the NBA because there are soooo many errors in this post. First of all, the Slam Dunk champ's name is Terrence Ross, not Kevin. And I'm pretty sure Alicia is doing a half-time performance and not the national anthem. And they make it seem like 2 Chainz was just there kickin it, but he performed with Fall Out Boy during the show. Not saying I enjoyed the performance, but let's give credit where credit is due. With these exception, good job YBF.
CheyPie's picture

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i accept the fact's picture

i think i speak on behalf of

i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP! i'm tired of going from article to article seeing this copy and pasted speech in every comment section, this has absolutely nothing to do with what's being discussed and yet you come in here with an alex haley novel everytime, good day
lilbit's picture

Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!!!!!

Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Kobe's wife has been Cheesing

Kobe's wife has been Cheesing and Posing for a lot of pics lately...I think she might have done a little something to her face
star's picture

Can we get a close up and

Can we get a close up and name of her sneakers?...
Peace Silas's picture

I just did some research for

I just did some research for you. Here you go... http://www.giuseppezanottidesign.com/us/women/sneakers_cod44482399oj.html

Ooooh *snaps!* thank ya boo!

Ooooh *snaps!* thank ya boo! =)
Peace Silas's picture

The batch of Mixed Breed

The batch of Mixed Breed babies haven't turned out too well lately (they all look like yellow freaks with birds nest hair and half bald) We may have to layoff outer-species breeding for a while before the human race turns into MONGOLOIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Will you PLEASE for the love

Will you PLEASE for the love of all this Holy change your avatar name? Please. You know you're wrong...
Peace Silas's picture

Ye shalt judge

Ye shalt judge others......God gave me this subversive sense of humor...so he wanted me to have it (God doesn't make mistakes) **sips jesus juice**.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

lol come on now that aint

lol come on now that aint nice sista... Atleast the mix breed aint ashamed of their kids hair, like dark skinned black women are. THEY BE THE MAIN ONES TELLING PPL THEY NEED TO CUT THEIR KIDS HAIR.
LetsGetIt's picture

Do you live in a cave?

Do you live in a cave?
Username's picture

Nope i stay in the home, and

Nope i stay in the home, and im just a brotha that speaks the truth.
LetsGetIt's picture

Your wrong on so many levels.

Your wrong on so many levels. In the middle of buying my fav shampoo, a white women who had a biracial child came into the salon and asked the hair stylist to cut off all her hair because she didn't know how to manage it. That's the thing with ignorance in any race, if you don't know how to manage any type of hair they think "Cutting" is the solution. Educate yourself!!! African american chick with long natural hair----> http://youtu.be/bcYwCxvNRY8 Biracial chick with long natural hair.------>http://youtu.be/dgYg8vfAMlU...smh Educate yourself !!!! There's plenty of hair tutorials black/white/mixed who teach others with similar hair texture, how to manage their hair. Being a natural and not putting perms/relaxers in my hair allowed me to maintain a long length because "i know" how to manage it smdh
sexybrownpyt's picture

Im just giving my PERSPECTIVE

Im just giving my PERSPECTIVE SISTA!!!!!Everytime i see a natural family, or a natural sista, IT'S ALWAYS A MIX RED SISTA, thats proud of her natural hair. But when ever u see a dark sista with the natural she's doing it for fashion and when it's no longer the thing to do she put that blonde wig back on her head. Now WHY YOU BRING UP WHITE WOMEN , I DON'T KNOW. But what i was saying is that mixed women tend to wear their natural hair and have their children rock natural hair, while black women tend to be ashamed of it and find it unattractive. I AINT SAYING IT TO BE FACT, THATS JUST WHAT I SEE OUT OF BLACK WOMEN. I don't give a damn about some long hairrr the fuck sending me a long hair video for. I WANT THE 70'S NATURAL BLACK POWERRRR WOMEN BACK, THEN I'D BE IMPRESSED!!!SHOW ME A VIDEO WITH THAT!! YOU GODDAMN BLACK WOMEN HATE YOURSELVES!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

So your mother being black

So your mother being black "hate herself" O__O oh okay now i see where the hatred comes from....#its.like.beating.a.dead.horse. #ignorance.kills
sexybrownpyt's picture

P.R.E.A.C.H. I too went

P.R.E.A.C.H. I too went natural since August and I love it. My hair is thicker than ever & healthier. I go on youtube too and look for people with the same curl pattern as e and follow suite :)
So BEaUtiful 82's picture

Good for you, i've been

Good for you, i've been natural since youth and so has my other three sisters. I don't know what this fool is talking about...smh anywho hair is hair as long as its healthy is what matters.
sexybrownpyt's picture

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