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FRESH OFF THE RUNWAY: Rihanna Reveals Her First Collection For RIVER ISLAND At London Fashion Week

 photo article-2279893-17A0B423000005DC-498_634x802_zps7f1cc7b7.jpg

Rihanna's had a big UK weekend.  She shot the cover of Elle UK's April issue, then she headed over to London Fashion Week to debut her brand new collection for River Island.


We've got her fab look, and a look at her designs....

 photo article-2279893-17A0D060000005DC-845_634x554_zpsc7e46545.jpg  photo article-2279893-17A0D030000005DC-320_634x515_zps3e5ab3ea.jpg

Rocking a fitted black tank dress, Rihanna made her way to her show, alongside her River Island co-designer, Adam Selman, to present their River Island Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.  She tweeted:

And just like that these bitches is my sons #RihannaForRiverIsland #LONDONfashionweek

 photo BDQdzrPCMAAus9wjpg_large_zps0c4d3673.jpg

The "Stay" singer debuted a collection full of clothes that she indeed put her imprint on.  The sexy, minimal, skin baring looks are all looks we've seen her rock over the past year or so.  So it's no surprise that's what we saw fresh off the "runway":

 photo wenn20138899_zps64cb0d4b.jpg  photo wenn20138897_zps645793d1.jpg  photo LFWRihannaForRiverIslandtZWzHgPlO7bl_zps99712e0c.jpg

 photo LFWRihannaForRiverIslandMjCNIWCpIcCl_zpsb8339696.jpg

 photo LFWRihannaForRiverIsland86xEoTji1Ual_zps6d91fd70.jpg

 photo LFWRihannaForRiverIsland2whpBIMw3fUl_zps511f3e47.jpg

  photo BDQNHlqCEAAqUuzjpg_large_zpsa3256f78.jpg  photo BDQKux4CQAACpCwjpg_large_zpsfa0c01be.jpg    photo BDQcRrTCYAATk7yjpg_large_zps8944434a.jpg  photo BDQccGdCUAAEccLjpg_large_zps2fe69d15.jpg

She was spotted backstage with her models:

 photo BDQoEVsCUAAJ1UOjpg_large_zpsf037be14.jpg

 photo BDQsLy-CEAAwCghjpg_large_zps877e6506.jpg

 photo article-2279893-17A0EC64000005DC-626_634x885_zps87626db9.jpg

And her model friends Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne were there to support.  We're feeling the designs.  Congrats Rih!

Check out video of Rih greeting her audience:

And video of the full show below:


Pics: WENN/Twitter




That first model with the

That first model with the black n white pants is Diddy's son Christian's twin!!!
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Disgust ,Horror, This bitch!

Disgust ,Horror, This bitch! Always trying it .. Please go have a seat
REd™'s picture

It's not HER brand people!

It's not HER brand people! She collaborated with River Island to create collection with her name on it. It's like the collection she did for Armani. This line is big over seas and that's how they dress. Not my cup of tea and although I'm in shape, you have to be a size 0 to wear half of this stuff.
Username's picture

(Research) just looked it up

(Research) just looked it up “Sweetie” and she’s taking full credit and She even designed some of the pieces . Sorry -__- This hot mess was “Retards” idea ….(Evil Laugh)…..
REd™'s picture

hella tacky.

hella tacky.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture


star's picture

Very interesting that she

Very interesting that she wants to be a designer now that Karreuche has a line with Chris. She can't be happy with her fame fortune and singing career...so damn insecure...She knows that with all her money and fame...Karreuche is always PRETTIER, CLASSIER, SEXIER,,,AND DEEP DOWN CHRIS WILL ALWAYS WANT HER MORE...Just think, she was a nobody basic chic as Rihanna likes to call her, and Chris still rocked with her for over a year and STILL rocks with her to this day. Deep down, it kills Rihanna that this regular girl has something she doesn't! Fashion designer...You are not Rihanna..Sit down...the clothes SUCK

Karate chop really does have

Karate chop really does have fans? I thought that was a rumor.
Username's picture

Rihanna has been working on

Rihanna has been working on this line for years.
Username's picture

Well, if folx will buy

Well, if folx will buy Jessica Simpson's cheap garbage, maybe'll they'll buy this too.
WoolyBlunt's picture

I would rock everyone of

I would rock everyone of those shoes. GWTWF.
Realist's picture

I think that the shoes are

I think that the shoes are cool. The clothes are okay, was hoping for more, the collection looks a little dated. Hmmm disappointed but still love Rih.

she has an amazing body. long

she has an amazing body. long and curvy. she's doing boss things
litebrite's picture

uh no maam.

uh no maam.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Damn.... well this is awkward

Damn.... well this is awkward lol
Girl's picture

I expected so much better

I expected so much better from Rihanna. This is blah and boring. I thought it would've been some shit I hadn't seen from her. SMH disappointed
nico89's picture

Spandex, Jersey, Cotton, Tie

Spandex, Jersey, Cotton, Tie Dyed HOT MESS. Rihanna gets on my last nerve, but I thought if she came out with her own line of clothes, that it would be ill. This aint it.
Yas's picture


gluebella's picture

With the exception of the

With the exception of the shoes/boots, this is some garbage thrown together stamped with her name. I wonder who is really behind the Rhianna brand. She's dumb as a door knob so I know there is 1 person who is the business side making sure that she look her best those 2hrs a day that she is sober or not on her back. That person is behind the fashion line, the perfume and the music. I think if Rhianna had her way she would be laid up on some d!ck all day sucking on a blunt lace with powder.
Somerknight's picture

The only thing i like is the

The only thing i like is the boots/shoes, nothing new and fresh from these already current looks. I can easily get the same styled outfits from Nastygal, myhabit, ideeli, hautelook, gilt, H&M, fovever21 etc, etc. She should of asked her stylist for some new or creative never been done before looks. Or she could have done a remake of something that was in style way back when. This fashion line is pretty much what everybody including her is wearing now, she should give credit to her stylist. O___O #Not.impressed #I.take.fashion.seriously
sexybrownpyt's picture

Easy pieces, young and

Easy pieces, young and hopefully affordable i like it!

no ma'am

no ma'am
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commonprosperity8872's picture

Nope Rihanna sorry, the

Nope Rihanna sorry, the clothes are hideous and average. I really don't like that cheap looking weave on her either, sorry.
Tannygirl's picture

It's not horrible. It just

It's not horrible. It just looks like you can find those pieces anywhere. They don't look exclusive. Cute shoes though.
Mars's picture

You gotta be kidding me

You gotta be kidding me right? (scrolls back up to make sure my eyes are not playing tricks on me ) You are kidding me right? Where's the effort? Huh? (scrolls back up one more time in disbelief) No way. For real for real? Nope.........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm not diggin the

I'm not diggin the GRUNGY/HIPSTER/CHIC look Rhi was goin for, it just looks tacky & the clothes aren't cohesive enough to even be considered a "LINE!" Her LBD is cute!
tori's picture

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