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CANCELLED: The PLUG Gets PULLED On "Starter Wives Confidential"

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TLC has pulled the plug on "Starter Wives Confidential" and now Monica Taylor (Funkmaster Flex's ex) is speaking out about the show's end.  Kinda.  Read it inside....


Fans who fell in love with "Starter Wives Confidential" will have to go online to watch the remaining episodes as TLC has taken it off air. If you're wondeirng why the show won't air on television anymore, Monica Taylor, the "ex" of Funkmaster Flex wrote an open letter on her website to fans which listed a number of possible factors (including lawsuits, ratings, and outside fights) that proved to undermine the show.

Looks like the exes of 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather and Maino will need to find another stream of income.

Here's her letter:

If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to TLC.com. Ask me why? ::Long pause::

Is it ratings? Is it a change in network direction…or all the outside drama?!

It’s no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning. Starting with Shanequa Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show.

I know before taping even began I was questioned about my posts relating to anyone connected with Lamar Odom. Luckily TLC had no control over what I do or can post so it became a non-issue. I never did find out who was putting pressure on them. Cut to the Lil Kim situation, one which I’m still confused about and can’t even confirm if there is a law suit.

Bringing a show with women of color to TLC we always knew was a challenge and I love that they believed in our stories and gave us a voice. A voice, honesty, love, a lot of drama, and a bit of ratchetness. (Usually required for any good reality show.)
I can only imagine there were a lot of people who were afraid what would come out on Starter Wives Confidential and as you saw from the first few episodes, the ladies were NOT holding back! Trust me it gets better and much juicier. But I digress. (I always wanted to say that in a post.)

I want to say that from the very bottom of my soul the support and love from viewers was more amazing then I imagined. Even the haters felt our show was genuine. I love that personally I got to not only bond with 5 amazing women but was allowed to show that not all celebrity wives sit home, model, or are simpletons. For the first time people got to know who I really am, if even just a little bit.
So it SUCKS that you have to watchpp episodes online but it beeeez like that sometimes.

But make sure you still log onto www.mommysdirtylittlesecret.com everyday for the latest news, gossip, and sexy info (c’mon y’all know me by now, why pretend anymore #endlesspromotion #bossbitch #keepitmovin #letmefinish)

P.S. I realize I didn’t answer why we are not being aired anymore…you will just have to judge for yourself. ::Closes the shades carefully as she writes and presses send::
- Monica Taylor

It's too bad that the show didn't really catch on with viewers as Monica's interview with the baby mommas of 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather proved that a bitter ex can provide a fountain of infomation about otherwise shielded celebrities.  It was a good concept....just poorly executed.

*UPDATED* 50 Cent tweeted the below after the news hit the net:

I want to apologize to cast of Starter Wives for having the show pulled off the net work.i sincerely hope you find work.#smsaudio

So wrong.


*UPDATED* Wednesday, Feb 20

According to TMZ, the TLC network sent a letter to the stars of Starter Wives Confidential and blamed its cancellation on bad ratings:

"Unfortunately, due to the low ratings, the remaining episodes will not air on TLC, but will be viewable on TLC.com."

The decision by TLC isn't personal, although I know it is to you all, and for that we are very sorry. You ladies gave your all to the show and everyone at TLC is very disappointed that the viewers didn't take this ride with us."

Oh wells....





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people, people... lets not be

people, people... lets not be rude. please show some damn class. the only problem with this show is timing and the fact that it resembles that other show that didn't last called the The Exes, or something. These ladies have a story and it needs to be told. Just like The Face... you can only serve left overs so much before you have to bring about a newness. If you are too nice, we think your boring, kinda like Cynthia was before Nene gave her life... But I guarantee you these ladies needs to write a book and put their stories in different chapters. You've gotta get them damn bills paid and you gotta do what you've gotta do. I have alot of confidence in these ladies because it takes a level of persistance and perserverance just to be with a man that cheats but makes millions and/or is a dope phen. i would rather draw from these ladies strengths, not their weaknesses.. Im hoping they can park it for now but spin it in the future after a books been writen and with alot of more class and less drama. Trust, we've got The Sisterhood and housewives for that. so lets not be a copy cult. where's the originality, newness, and freshness..... and someone pllleeeeeaaasssseeee stop saying cra-cray from big rich tx.... omg, if i hear cra-cray one more damn time ima stick my damn finger down my throat and self destruct, lol. Lastely, pppleeeaasssseee stop saying your someone's ex wives. How about all of you guys get together and do a match making show where guys have to compete for your attention... show those old exes what ya working with. dont start trying to freaking do no damn yoga or loose weight either. can i get a witness. and dont judge my typing cuz im not editing or proof reading no more. if you dont know me by now, you neva will, lol. Naw, really I'm a fan of all these ladies because they have the balls to put their lives out here to try and make a career for their families. LADIES, I KNOW IT'S HARD BUT... when you get to the end of your rope just tie a knot and hang on in there. Gods got the final say, thank goodness and He will provide for you all. The biggest mistake we make watching reality shows is getting caught up in the money and so called glamour.. Hell, I can go to Cheddars with a film crew and appear I'm on top too. Im looking for a show that forces me to look inward instead of loathing after an assumed lifestyle. Damn i feel sorry for people like that. It feels so good to just walk down the street and be normal. Not to have to be famous and broken. Anyway, I'm getting tired of TV. Im going back to board games with the family and simple things. Good look trying to get rich quick.... Who said, I said... If anyone want a good reality show, try Catfish.. bye
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I Never got a chance to watch

I Never got a chance to watch it #Booo! But I did hear that DMX ex was really ratchet lol I kinda wanted to see that ..
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"Is it a change in network

"Is it a change in network direction.." TLC has a show about the lives of ppl in a TRAILER PARK (Myrtle Manor) comin out & that GYPSY HOODRATS show smh!
tori's picture

Best news I've heard all day.

Best news I've heard all day.
Lola's picture

Hallelujah!!!! Keep these

Hallelujah!!!! Keep these fucking trash bags off the air waves. No one wants to see these fake eyelash, fake titties, fake asses, fake hair, fake nail wearing cum receptacles making a whole bunch of ignorant fucking noise. They are irrelevant!!!!! No one gives a shit what you stupid azz bitches have to say. So elated this crap isn't going to be shoved down our throats. If we wanted to watch pure garbage, there are PLENTY of other shitty shows to choose from.
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good riddance. that picture

good riddance. that picture above is justification enough to pull the plug. were they trying to coordinate? wtf is up with all of those plugs on the ground? where are they? shit is just too weird and bootleg.
shuga's picture

Now that the show is

Now that the show is cancelled maybe Lamar Odom's ex I forgot her name, can spend more time finding out why their 14yr old daughter is battling DEPRESSION AND IS CUTTING HERSELF! No reality shit show is work losing your kid, this young girl is crying out for help! Smh
Shay's picture

show was dumb anyway...

show was dumb anyway...

People are tired of seeing

People are tired of seeing negitive images of Black Woman, thats why the show got pulled. Nobody wants to see out of control black woman anymore. Start setting positive images MY BLACK Queens and start acting like the queens you are.
I'mThatDude's picture

Tired of these rachet wives

Tired of these rachet wives shows with no wives.

Co-fucking s

Co-fucking s
sianna1's picture


sianna1's picture

Good Riddance! Was so low

Good Riddance! Was so low budget!
nico89's picture

I barely knew their husbands

I barely knew their husbands so u know I didn't give a damn bout their ex-wives or jumpoffs
Somerknight's picture

This was actually a good show

This was actually a good show and showed the ladies in a different light as opposed to housewives and basketball wives.. I bet it had something to do with the Kardashians , I emailed tlc and told them they pulled the plug on the wrong show, how do we have gypsy sisters and honey boo but starter wives gets cancelled

What are you talking about

What are you talking about Honey Boo Boo brought in viewers in the millions. Starter Wives was never in the top 100 on cable shows it was a low as 400,000 viewers. Perhaps if it was on VH1 it would have done better.

Good. I am tired of these "

Good. I am tired of these " wives" shows. Producers have run that idea in the ground. So what they had problems. You knew it wasn't going to be easy married to someone famous so get over it and go shopping. If you can.
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Great!!! I think some of you

Great!!! I think some of you Ghetto Hookers on here finally starting to read......and not watch this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
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