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*UPDATED* Dwight Howard--MORE PROOF Surfaces That THIS Is His Baby & Baby's Mother?

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105355AM_zps736942a8.png

Last year, an investigation was done by our homie Robert Littal of Black Sports Online about Lakers center/forward Dwight Howard and his many alleged babies and babies' mamas.  Yes, way more than just former "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed.  And now, more proof may have surfaced to prove this cutie 2-year-old girl is his.


Deets inside...*UPDATED with Royce Reed's confirmation*

Well what do we have here?  The bible thumping, devout Christian with a wholesome "I believe in loyalty" image (so he tries to make us to believe) Dwight Howard has fathered this cutie patootie pictured above named Jayde?

Here's the deal: Last March, BSO reported that goody goody Dwight actually has up to five children by five different mothers, most are a secret. Two have been confirmed--Royce with son Braylon and now, Hope Alexa with daughter Jayde.

Hope, who lives in L.A., describes herself on her Facebook page as a Bikini competitor, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Model.  BSO reports that she had Jayde in December 2010. And when they reached out to her about this story, chick deleted her whole Twitter page minutes later (but it's back up now).  Sounds like she's hiding something.  But nothing stays hidden for long.

This brings us to the picture above that Hope posted to Instagram yesterday.  Peep that framed picture in the background.  If we didn't know any better--and we are pretty good with our skills of being nosy--we'd think that was Dwight Howard in that photo....chillin' with Jayde as a newborn.  BSO previously confirmed--with a pic--that Hope has pics of her & Dwight on her fridge from when they were "dating".

It's not out of the ordinary for a mother to keep a pic of her child's father around--in such a prominent place like the kitchen--so the child always knows what he looks like.  Especially since it seems Dwight, who just played in last night's NBA All-Star game, is keeping as much distance as possible from his responsibilities, like fathering his (alleged) kids.

More pics of Hope & Jayde:

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105501AM_zps5092d203.png photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105533AM_zps2c5132be.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105520AM_zps394ef4ed.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105443AM_zps082aa985.png

That baby is too cute!  There hasn't been any high profile drama yet between Hope & Dwight like there was with Royce.  But time will tell...

UPDATE: Just minutes ago, Royce Reed, the mother of the only child recognized publicly by Dwight, confirmed that Hope's daughter is indeed her son's sister.  She tweeted the below pic she made of herself, Hope & another alleged BM:

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at43956PM_zpsc68df7aa.png

You can say what u want but there's no drama between us! #SiblingLove! Love u girl @hopealexa always!

So there you have it.

Pics: Hope's Instagram



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Wow Dwight....
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This chick is what gold diggers are made of. Having this mixed raced kid is her 401k plan.
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I'm sorry, but jayde is not

I'm sorry, but jayde is not cute. She looks like a basic baby. Mixed does not equate to Cute. The cutest lil girl there is the one on the right.
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Royce Reed's collage is just

Royce Reed's collage is just sad. Depressing. Did she really have to make link the children's picture to their prostitution ads?
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LOL.......NBA players are

LOL.......NBA players are LOSING and the jump-offs are WINNING.....That little girl is a cutey though!!
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Not exactly why ppl are

Not exactly why ppl are callin THIS woman a ho when Royce was poppin her coochie in front of BROKE AZZ T.O.! This broad ain't runnin to the media with a story, she posted IG pics of HER CHILD! That lil girl look like Dwight BIG A$$, & she's a cutie! I'm glad the chick has her OWN business unlike so many other BM in the industry sittin aroun collectin CHILD SUPPORT checks or lookin for 15mins of "FAME!"
tori's picture

Not that THIS SITE knows

Not that THIS SITE knows anything since it's subpar at best... but SHE IS collecting child support checks and feels like the amount giiven to her is not enough. SHE IS a kept woman who is increasingly asking him for MORE cash... more more more. SHE DOES DO THE MOST on her IG and Twitter wanting people to think she and Dwight are involved. And she clearly succeeded because Dwights DUMB ASS HATES CONDOMS. (Have you not seen her "modeling" pictures????) So yea... this bitch wants fame. She's 23 and lives in Canada for the moment.... but I know she IS NOT MAD the blogs have finally caught up to her white ass.
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Peace Silas's picture

Ditto baby!!! Go... ;)

Ditto baby!!! Go... ;)
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lol iiight tori
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How pathetic.
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Rihanna is Americanized....
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It's sad that black men care

It's sad that black men care so little about themselves that they would risk going inside random women unprotected. Just sad.
Keys's picture

The girl he's supposedly with

The girl he's supposedly with now (Christine Vest or something like that) seems like a really smart and talented girl, I hope she doesn't get caught up in all his drama. Leave while you can sweetie evidently he's a man-whore.
Peace Silas's picture

I agree. To each his own, but

I agree. To each his own, but I personally couldn't date a guy with THREE children and as many baby mommas. Some people can make it work, but there is bound to be drama especially since he's in the NBA. I just couldn't handle that type of relationship. Run girl!
CheyPie's picture

She's a cutie!!! The only

She's a cutie!!! The only reason Royce had drama is because she tried to put Dwight on blast. He obviously has his other babymommas in check/afraid to talk. Or he gagged them with a court order.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

O..O Yelp!!! another

O..O Yelp!!! another fatherless child due to careless actions. "Dwight when it comes to 2-year-old Hope Alexa You are NOT the father" --Maury's Voice #That nose she got is not his nose
sexybrownpyt's picture

Cute little girl, so

Cute little girl, so precious, I hope Dwight steps up and takes care of her.
sweetpea1989's picture

The baby is definitely a

The baby is definitely a cutie. Hope Dwight is doing the right thing, at least financially, if not more. Every year I get more and more disappointed with this dude, on and off the court. When he first entered the league he presented himself as this God-fearing Saint and turned out to be everything but. And I was probably the only one disappointed over the summer when the world found out he was being traded to my Lakers. Look how great that turned out for us. Womp womp.
CheyPie's picture

I guess we'll find out on the

I guess we'll find out on the reality show because you just KNOW there will be one. Maybe they can call it "Followup Baby Mamas"
shuga's picture

OMG... she looks like such a

OMG... she looks like such a lil love bug...too cute! Her mom is a cutie too...I see why DH hooked up with her. Hopefully they co-parent well together and maybe this is something that we don't know about...because it isn't really our business?
HNICCHICK's picture

Sigh...so sick of these women

Sigh...so sick of these women giving these men 'wife' privileges...damn, leave him something to come after, leave something to the imagination, make him work for it! Stop acting like your cooch is a stop on the bus line! SMH...having unprotected sex just because of his name doesn't mean his stuff ain't tainted!

That baby is soooooooooo

That baby is soooooooooo cute! I want her for myself!
KENNEDY78's picture

Ofcourse Hope lives in LA and

Ofcourse Hope lives in LA and ofcourse she looks like every other breast-implanted, extension-wearing, back room groupie... waiting for an opportunity to collect a check for 18 years. As much as some of these ballplayers get around and all the horrible diseases why do these women keep having unprotected sex? Guess they value the check more...
Denise2007's picture

looks like royce's son a

looks like royce's son a little in the nose area
nikasosmo0th's picture

You can tell she sent this

You can tell she sent this in. Wow the negroes will learn to be careful sticking their penises in all these video hoes, fitness models ( another name for booty mode) , booty models, reality show sluts, etc. All these women dabble in those "occupations" to get next to these guys.
JJFad's picture

That baby looks more like

That baby looks more like Rich Dollaz. Anywho... Hoes + dummies= I can't.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

That aint Dwight.

That aint Dwight.
I'mThatDude's picture

Gold Digging STUPID CUNT

Gold Digging STUPID CUNT <------ and he is DUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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