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FASHION NEWS: Andre Leon Talley DENIES That He's Leaving "VOGUE" + Big Sean Pushes Out A Fashion Line

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As he sets his sights on late-night television, it was reported that Andre Leon Talley had severed ties with VOGUE magazine...but he's denying that! Find out more about his next move inside and get deets on Big Sean's new fashion line....


Now that famed VOGUE Magazine contributing editor Andre Leon Talley plans to branch into late night television, it was rumored that he might be forced out of one of the most prestigious jobs in the fashion industry.

It all started when ALT signed a production deal with production company Electus, which was brokered by Marc Beckman. Marc spoke about the signing saying, "We think a television platform is an ideal showcase for André’s personality to shine and bring together his amazing network of personal contacts, ranging from designers to musicians to politicians..."

That's all fine and good that ALT wants to expand HIS brand, but the folks over at Page Six reported that VOGUE and Conde Nast have no desire to watch ALT or any other editor on their mast head spread their wings.  One source said,  “The powers that be aren’t huge fans of his television aspirations, and they want to sever all ties now." 

But of course this could simply be speculation and rumor since no one from Conde Nast has gone on the record to confirm ALT has left the building. In fact, Andre's rep denied the rumors and told the NY Post, "Andre is absolutely maintaining his relationship as a contributor . . . [He] has a number of projects in the works with Vogue and Condé Nast, and maintains a warm relationship with both.”

Only time will tell how this will eventually play out....but do you think that ALT has what it takes to compete with comedians and late night hosts?


And in new clothing lines....

 photo bsf1.png

As fans wait for his anticipated sophomore album, Hall of Fame, rapper Big Sean just announced the official launch of Aura Gold, a fashion and lifestyle company.  And the first label underneath it is an ode to his debut album as it's called Finally Famous.

 photo bsf2.png

Featuring tees, sweatshirts and varsity jackets, Big Sean talked about the line saying, “Launching my own label is a dream come true for me. Even though I have a lot to learn about fashion and the industry, I do know what I like and the small details that make something stand out to me. I look forward to evolving the line with more colors, fabrications and offerings to show the other dimensions of my style progression over time.”

The launch coincides with an appearance in at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for ProjectMVMNT this week to introduce Aura Gold’s fashion label "Finally Famous" and unveil the line’s Fall 2013 collection named The Black Collection.

Congrats to Big Sean!







Tasha girl, you KNOW you

Tasha girl, you KNOW you throwing shade by including Andre Leon Talley and Big Sean in the same post. Anywho, why is Big Sean starting a fashion label and Andre wants to do TV? Seems like they should switch.
DesignDiva's picture

Now there Really will be a

Now there Really will be a Famine for Fashion!¡! Vogue® has been falling off ~ Anna Wintour needs to go or come up with some intriguing fashion ideas. This fashionista isn't impressed. They need fresh meat!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Andre is one olive away from

Andre is one olive away from blowing up my CP screen......allllllright
YaHeard's picture

OMG that PONCHO! Wtf and

OMG that PONCHO! Wtf and Why!!! He was fired for rocking ponchos and ran over uggs... lol

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commonprosperity8872's picture

Andre said he was thinking

Andre said he was thinking about getting the “Bypass Surgery” it must be a no -still like he and all his (cattiness) …Ya’ll come on Big sean is “Gay” there’s a lot of down-low Brothers in Hiphop some hide it some can’t ….
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tom101's picture

How can anyone be associated

How can anyone be associated with fashion and look like that?
Realist's picture

Awww! André is wearin his

Awww! André is wearin his SNUGGIE BACKWARDS! Dude need to retire becuz he is EVERYTHING the fashion industry is AGAINST! Big Sean...WHY?? smh!
tori's picture

Earth to Andre! Please stop

Earth to Andre! Please stop wearing all of the Count Dracula capes, buy a tread mill, and work on your own fashion. Where in the hell does he buy that mess? Is there a cape store in New York?
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Those capes are such a

Those capes are such a tragedy. He doens't buy them though; he has top designers make them especially for him.
The Real Thing's picture

He need to lose weight. I

He need to lose weight. I bet he will be the first in the office to talk about a meaty model
Somerknight's picture

I can almost guarantee that

I can almost guarantee that this is what letsgetit looks like from the neck down. all that bitchassness cant be contained in a regular size body.
shuga's picture

Lol i was thinkin that too...

Lol i was thinkin that too...
REd™'s picture

lol @ Tangy Talley looking

lol @ Tangy Talley looking like Madea. a cape with leather batwing sleeves, blue velvet pants and dusty timbs. smh....I guess im not fashionable to understand whatever message he is trying to send but im sure it includes gravy.
shuga's picture

How does he give fashion

How does he give fashion advice? Who is his muse? He should get gastric bypass surgery and at his height and his connects, if he slimmed down, he would def reign over these men fashionistas.
SkeeWee's picture

Any one can see why they

Any one can see why they fired him...if he was a woman he would have been fired 300 pounds ago.
Lola's picture

What does Andre have on???

What does Andre have on??? it looks like he is wearing a tent or mumu. NOw Big Sean is starting a clothing line, Lord!!! it must be a requirement now for any celeb to start a clothing line. It is OVERKILL NOW!!! STOP PLEASE!!! lol
sweetpea1989's picture


That CORRUPT Clown SHOULD quit & get FIRED for putting Solange Knowles in the magazine after Crayonce' told them to...........EVIL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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