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Ne-Yo Opens The 2013 All-Star Game, Pops Off On Critics + John Legend's National Anthem

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It was a night of NBA performances as Ne-Yo took the stage during the NBA All-Star game intros, before Alicia hit the stage for the halftime show, and John Legend belted out the National Anthem.


Check out the fellas' performances inside...

Ne-Yo did 3 separate performances during the introductions of the East & West Sunday night at the NBA All-Star game.  He hit the stage with "Let's Go" and "Let Me Love You" with his dancers.  And apparently, not everyone was feeling it.

He seemed to do pretty well, but his performance didn't go without some criticisms from the Twitter world.  So Ne-Yo responded after his performance:

Shout out to those showing love. Everybody has an off day....all good. Fuck any and all haters. Talk it while I live it bitches!!!

Check out his performances below: 

And John Legend made his way to the mic...with a slight pimp walk...to belt out the National Anthem (after actress Gloria Reuben sang "O Canada" as the salute to her native country).  Check out his flawless performance below:



Pic: John Legend's Twitter




Neyo should stick to song

Neyo should stick to song writing I never liked his WHINY, OFF-TUNED VOICE ANY WAY, and the nerve to have an ATTITUDE about people telling the TRUTH about how AWLFUL it was! This CATFISH FACED BITCH needs to have a several seats!
Shay's picture

How YOU doin' Neyo ~ that was

How YOU doin' Neyo ~ that was bitchy.
GetUrLife's picture

Neyo sounds foolish.

Neyo sounds foolish.
holla06's picture

If you're living it then

If you're living it then there was no need to address the TWITS was there Neyo? Im usually rooting for Mrs Beatz but that performance was off-kilter to say the least.
Realist's picture

I will be glad when grown azz

I will be glad when grown azz men (and women) will stop using the adolescent "hater" comeback. Sound like a bunch of damn 5 year-olds on the playground. Get a thesaurus and come back with some grown folk vocabulary damn.
jussme's picture

Everytime I see a new picture

Everytime I see a new picture of Alicia, she's lost some more weight. Good for her!
Tannygirl's picture

I told ya'll Neyo was a

I told ya'll Neyo was a BITCH! He pops off like a pissed off gay man.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

NeNo, shut your bitch ass up.

NeNo, shut your bitch ass up. Ain't nobody hating on your monkey ass. You sucked, point blank period, now deal with it..... and had the nerve to have a 2 minute entrance for that bullshit. Boy Bye!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

If you are so busy living it

If you are so busy living it and had an off day why are u cussing out haters on twitter? Y address them? Dumb ass
Laia's picture

If I'm the President of

If I'm the President of Blackberry®©, I tell her to stop singing. She's hurting SALES...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture


ALICIA, NE-YA, & JOHN LEGEND look like they're about to go shoot a "Thriller" remake video with all that leather on! Thank God All•Star weekend is ova!
tori's picture

Alicia keeps chopping and

Alicia keeps chopping and screwing the Fire song with like 37 remixes on deck. I can't...She has been setting everyone on Fire and its not cute...Please drop another song FAST!
cutethatsall56's picture

lmao,,,,the girl really

lmao,,,,the girl really sucks.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Well that new AK song "New

Well that new AK song "New Day" was allegedly produced by RYAN LESLIE (of ALL ppl) & he said she sent the song back sayin she didn't want it for her album, when in actuality, SWIZZ STEAL BEATS, took the song & basically recreated the sound with different instruments with the same melody w/o givin RL any credit or money & he's been tellin any1 who will listen about it! So Alicia is gonna sing that "Fire" song til Fire Marshall Bill put that ish out himself!
tori's picture

LOL yikes!!

LOL yikes!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Stop Crying Ne-yo lmao

Stop Crying Ne-yo lmao
REd™'s picture

Shes upset like her

Shes upset like her performance really didn't suck. Her and Alicia Keys did terrible. John Legend was on point though. :)

LMAO @ her! for Neyo

LMAO @ her! for Neyo haahhahahha
cutethatsall56's picture

I agree all the wreckless

I agree all the wreckless talk wasnt necessary if you respond to everything bad someone has to say about you then you will find yourself doing that ALL day long and not living your life. Now J Legend on the other hand did a great job and I am eager to hear more music from him. Its nice to hear a man sing for a change.
jayceebabi's picture

Neyo just made it look worse

Neyo just made it look worse by stating the obvious "it was her off day meaning she did horrible" #he.poured.more.salt.to.her.wound #Neyo.is.too.b*tchy #elk.can't.stand.men.who.act.like.females
sexybrownpyt's picture

Simply love Ne-Yo as an

Simply love Ne-Yo as an artist, but the profanity ridden tweet was unnecessary. You're a celebrity. People are going to talk. Have some class.
CheyPie's picture

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