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SHOTS FIRED: Lil' Wayne CLAIMS He BANGED Chris Bosh's WIFE, SLAMS The Miami Heat SAYING "F*CK LeBron, F*CK She-Wade" (VIDEO)

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Verbal shots were fired in Houston last night after Lil' Wayne slammed the Miami Heat organization and said he was ready to take it to the streets with Lebron and Dwyane.  Oh....and he claims he had sex with Chris Bosh's wife!  Watch the shocking video inside....

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Lil' Wayne was wilin' out in Houston, Texas last night as he hit the stage at Stereo Live for the official YMCMB concert and NBA All-Star after party (with Drake and Birdman).  With a rant that can't be mistaken for anything except a "threat" we (and tons of party goers) found out that Weezy is still pissed about being ejected from a Miami Heat game over a week ago.  Apparently, the Heat went a step further and had him banned from all NBA events.

A little refresher....

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So last night, he hit the stage and SLAMMED the entire Miami Heat organization and told the crowd that this "wasn't a Twitter beef" he was ready to take it to the streets.  In a rant that was caught on video, and later described with a play-by-play on Twitter by XXL Magazine's Shaheem Reid, Weezy insults the Miami Heat's biggest stars and shocking concludes by "claiming" that he banged Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne.

Just in case you aren't clear about what you are about to watch...

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at74008AM.png

That explains why the hardcore NBA fan wasn't at last night's game.


Watch the shocking clip here:


 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at81506AM.png

Neither Chris nor Adrienne have responded to Weezy (and they may not even know this happened) but Chris did tweet a very happy message last night saying, "Had my 2 favorite girls [Adrienne and daughter Trinity] in the world supporting me tonight..."

We hope they both ignore this...but if they don't, we'll let you know what they say.


[Thanks Breakfast Club]



Lil Wayne needs to go. He's

Lil Wayne needs to go. He's been doing too much with that mouthpiece lately and its not cute. Also lack of maturity comes to mind when saying you banged someones wife...really? oh ok
cutethatsall56's picture

Nothing more ignorant than a

Nothing more ignorant than a nigga with money. How many games has that lil gremlin been kicked out of? All he's doing is proving the Heat Franchise made the right decision. Ignorant lil possum.
Realist's picture

I'd ask police to escort his

I'd ask police to escort his ugly ass out too. These creatures belong in the zoo not at a basketball game.
C00kiesNweeD's picture

Hey Weezy....u can always hit

Hey Weezy....u can always hit up a Harlem Globetrotters game!! BWAAHA, & stop talkin bout ppl WIVES u SERIAL SPERM DONOR! Act ur AGE, NOT ur HEIGHT!
tori's picture

Good. The police should make

Good. The police should make him leave every place he shows up just for being an ugly azz fool in violation of the public's right not to have our eyeballs and eardrums violated by nonsense.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Who cares about this low life

Who cares about this low life or his opinion? Hes crying like the little fag he is about not being able to go to the game. Go spend time with one of your many children instead of going to every game. Gremlin. Im pretty sure in a physical confrontation Wade, Bron, and even BOSH could beat his ass. His music sucks now anyway.


LetsGetIt's picture

This maybe childish, but he

This maybe childish, but he has every right to be mad. Miami officially went into B!tch mode having him blocked from all NBA games. It's not fair, but instead of acting like an angry toddler he should just sue the shyt out of the league for discrimination.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

From what people who were

From what people who were sitting near him told the press he exchanged a few words with a Miami Heat fan then that little gremlin gestered to him like he had a gun. Security came and people around told security about the gesture that's why his ignorant ass was thrown out. Now IF that was true he needed his ass thrown out & banned! People come to games for entertainment, some with their children. I'm so sick of ignorant people like him thinking they can behave anyway they choose because they have money then cry like babies when they are repremended.
Tiff's picture

That's what I'm saying; sue

That's what I'm saying; sue the league or the Heat's front office. Why do black ppl have to work so HARD at publicly embarrassing and humiliating each other--over DUMB shit?!?!? Wayne's cockroach/subway car/ashy hobo looking ass is just mad that D. Wade, Bosh and LeBron have longer *guaranteed* paper than he does and more importantly, they have the respect of the public and of their peers. Wayne is intelligent in *some* ways, but his hood-fab antics, fondness for getting high and his IGNORANT rap lyrics-highlighting _itches, _oes, redbones, murderers (Ted Bundy) and murder victims (Emmit Till) are proof of his BITCHASSNESS. Let's not even mention his 99 kids & baby-mommas. Would he even remember if he slept with Bosh's wife? More importantly, would she (care) to remember him? He's an ASS.

Hopefully he is at the end of

Hopefully he is at the end of his career. I don't wanna hear about this DIRTBALL anymore. It amazes me how someone can have soooo much $$$ and still have a dirty/low income look. #baffling
SkeeWee's picture

Why argue with

Why argue with Letsgetit?...might as well start arguing with the wall...waste of time.
Lola's picture

Lil Wayne is such a little

Lil Wayne is such a little loser. Never understood the hype around him. Hopefully this will be the beginning of him officially falling off.
CheyPie's picture

Li!' Wayne got his feelings

Li!' Wayne got his feelings hurt and since he has a microphone, wants to rant and vent like a little scorned teenager. Grow up man!
Coffy's picture

Lil Wayne is a low life piece

Lil Wayne is a low life piece of shit. The Miami Heat should just ignore his ignorant ass and not even address this BUFFOON. The Klu Klux Klan LOVE Lil Wayne.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Lmao at homosexual ass Lil

Lmao at homosexual ass Lil Wayne calling Dwayne wade she'wade........cause he would know. Gay recognize gay! Get over it Lil Wayne, you not as big as you think you are, his ego is horrible, that's why he lost that court case. Grow th. f up.

Lil wayne grow the fuck up

Lil wayne grow the fuck up man, and stop lying or telling on your dick. I never understood niggas that out women they fuck, that shit so high school, BITCHES DO THE SAME SHIT TO. Hood niggas and black women is what fucking our community up!!!Getting mad because they kicked you out the game and lebron and the heat don't show you any love, GET OVER IT NIGGA!!!Stop actin moist!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

While a lot of your points

While a lot of your points are valid, like PORTIONS of this one. I have to say that your constant appearance on this blogs comments & your appeared hatred for black women, on top of the negative things I've seen u post about your own mother, leads me to believe that your struggling in the closet. I hope you find some sort of peace
Tiff's picture

Is your brother in the

Is your brother in the closet, is your father is the closet, is your man in the closet, WHY CHANGE THIS INTO SOMETHING GAY. You black women are cointel pro made to destroys the black man's image!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Nope none of them are. And

Nope none of them are. And there also not spending nights on gossip sites like a little bitch. Does your friends know u do this? Or are all y'all booty bangers??
Tiff's picture

speaking of bitches and

speaking of bitches and acting moist.....no straight man should spend this much time on a site with the word "Fabulous" in its title. you and lil wayne have a lot more in common than you think.
shuga's picture

A real man would have no

A real man would have no problem coming to anysite!!!!! BLACK WOMAN!!!!! Trying to emasculate me. DOWN BLACK WOMAN!!! DOWN I SAY!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

No. A real man wouldn't be

No. A real man wouldn't be entertained by gossip. As I said, i hope u find a way to come out of the closet & find peace
Tiff's picture

You aint gone run me off

You aint gone run me off black woman!!!!!!With your typical accusation of calling a BLACK MAN GAY!!! You wont get me with that, you will see letsgetit here everyday TELLING YOUR ASSES THE TRUTH!!!!!!!And who says im entertained by gossip IM HERE SPEAKING THE GOSPEL !!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Poor thing. U need a hug smh

Poor thing. U need a hug smh
Tiff's picture

yep. he needs to hug a dick

yep. he needs to hug a dick with his ass.
shuga's picture

Haha I'm sure he's already

Haha I'm sure he's already had a few
Tiff's picture

Hahahaha why you hate me so

Hahahaha why you hate me so much sista shuga. Letsgetit got nothing but love for ya, why u hate me sista???
LetsGetIt's picture

Let me help your correct your

Let me help your correct your statement " Hood niggas and uneducated, classless black women like the one that gave birth to ignorant trash like me is what fucking our community up!!! #CarryOn P.S. How dare you expect your mother to get respect when you disrespect EVERY black woman and their mothers with vile stereotypes no matter how hard they try to be educated and an asset to the community. Furthermore, you black man are considered a menace to the world and is the most hated worldwide. You might consider taking your "act" on the road to a community center to help some of these young brothers instead of fighting and insulting black women all day like a catty girl. Better yet where is your daddy so he can get his son away from all this girltalk? Go hang with some men for a change.
JJFad's picture

It's the educated black women

It's the educated black women as well, they play a big part of the problem as well. Shit if not most of the problem comes from them because they don't really now the importance of a man, and think they can everything they damn self and they children running astray just like the hood negro children. So they apart of the problem is well. And goddamnit i can go to any site I WANT TO, GIRLTALK WHAT EVERRRR . I WILL CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE TRUTHHHHHHHHHHH. They told jesus the samething "why are you amongst the criminals and the prostitutes"
LetsGetIt's picture

I agree with part of your

I agree with part of your statement but why the vendetta against black women, isn't your mother a black woman?
Mouse's picture

Sista why bring up my momma

Sista why bring up my momma being black to win a argument??? Why sista???When ricky lake, orpah, nitewing nbc, tyler perry etc was dogging black men out saying were in jail, we're uneducated, stupid etc nobody said " YOOOO DADDY BLACKKKKK!!!" Why the hell is it when i bring up the ills in the black community mainly cause by the modern day black women they always bring up somebody momma being black
LetsGetIt's picture

I would never use someone's

I would never use someone's mother to win an argument and in fact this is not an argument I asked if your mother was a black woman because you said black women are ruining the black community, a generalized statement. If she is black then that statement would include her correct? Understand that an intelligent argument can never be made by making general or broad statements only ignorance comes from that. Be careful when you say black women as a whole because you are talking about people you love or people who don't deserve it. I agree that there are some black women that are part of the problem but not all of us and you obviously don't really feel that way either because you are defending your mom a black woman
Mouse's picture

Damnit Goddddddddd JUDGE THE

Damnit Goddddddddd JUDGE THE HEBREWS AS A COLLECTIVE!!!!!!!! Are you calling the most high ignorant???? hahahahaahahaha. When it's the majority YOU CAN'T HELP BUT GENERALIZE SISTAAAAAAAAA!!! Goddamnit change your actions AND PEOPLE WONT GENERALIZE!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

That Little Unhappy

That Little Unhappy Gremlin!!! And so what if she had sex with him? Big Fucking deal! Slut shaming is so 1990...it's played out! If you stuck your dick in her when she belonged to someone else than that's on you ugly ass over tatted Garbage Pail kid. Drake really needs to start separating himself from these niggas cause they ain't nothing but niggerfic negativity to the tenth power. At some point in the game you've got to grow up but instead they are choosing to be tacky, classless, tasteless and hot trash. Drake. Starting making your exit plan now!!!!!!
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

LMAO!!! "Garbage Pail Kids" I

LMAO!!! "Garbage Pail Kids" I forgot about those XD! too funny
Peace Silas's picture

When will this gremlin learn?

When will this gremlin learn? Nobody and I mean NOBODY is afraid of you or gives a sh!t what you have to say. And how can lil weenie have the audacity to hint that Wade is gay, when his actions and dress code are no less questionable? Last I checked Wade wasn't shown multiple times kissing a grown man in his mouth.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

They shouldn't even respond

They shouldn't even respond to his foolishness...although I wouldn't doubt it if its true lmao...

I'm not fond of Bosh's wife

I'm not fond of Bosh's wife because she is nothing but a polished up groupie, so I totally believe she did sleep with him plus other rappers & athletes. BUT Wayne was really b*tch- like for saying that on stage. I can't stand him anyway. I will be throwing a party when this ugly, gremlin fall off. He has brought nothing positive to black music. All he has contributed is racist lyrics towards darker black women and gutteral sexual disrespect to lighter ones. Let's not ever forget the recent insult to the murder of Emmitt Till. He is a disgrace to our people and we don't need him.
JJFad's picture

thank you!!!

thank you!!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

the messed up thing is that

the messed up thing is that he probably DID have sex with Mrs. Bosh. u know hoes be winning lately. hell, Stephon Marbury paying chiks 900,000 just for some cutty and actually putting it in writing! smh....its a hoe fest right about now. get in where you fit in.
shuga's picture

And this is the start of Lil

And this is the start of Lil gremlin Wayne's career spiraling downhill. Its apparent the harsh drugs finally caught up with him #He's.the.next.Katt.Williams #Don't.end.up.like.Marley/Whitney/any.artist.who.had.a.drug.related.death.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Yeah I was thinking the same

Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the drugs catching up to him. His brain is fried. I was done done done with his ugly ass when he came out with disrespectful rap about Emmit Till.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Uh Marley-who?... Bob Marley

Uh Marley-who?... Bob Marley didn't die from drugs he died of skin cancer ^_- *Bon Qui Qui voice - "Rude!"*
Peace Silas's picture

What are some of the causes

What are some of the causes leading up to cancerous cells "drugs" Smoking or any other types of drugs damages and mutates the cells faster. If you have a history of "Cancer" in the family, the doctors informs one not use and abuse drugs. So i'm sure drugs also played a part in his death.
sexybrownpyt's picture

U should just shut up. Like

U should just shut up. Like seriously. You sound like a total dumb ass
Tiff's picture

@TIFF Now let me step all the

@TIFF Now let me step all the way down to our little level for a minute! No bitch!! YOUR the dumbass, now read a damn science book ya dumb c*nt. Shut the f*ck up you piece of my sh*t that just came out of my a*s. I say what the f*ck i want, when i want!!! #now.jump.off.a.f*cking.building.and.tell.Marley.I.said.Hi =) #see.how.easy.it.is.to.sound.like.a.dumb.b*tch.such.as.yourself =)
sexybrownpyt's picture

"I don't take these blogs

"I don't take these blogs comments seriously" ^_- Hmm, no shade but, evidently you do.
Peace Silas's picture

side-eye....again you calling

side-eye....again you calling me "rude" and me not stumping down to your level is me not taking you seriously now as for Tiff she deserves to be cursed at. That's all!!will not entertain you an longer.
sexybrownpyt's picture

If smoking marijuana caused

If smoking marijuana caused cancer why has it been prescribed to cancer patients during chemotherapy? American drugs and medicines have a history of being far more dangerous. And consider the fact that he was from Jamaica where they spend a lot of time in the sun not properly protected from the damaging UVB rays, why wouldn't that be an obvious possibility? I'm sorry but if you had said Hendrix I might've agreed with you but not Marley.
Peace Silas's picture

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