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DO WE LOVE IT: FLOTUS Michelle Obama's BANGIN' New Official Portrait

 photo michelleobamawhitehouseportrait_zpsceaac7fc.jpg

The White House has just released First Lady Michelle Obama's official White House portrait for the family's second term in the White House.  And the bangs are the highlight of her historical portrait. 


Decide if we love it....

Posing in The White House's Green Room in a two-toned blue dress, Mrs. Obama brought back her strand of pearls from her first 2009 official portrait, and flaunted her brand new bangs.

She's 49, stunning and absolutely fabulous.  And in just a few days, First Lady Michelle will be speaking with "GMA" host Robin Roberts, who just returned to the anchor's desk today, about the three year anniversary of the Let's Move Campaign.

Re-visit her first portrait from 2009 HERE.


BONUS: President Obama's official portrait, taken in the Oval Office, was released back in December:

 photo 8390033709_706a9872da_c_zpsdbc3ede9.jpg

BONUS 2: The Obamas snapped a just-released pic with his entire extended family in the Blue Room of the White House on Inauguration Day:

 photo tdy-130219-obama-robinson-soetero-ngphotoblog600_zps0def2eb0.jpg

Joining the First Family from left are: Craig Robinson, (President's brother-in-law), Leslie Robinson, Avery Robinson (President's niece and nephew), Marian Robinson (President's mother-in-law), Akinyi Manners (President's niece), Auma Obama (President's paternal half-sister), Maya Soetoro-Ng (President's maternal half-sister), Konrad Ng, Savita Ng, and Suhaila Ng (President's brother-in-law and nieces).


So, about FLOTUS' new portrait...


Photogs: Chuck Kennedy/Pete Souza




She looks s little hard in

She looks s little hard in this pic. I don't think the bangs are working for her.
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Michelle Obama is more than

Michelle Obama is more than apt for this mission as First Lady, she is a Lovely Gift to all of us…and don’t get me started on her Romantic Husband because all I’m going to say is Oh la la!…also, I loved the Pictures of everyone.
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GetUrLife's picture

Loves!!! Very beautiful

Loves!!! Very beautiful portraits!
cutethatsall56's picture

I love it! Reminds the people

I love it! Reminds the people just how diverse he is!

Love all the pics 'cept the

Love all the pics 'cept the one of our Flotus that smile didnt carry through to her eyes at all, yet she still managed to look cute.
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Beautiful pics!!! Congratz

Beautiful pics!!! Congratz Barack on a 2nd term!!! Many Blessingz to the First Family!! :)
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Such a beautiful diverse

Such a beautiful diverse family.
DivineBeauty's picture

Bangs have always annoyed the

Bangs have always annoyed the hell out of my forehead but they look very nice on Michelle.
Shay's picture

I love it.

I love it.
Taj's picture

Beautiful picture BUT I like

Beautiful picture BUT I like her better without the bangs. Nevertheless-- Beautiful!!!
BigJohn's picture

I LOVE IT! I love ALL the

I LOVE IT! I love ALL the pictures.
Sunflower Jones's picture

michelle looks pretty....i

michelle looks pretty....i cant believe that omarion and bow wow rumor though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

They are still highly favored

They are still highly favored
Jesus H. Christ's picture

BTW holy crap Malia is going

BTW holy crap Malia is going to be tall she has her mom's smile very pretty
Mouse's picture

Malia can dunk on a 9 foot

Malia can dunk on a 9 foot rim already
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No I don't love it the bangs

No I don't love it the bangs look matronly in this pic they didn't look like that when she first got them done maybe it's the styling idk
Mouse's picture

I love every picture!

I love every picture!
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