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NEW GIGS: Shaq Re-Releases His PUMP Reeboks With Swizz Beatz & Tyga + Jay-Z Cops New Publishing Deal

 photo bokcam_zps739caad3.jpg

Throwback is everything these days. And NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal has joined Swizz Beatz, Tyga & the Reebok fam to re-release his classic Reebok PUMP Shaqnosis shoe.  And we've got the pics from their big reveal day, plus Jay-Z's newest money move.....

Debuting for the first time in 1995, Reebok Classic is bringing back the Shaqnosis on July 19th.  The sneakers--which will run for $125 at key retailers--will come before another Reebok Classic re-release, the Shaq Attaq dropping on April 19th ($160).

 photo imageredb1_zps85efc836.png

At a packed press launch at the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas yesterday, Reebok Classic welcomed the legendary Shaq back to the family fresh off the heels of the Iverson collection re-release.  And this business move is all thanks Swizz Beatz, the Reebok Classic Creative Director.

 photo imagereb9_zps6dcf5ffd.png

Swizz brought Shaq on stage to reminisce about being the first athlete with a signature shoe for Reebok, his days in the league, his first Reebok ad, doing music with Shaq, and more.  And spokesman Tyga also popped up for the photo-op.

The 90's live on!

 photo jay-z-business-man_zps1b88fa8e.jpg

And in other big business moves, Jay-Z isn't just making his money touring, buying/repping companies and making music.  He's taking care of the publishing side of his music too, i.e., the MONEY side.

Music publishing is not talked about much--but it should be.  It's where songwriters either keep or sell ownership rights to their music, which dictates just how they will be paid from here on out every time their song is used anywhere.  Plenty of artists care more about the lights, camera, action and only making a couple cents on each album.  But certain artists, one being Jay-Z, care about their long term behind the scenes money.  And they nab serious publishing deals for their music.

The NY Times reports:

Led by Mr. Platt (a 6-foot-8 figure widely known in the industry as Big Jon), Warner/Chappell has signed Jay-Z to a publishing administration deal for his future work as well as his music since 2008. Through a separate deal, Warner/Chappell will also represent the songwriters at Jay-Z’s entertainment and management company, Roc Nation.


According to two people briefed on the talks, Mr. Platt is also said to be in advanced negotiations with another top EMI Publishing artist who is very close to Jay-Z: Beyoncé, his wife.

Mr. Carter said in a statement:

“The real meaning of success is being in the position to work with an individual you consider a friend. Jon Platt is such a person. He’s a man of extraordinary character as well as a remarkably talented executive with an ear for music and an eye for talent. It’s great to watch him grow to be one the best in the business.”

Taking care of his own...and his wife and signees.  Nice!




The money talks

The money talks
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tom101's picture

'Big Jon' being doing it for

'Big Jon' being doing it for a long time...glad to see the brothers making more and more power moves!
Money First's picture

Shaq's REES look like sum

Shaq's REES look like sum bootleg J's & that pic of Jay is a mess...no more close ups!
tori's picture

Say what you want, Jay is a

Say what you want, Jay is a smart business man. Glad to see him branching out. I hear he's also into art

Do people still wear Reeboks

Do people still wear Reeboks anymore? lol. j/k
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I hear that fly shit, Jay and

I hear that fly shit, Jay and Bey!
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Whats up with Shawn's

Whats up with Shawn's Nose?????? That is NOT a human's nose..It's growing. And why did your Mistress end up dead???? You don't REALLY care about "character".....bruh.....smh........
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