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MORE DETAILS: Former New Birth Members Say Bishop Eddie Long KNOWINGLY Led Them Into A SHADY PONZI SCHEME

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Bishop Eddie Long is back in the headlines after several former New Birth members claim he knowingly led them into a ponzi scheme where they lost over a million bucks.   Find out more inside....

While Moses led his flock of Israelites out of Egypt.....Bishop Eddie Long allegedly led some members of his New Birth flock into financial ruin...knowingly!  

As we previously reported--In a lawsuit filed in Dekalb County state court last month, the Atlanta Journal Constitution says 12 former New Birth members claim they lost more than one million dollars investing in a ponzi scheme that was endorsed by Bishop Eddie Long.

But the shady part of the lawsuit is they alleged that the good Bishop knew it was a shady deal all along and he brought it to the church anyway.

Apparently, the Bishop's assistant received a phone call saying that Ephren W. Taylor (the self-professed “social capitalist”) shouldn't be trusted...but that didn't stop the Bishop from endorsing him.

“If Bishop Eddie Long hadn’t endorsed this they wouldn’t have invested,” plaintiffs attorney Jason Doss said.

Now get this...although Bishop Long didn't invest in the scheme, he encouraged members of the congregation to put their faith into the man whom he introduced as “friend (and) brother.”

SMH....we wonder what (kickback) Bishop Long gained from making that good faith introduction to the church?

During the suit's discovery process, the plantiffs happened upon an internal memo to Bishop Long from his assistant where an unidentified called said he “did not want the church to be taken advantage of.”

The caller then laid out Ephren's game plan saying he "...will issue promissory notes to the congregation which gives him legal authorization to do as he pleases. There will be no return on investment.”

And guess what....that's EXACTLY how it all went down!  And reportedly, Bishop Eddie Long was warned about this before he ever brought Brother Ephren into the church fold. SMH.

According to Channel 2 Action News, plaintiff Lillian Wells (who invested $122,000) said, “That was my everything, and that’s it, it’s gone.” She adds that Ephren claimed to be a self-made millionaire by the time he turned 16.

The Securities and Exchange Commission now has a civil case pending against Ephren, who’s alleged to have targeted more than 1,000 investors, mostly church members.  The money was spent to fund his lavish lifestyle AND his wife’s singing career.

The former members have named Bishop Long, Ephren Taylor and New Birth as defendants.  And if they win, it will be the second case the Bishop has lost against former members.  You'll recall, he reportedly paid off a few young male members who claim to have had "relations" with him.

In the name of sweet baby Jesus.....this is just messy.






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When will the Body of Christ

When will the Body of Christ learn? Thank God for a spirt of discernment and the ability to smell a rat from a mile away!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Why would you invest in

Why would you invest in something that the person who brought it to you ISN'T?! Dumbarses!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

cant wait to see this episode

cant wait to see this episode of American Greed.
shuga's picture

when are ppl going to finally

when are ppl going to finally realize that religion is and has always been a hustle? a hustle the made it seem like slavery was ordained by God. a hustle tht collects 10% of your income every week to "give to God". a hustle that collects money for the building fund of a building that will never get renovated. a hustle that has been molesting and taking advantage of single women and children for years. stupid is as stupid does. I cant feel sorry for church ppl anymore. as a community, we are going to have to learn to rely on common sense at some point. they are calling church ppl "followers" and "sheep" for a reason.
shuga's picture

I totally agree. There was a

I totally agree. There was a time when u had liquor stores & check cashing places going up on every corner. Here in Atl you have churches. Pimps have the easiest & most legal way to pimp hard is through religion. My girlfriend's paster is an ex-pimp and she is proud of it. She is one of those that feel u had to endure a lot to understand the people. I'm like WHATEVER...
Somerknight's picture

I try not to but I must.

I try not to but I must. First of all this is the EXACT thing I fuss about. Just so we are clear....church members are suing their former paster and ministry because he endorsed a man who happens to be a crook to the tune of more than a million bucks and they want a judge to award them money back based off of the fact that they believe the pastor new that this man was a crook. CHILE CHEESE! You don't get reimbursed because you failed to do your homework...you failed to use common sense and discernment...you failed to use good judgement. If the bishop brought Paul himself to the pulpit endorsing him...you have a responsibility to yourself to vet the person to make sure they are who they said they are before you invest your money. PLUS the G-d I serve says that WISDOM is the key thing and in all your getting get some DAMN understanding (he didn't say damn that was me) but anywho....no one should blame someone for choices that they make of their own free will. If the bishop got a kick back then congrats to him cause yawl need to learn one way or another. Always running to and for the newest greatest and biggest whatever in ministry and still look pitiful at the end of the day! #jumpedoffsoapbox

Why do they dumb asses

Why do they dumb asses continue to follow this man? Follow God.
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romance2013's picture

After seein those photos of

After seein those photos of Eddie in them damn LEOTARDS, tryna be sexy for lil boys, I knew that man was SHADY! I believe there is a SPECIAL place in hell for him & other CROOKED TELEVANGELIST usin the PULPIT FOR PROFIT!
tori's picture

I'm going to Pop me a big bag

I'm going to Pop me a big bag of popcorn, open up a bottle of Fresca (I'm counting my calories & sugar intake) and wait for the show to begin........allllllright
YaHeard's picture

First off how do you trust

First off how do you trust the word of a man who wears a Hair Piece that you know is a hair peice. That right there should let it be known he can't be trusted.
I'mThatDude's picture

I agree, that hair piece

I agree, that hair piece looks RI•DAMN•DICULOUS! Lookin like a character in a TYLER PERRY FILM smh!
tori's picture

90 percent of the churches on

90 percent of the churches on Sunday's are big Ponzi Schemes. I wouldn't give them one &$*+!^&*% cent of my hard earned money. I recently donated what I could afford to a children's burn center, that was my way of tithing.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I know a church that requests

I know a church that requests the congregation's W-2's as proof of yearly income WTH would you need that for and don't think there isn't enough stupid sheep to fill that place pews be packed SMH
Mouse's picture

U are highly favored, my

U are highly favored, my child (Buy my new Air Jesus Sandals tho)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

People need to stop putting

People need to stop putting such blind faith in preachers, reverends, priests, bishops, whatever. They're regular, mortal humans like everyone else and will/can make mistakes and bad decisions. Stop putting them on pedestals, thinking they are holy..they're not. Many of them truly enjoy the bible and interpreting it and giving counsel to people, while others only see it as a convenient scam/hustle. You really have to have your eyes and mind open when dealing with churches.
Coffy's picture

I TOTALLY agree!! You are on

I TOTALLY agree!! You are on point!! Pastors are humans! People need to pray for the spirit of discernment. A pastor's word is not gold! Many pastors are just in it for self gain. Don't be deceived. Eddie Long is not God! And if he is knowingly deceiving his congregation, God will deal with him!
4U2NV's picture

Jesus knows when you've been

Jesus knows when you've been naughty or nice......(or is that Santa????)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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