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SPORTS: LeBron James' INNER CIRCLE Alleges Lil' Wayne Is JEALOUS And Might Be OBSESSED With The Baller

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A few of LeBron James' closest friends have chimed in about what really set Lil' Wayne off during All-Star Weekend and it doesn't have anything to do with an NBA ban!  Get the deets on what LeBron's friends call Weezy's stalker-like activities inside...


Earlier this week, we showed you video of Lil' Wayne getting all up in his feelings about the way the Miami Heat's starting lineup recently treated him and how they (along with the NBA) had banned him from NBA events.  

After Weezy's rant this weekend, which included a nasty revelation about Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne went viral, the NBA's Senior Director of Basketball Communications, Mark Broussard, spoke to TMZ and said Wayne's claims about his NBA ban had "no truth at all."  And P.S......the Heat says that Wayne left the game voluntarily.  So.....if the NBA didn't ban Weezy from their events and Weezy left voluntarily.....what the hell was that outburst about?

A source from LeBron James' inner circle revealed to HH365 a few alleged key inside facts that shed a light on the situation.  The gist is this....hardcore gangstas don't handle rejection well.

We've covered several Two Kings events held by LeBron and Jay-Z and friends of Bron seem to think Weezy was angling for that same type of friendship with the baller.  Knowing this, think about all the times we've seen Weezy spotted courtside at the Heat games in Miami.  

Sure...one could say he is just a Miami Heat fan but the source also revealed that Weezy--who is suddenly a hardcore Laker fan--has flooded LeBron with "invites for concert appearances, birthday parties and video sessions."  And LeBron always turned him down.   “LeBron is extremely busy, he respects Lil Wayne and his peers in the entertainment industry, but he just doesn’t like to be bothered like that.” OUCH.

The source thinks that Lil' Wayne's ego was bruised by the rejection so now he's resorting to childish temper tantrums.  “It’s an unhealthy obsession.” 

SMH.....Weezy likely has a fawning entourage who cater to his every whim...laugh at every joke...and co-sign every lyric.  So the thought of being rejected by a big celebrity must not sit very well with him.  But damn....did he have to go in on Adrienne like that?  


The Randomness: 

1.  Wale confronts NBA announcer for talking ish about him.  This dude loves a public confrontation doesn't he?  Story.  




Smh on this rumor!

Smh on this rumor!
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I'm not surprised. What

I'm not surprised. What grown ass man wanna be bothered by his lil immature ass.
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Nigga ~ PLEASE!!! (for both

Nigga ~ PLEASE!!! (for both parties!!¡¡)
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tom101's picture

News flash, not everybody is

News flash, not everybody is impressed with you or going to kiss your ass Wayne. Get over the rejection and keep it moving little fella. He's making himself look like every bit of the stalking obsessed privy fan the NBA is making him look to be.
precioustx's picture

Wayne is bad news for any one

Wayne is bad news for any one with a solid brand. White folks and banks will not support ppl associated with a person like him. Jay and Lebron have a business to run. Hybrid Gargoyles will not do......alllll-right
YaHeard's picture

Wayne Ocean is just an angry

Wayne Ocean is just an angry little man with a secret that he can't let out. Thats why he overcompensates in every extreme way he can. The older he gets, the more heavy his burden is and it angers him. Thats why his music has become more misogynistic as he's gotten older. His piercings, his tattoos, and his clothes have all followed. Anything to seem more masculine and fearless. To me, he's clearly setting the table for when he finally admits he a bisexual rapper.

That and the fact that he's

That and the fact that he's short :-)
GetUrLife's picture

Everybody knows that rappers

Everybody knows that rappers are the NBA's BIGGEST GROUPIES! Weezy is LONELY & BORED ever since Drake & Nicki moved on! Grow up gremlin!
tori's picture

lmfao..weezy cant have it

lmfao..weezy cant have it all...i cant believe that omarion and bow wow rumor though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

LMAO really Weezy? All this

LMAO really Weezy? All this cuz Lebron ain't fuckin with you?! I would'nt have sweated him that hard in the first place. If he feels Jay-Z is a better look you sure proving him right
nico89's picture

What ya'll trying to make him

What ya'll trying to make him into 2 pac (r.i.p)? "F the game and the click you claim" Call the cops if you see Lil wayne. lol Lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In God We trust's picture

There might be some truth to

There might be some truth to this--cuz we all know that uber-rich people cannot take rejection. They think they can buy anything, or anyone. But its hard to impress someone who has more fame and more money than you (Wayne). I'm just sorry that these comments have been publicized though--cuz Wayne's clearly going to do or say something INSANE in response! He's such an ignoramus.

Yeah Lil Wayne's Lil feelings

Yeah Lil Wayne's Lil feelings was hurt. Boo Hoo hoo! Lil Wayne need to attach himself to a baller of his own caliber like Josh Childress or somebody.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I really wish Lil Wayne and

I really wish Lil Wayne and all the Lil Wayne wannabe's who flood inner city streets with nasty tats all over their bodies, dreds in their heads, saggin pants, thuggish ways just go away. YOU LOOK GROSS AND ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT, EWWWWWWW. I wish my daughter would walk into my home with someone looking like you.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

IF that's true....I guess it

IF that's true....I guess it would wierd me out too. Especially coming from someone of the same sex and you're not gay. Either way, it's messy.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

He probably is OBSESSED w/

He probably is OBSESSED w/ Lebron and MAD because Lebron don't pay him any attention! Lebron don't won't nothing to do w/ that SELF-HATING DISPICABLE LIL TROLL!
Shay's picture

So what? It still doesn't

So what? It still doesn't take away the fact Bosh married a slore. She was passed around throughout the industry and he dumped the mother of his child who was there before the money just to marry a slut puppy!! He's getting exactly what he deserve. Dwayne did the same. G. Union has been passed around as well.
jdotty's picture

lil garbage needs to be taken

lil garbage needs to be taken out.
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