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Kerry Washington & Craig Robinson's New "Tyler Perry Presents PEEPLES" Promos + Mel B. Nabs New Judging Seat

 photo 5Jk6CkF_zps9500221a.jpg

Kerry Washington, who is presenting at this Sunday's Oscars, is staying in movie theaters year around.  Check out her movie poster & promo for her upcoming romantic comedy flick, plus Mel B. is newest "America's Got Talent" judge...

It seems like she never takes a break, and has a movie in theaters at all times, as well as a hit show on ABC.  "Scandal" star Kerry Washington's new film, Tyler Perry Presents Peeples--formerly Tina Gordon Chism's We The Peeples--is hitting theaters May 10th.  And the up close and personal promo posters were just released.

Here's the full synopsis of the flick, all about a man enduring a weekend from hell to impress his girlfriend's family:

Wade Walker is eager to propose to his girlfriend, Grace Peeples. But after a year of living together, the beautiful, successful Grace is still cagey about introducing average guy Wade to her ambitious, upper crust family. So when Grace leaves for an annual reunion at her parents’ swanky Sag Harbor compound, Wade decides to crash the gathering, charm his soon-to-be in-laws and slip a ring on Grace’s finger. However Wade's plans go hilariously awry when he meets the high-powered, seemingly picture-perfect family who’ll do whatever it takes to keep up appearances. Wade soon finds himself caught in a web of white lies and comic dysfunction, and realizes that his only hope of ever marrying Grace means a take-no-prisoners face-off with Judge Peeples, Grace’s disapproving dad who won’t accept anything less than the very best for his favorite daughter.

 photo wEbpPEY_zps8d8fd452.jpg

Craig Robinson as Kerry's love interest?  Hilar.

 photo TP-PEEPLES_510x380_zps314e176c.jpg

Kerry & Craig's co-stars include David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson, Melvin Van Peebles, Diahann Carroll, and Kali Hawk.  Tyler Perry seems to have taken the (publicity) helm of the film as producer, and we'll be seeing.

 photo mel-mel-b-22862230-599-760_zps9ec84344.jpg

In other news of new gigs, Mel B. is back at the judge's table.  NBC's "America's Got Talent" is losing Sharon Osburne, but gaining Spice Girl Mel B.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

Spice Girl Mel B (aka Melanie Brown) will join the summer reality hit’s judging panel. She’ll take a seat beside Howard Stern and Howie Mandel critiquing the show’s wild variety of performers. The pop singer has live competition show experience having served as a judge on the Australian version of The X Factor as well as guest hosted on the show’s UK version.

Say what you want, but this mom of three keeps herself a job.  Loves it.




And she has the perfect name.

And she has the perfect name.
In God We trust's picture

The TP movie cast sounds

The TP movie cast sounds promising, I'm lookin forward to the flick starrin Jurnee Smollett & Lance Gross! Congrats to Mel B. she is incredible.
tori's picture

Craig Robinson cracks me up

Craig Robinson cracks me up on 'The Office' and also had me rolling in 'Pineapple Express'. He and Kerry should be quite interesting. Glad for Mel B but I just cant do AGT, there is such a thing as too much tomfoolery.
Realist's picture

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tom101's picture

kerry looks fab! i wonder if

kerry looks fab! i wonder if spice girls will reunite again? i cant believe they said chris brown and rihanna were causing air pollution though...i mean just google kelsnetwork..
reane's picture

Fortunately, Tyler Perry is

Fortunately, Tyler Perry is just the producer. The writer/director is Tina Gordon Chism so this might not be as bad as it looks. Although, this sounds a lot like Meet the Parents. I don't get why "Tyler Perry Presents" has to be prefixed to every single thing he's involved with either.
kimiya777's picture

That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was thinking! As much as I love Kerry, my first thought when I saw Tyler Perry's name was "I'll Pass." But if someone else did the writing & directing then I'll give it a shot. It's ironic how "Tyler Perry Presents" is supposed to draw attention to these projects, but, for many of us, it's a sign warning us to stay far, far away from the film.
CheyPie's picture

Whatever this is, I wont be

Whatever this is, I wont be watching.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The lines around her mouth

The lines around her mouth are worse than J. Huds and almost as bad as Crayonce' Knowles new MASSIVE LINES!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Thank God Sharon Osbourne is

Thank God Sharon Osbourne is gone. She's such a witch. How dare she quit because NBC wouldn't hire her son. Really? LOSERS. Mel B will be a great addition to the show.
PacificGirl's picture

I appreciate Tyler for

I appreciate Tyler for keeping black people employed (even if the same people over and over again), but I really wish that he would be more creative when it comes to his storylines.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

He is one person who is

He is one person who is trying to keep black people working but it seems to me that maybe there are not that many talented black actors out there. Anyway, I hope that he can hire more people who can help him find more creative story lines.
jadakiss's picture

Kerry is doing it big, Mel B

Kerry is doing it big, Mel B on the come up.
TeaNicole's picture

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