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FOOLERY: Did J.R. Smith REALLY Ask A HIGH SCHOOL Chick...."You Trying To Get The Pipe?"

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Notorius heartthrob J.R. Smith is making headlines for flirting with a high school chick on twitter and offering her...the pipe.  See their Twitter exchange inside....


Earlier, K. Michelle revealed that her upcoming Rebellious Soul album is based on her "romance" with NY Kicks baller J.R. Smith, so it made us wonder what it is about the baller that makes him "inspire" women?   We see that he's cute in that bad boy way and has a body full of sexy tattoos, but we just found out he's also a poet....and so eloquent with his words!

 photo BDqdOAKCAAAHDwQjpg_large_zps2809156b.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-22at101151AM.png

J.R. just got put on blast for flirting via DM with a chick who's a senior in high school.  Now before you start giving him that R. Kelly side-eye, reports state the chick in question lives in Pennsylvania (where the age of consent is 16).   And since we know the Knicks played the Philly 76ers the night of the 26th, we have to wonder if the chick followed through......

The second image shows her actual answer beforehand.  After the private conversation went viral...

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-22at102112AM.png

J.R. posted this pic to his Instagram account.  Because it's clear from the conversation, he was simply offering the student a choice of pipes that he apparently sells. Even ballers could have a side hustle....

Good try dude....



Lol. Too funny.

Lol. Too funny.
chantayk's picture

=== http://www.pokostyle.com

=== http://www.pokostyle.com ====
zzcv10's picture

Awe man that shit just fuk'd

Awe man that shit just fuk'd my head up yo!!! All that tattoo ink in JR bloodstream must'a gone 2 his damn head cuz that's a flagrant foul buddy!!!
RO's picture

Damn shame!!!

Damn shame!!!
RO's picture

we all know the pipes he

we all know the pipes he talkin bout...i cant believe someone leaked nude pictures of meek mill..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

they both nasty.

they both nasty.
whatev's picture

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mayerbeaton's picture

LOL! That's cutting it kinda

LOL! That's cutting it kinda close but still very funny.
Peace Silas's picture

LMAO nice try dude!!!

LMAO nice try dude!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

He still getting the (Side

He still getting the (Side Eye) some of these men are so “Nasty” he probably still Fu*ked that girl … Mothers get hold of your Daughters -_-
REd™'s picture

I literally LOL'd when I saw

I literally LOL'd when I saw the picture of all the pipes. Nicely played JR.
CheyPie's picture

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jolyqw's picture

These girls in high school

These girls in high school don't even look like high school students anymore. They look like grown, been around the block women and some of the boys look older than my husband.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Wow don't hold em up JR. Lol

Wow don't hold em up JR. Lol
cutethatsall56's picture

hahaa! The boy is funny tho.

hahaa! The boy is funny tho. Come on, these girls r hot in the pants, got her breasts pushed out...talking grown. How was he supposed to know?
GG Boo 4 U's picture

exactly!!!!! young girls

exactly!!!!! young girls trying to be grown women. you see what her answer to his question was right??? smh.
Candace's picture

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