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Jermaine Dupri KICKS OFF So So Def 20th Anniversary Weekend With Bow Wow, Jagged Edge, Da Brat & Xscape

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Last night, Jermaine Durpri hosted an intimate dinner with many of his So So Def artists to kick off the his So So Def 20th Anniversary Weekend. See pics of Bow Wow, Chris Kelly (Kris Kross), Da Brat, Jagged Edge and more inside...

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Last night, Jermaine Dupri teamed up with VIBE, Crown Royal Black, Ciroc, Brand Jordan, UBER and Blackberry to kick off the So So Def 20th Anniversary Weekend.

 photo crusher21.jpg

The festivities kicked off with an intimate dinner at a top secret location in Atlanta with his artists, including folks like Bone Crusher.  He told everyone, “This is my way of saying thank you for helping me build the So So Def empire. This is a historical moment, so tonight I’m celebrating you. Sit back, relax…I’m gonna serve you. But enjoy it, because that will never happen again!”  

The staff served the guests a lavish meal prepared by Chef Michael Hebb and custom “Afroman” cake by Jaxon Pastries.

 photo crusher2.jpg

Bow Wow, one of Jermaine's top selling acts (and biggest mouth pieces) was there to rep for So So Def.  

 photo crusher7.jpg

Chris Kelly (of Kris Kross) wore his pants backwards, ofc ourse, and showed his support.

 photo crusher9.jpg 

Chris and Bow Wow were later seen greeting one another when Jermaine revealed that it was their first time meeting!  “In all these years, this is the first time that Bow Wow and Chris Kelly have ever met. Bow Wow is a product of Kris Kross, so the fact that we can bring everyone together like this means a lot.”

 photo crusher15.jpg

1/2 of Xscape (LaTocha and Tamika Scott) were on hand.  While we know that LaTocha will be on "R&B Divas" next season, we can't help but miss seeing Kandi Burruss and Tameka "Tiny" Harris in this pic.  Oh wells.  We're SURE Kandi won't be showing up for the concert as there's still mixed feeling between her and the Scott sisters.

 photo crusher11.jpg

Can you believe Da Brat is 38?  You have to admit the chick hasn't aged much since her debut. 

 photo crusher3.jpg

"Let's Get Married" singers Jagged Edge (twins Brandon and Brian Casey) showed some love to JD.  

 photo crusher10.jpg

Dondria, who has a big following on YouTube, was there.

 photo crusher20.jpg

"Damn!" rappers YoungBloodz stepped out for the dinner.

 photo crusher1.jpg

"Never Scared" rapper Bone Crusher was spotted chillin before dinner.

  photo crusher12.jpg 

Dem Franchise Boyz posed for pics with a little "Oh I Think They Like Me" swagger.

  photo crusher18.jpg   

JD's mother and daughter Shaniah were also there to show their support. 

 photo crusher24.jpg

Veteran music exec, Michael Mauldin (JD’s father), came out as well.


The So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert is Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7:30pm the Fox Theatre Atlanta.  And for fans who want to watch, AXS TV will broadcast the show live. For a full list of AXS TV coverage, please visit www.axs.tv/subscribe.


Photos via Thaddaeus McAdams/Exclusive Access






Why is JD's mother dressed

Why is JD's mother dressed like that and with that ghetto young azz looking Pose...Ma please go home and start over!
star's picture

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zzcv10's picture

JD's daughter is so pretty!

JD's daughter is so pretty! Wow music of my youth...
Laia's picture

Damn!!! Entre-Po-Niggaz ... I

Damn!!! Entre-Po-Niggaz ... I know JD wish he NEVER lost Alicia Keys to Clive Davis... So-So-Dumb!!!
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tom100's picture

JD's dad is the one with the

JD's dad is the one with the real money, & I know his mom couldve come up with a better pair of jeans than that. Will someone tap that Kris Kross dude and tell him that backwards pants wearing age is over and done? He looks challenged.
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mayerbeaton's picture

Just like the Bad Boy

Just like the Bad Boy artists...no longevity. They all look broke.
tinytexan's picture

nice but a whole lot of SHORT

nice but a whole lot of SHORT a** men...lol
Reign's picture

Awwwww... #the90s. Gotta love

Awwwww... #the90s. Gotta love em. When I first read this post I thought it said they were going to make an anniversary mixtape. Now that would be something to listen to. Is it an anniversary if he doesn't continue to work creatively with these acts?
Sincerely WF's picture

JD should have waited till

JD should have waited till March or April. It will be cold & raining all wkend. The rain just started an hour ago and will not let up till Sunday
Somerknight's picture

OK... All the starving artist

OK... All the starving artist stepped out for a free meal... NEXT!

I think Dondria and Jagged

I think Dondria and Jagged Edge should do a song together. Thanks J.E of rendention of real love. Dondria had a million views before she got famous (courageous).lol
In God We trust's picture

I can't believe how grown

I can't believe how grown JD's daughter is! It seems like she was a baby yesterday LOL.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Now why did Chris Kelly go

Now why did Chris Kelly go and do that bamma shit with his pants?
Ethel Mertz's picture

I didn't know JD's dad was in

I didn't know JD's dad was in the business too... and his daughter is getting so big!!! She's a beautiful young woman... you better get ready JD!! :)
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