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Kelly Rowland, LaLa Anthony, Lauren London, Oprah Winfrey & MORE Attend The Sixth Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon

 photo esene2.jpg

The 6th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon was held yesterday afternoon drawing out Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Lauren London and many more. See photos inside....

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsKpkRCIX27pol.jpg

Oprah Winfrey was among the many high power celebrities who attended the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel earlier yesterday.   It was an event that tops the list of the YBF folks during Oscar season, and is a lovefest for all involved. 

Clearly O was trying out a new 'do....that we're not feeling.

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsSExsWr7-9Q4l.jpg 

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsmag0NmDJtdvl.jpg

At the event, Oprah was honored alongside five other special guests-- Alfre Woodard, Gabrielle Union, producer and TV writer Mara Brock Akil, Naomie Harris and Quvenzhané Wallis.

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsTKmeY2tKV6pl.jpg

She even brought her "daughters" as she calls them from her school in Africa.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-13_347x520_19.jpg

"Beasts of the Southern WIld" star Quvenzhané Wallis was honored during the event with a super cute floral dress and her staple puppy purse.

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsXXbCVj80Mycl.jpg

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsHx9izOGpkPTl.jpg

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who's currently starring in "The Face", showed off her amazing legs and skin in a flirty white Azzedine Alaïa dress. 

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-5_347x520_84.jpg

Holly Robinson Peete looked great.

  photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-8_347x520_32.jpg

TV personality Shaun Robinson wore fushcia cocktail dress.  And we just found out this woman turned 50 last July.  50!  She looks AMAZING.  And needs to write a book on how to look like you're still in your 30's at 50.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-7_347x520_1.jpg

Kelly Rowland showed off her tiny waist line.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-10_347x520_98.jpg

Producer Tracey Edmonds chose an animal print for the event.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-0_347x520_74.jpg

Star Jones, who's travels the country speaking out about heart disease, wore red (maybe she wanted to draw attention to the cause...hopefully).  Red fur is very rarely ok.

 photo KekePalmerESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodoBkoOEBcAYel.jpg

KeKe Palmer is headed to the small screen as Chilli in the upcoming TLC biopic for VH1.

 photo ReginaHallESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodz7nGMzOiMvXl.jpg

Regina Hall will soon appear in The Best Man sequel.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-3_347x520_86.jpg

Jill Scott looked trim in her leather pants and blazer.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-4_347x520_60.jpg

Garcelle Beauvais wore a puffy teal gown.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-2_347x520_75.jpg

"Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union was also there to support Mara in a vintage Versace look. 

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsqlu9ov6zcInl.jpg

Rapper Common posed on the carpet.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-16_347x520_4.jpg

"ET" host Rocsi Diaz switched it up and walked the press line instead of being behind the mic.  LOVE these pants.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-17_347x520_86.jpg

"Happily Divorced" star Tichina Arnold was there.  This distressed denim blazer though....

 photo eseje3.jpg

"The Game" star Lauren London came out to support her show creator Mara Brock Akil who as an honoree.

 photo esebh1.jpg

Kelly Rowland posed with Jeanette Jenkins and Mara Brock Akil (wearing Peter Pilotto) herself.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonAfVI1p60SZil.jpg

Jurnee Smollet, who's starring in the Tyler Perry sizzler, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, made her rounds.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonA6NFPsaz4JDl.jpg

"Deception" star Meagan Good looked amazing wearing Christiane King.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonzgnSqFC0p3ql.jpg

Alfre Woodard arrived with husband Roderick Spencer.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonOXrYhXLo3l2l.jpg

Anika Noni-Rose wore a beautiful Carmen Marc Valvo dress.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonixNJYIylE0xl.jpg

Remember when we peeped Loretta Devine with Newport on the red carpet?  This time...she's got someone's business card in her hand.  Always multi-tasking....

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonoE_ynLM2zrql.jpg

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonkKztj7jkJS4l.jpg

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsyzOS67o1ITTl.jpg

We would have LOVED for Jill Marie Jones, Persia White and Golden Brooks to have met up with Tracy Ellis Ross for a "Girlfriends" reunion on the carpet to honor show producer Mara Brock Akil.

 photo MehcadBrooksESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodflnzDHN3Jftl.jpg

"Necessary Roughness" star Mehcad Brooks came out to support the sistahs.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheon3yUFRTG3HW3l.jpg

Niecy Nash was all smiles in her glittery pants.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonRoB3nn4UcVql.jpg

Michael Ealy looked sexy....as usual.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheon2G4rgadr0x1l.jpg

Naomie Harris, one of the most recent Bond girls (Skyfall) looked amazing in a printed Monique Lhuillier Resort 2013 dress. Her booties were Stuart Weitzman booties.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonrFbS1WkACotl.jpg

"Second Generation Wayans" star Tatyana Ali wore Brian Atwood shoes and tweeted, "Shout out to my@brian_atwood Bs. They secretly made me very happy."

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardszEsQRC6UpO9l.jpg

"Eureka" star Salli Richardson-Whitfield stepped from behind the lens for a walk for the press line.

 photo essence-black-women-hollywood-2013-18_347x520_85.jpg

 photo 6thAnnualESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsn0QBEckj8Qtl.jpg

 photo esebh2.jpg

Jeanette also posed with Tia and a post-baby voluptious Tamara Mowry.  Not loving this dress Tia as it does nothing for your cute bod.

 photo esenc1.jpg 

Wendy Raquel Robinson joined LaLa, Kelly, Jeanette and Lauren at their table.

 photo esseb34.jpg

Essence's Michelle Ebanks snapped a cute pic with Mara.

 photo ESSENCEBlackWomenHollywoodAwardsLuncheonCvj1VimjaAhl.jpg

 photo essenbf6.jpg

LaLa rocked a Moschino dress for the occasion as she posed it up with producer Will Packer.

 photo eshy4.jpg

Lala posed with her bestie Kelly for a few pics.  

 photo eshy3.jpg

Jeanette and Lauren posed for a few snapshots in their seats.  Tracee Ellis Ross was also there.

 photo eshy2.jpg

Emil Wilbekin posed with Skyfall actress Naomie Harris.

Fab times!


Photos via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North AmericaWireimage/Granitz




I need Rocsi's pants...size 8

I need Rocsi's pants...size 8 please!
C2C's picture

If I could have any man in

If I could have any man in the world it would be Common....... I would find Micad sexier if I didn't have a nagging suspicion that he is on the DL. I like nearly everyone's attire except for Tia's god awful dress...her makeup was flawless and her face beautiful but that dress was a no no.
SadieJade's picture

Jill looks terrible and I

Jill looks terrible and I absolutely HATE those pseudo intellectual glasses!!!! Garcelle and Meagan's dresses were just wrong...sigh @ Alfrie and those sandals with that dress... Jill Marie no to the dress...Tatyana...ugh...with allllll the clothes in the world she seems to pick the worst. Tia and Lala...horrible dresses. For the most part everyone looks wonderful. Glad to see everyone supporting each other...
Laia's picture

I bet this was a Great

I bet this was a Great Festival …I see so many Beautiful People that I admire…
rebellious soul's picture

what stylist is dressing

what stylist is dressing these women?! lol

Lala and her friends are so

Lala and her friends are so Fu*kin Annoying !. Its like “Kelly get a clue” Stop hanging that Cockeyed Heffa and focus on your career .. Lauren London is a cute girl “But” she doesn’t have that “Wow Factor” , her personality is (Very Dry) and her acting skills are Boring too.. Everybody else looks Fab..
REd™'s picture

I have a feeling that Holly

I have a feeling that Holly Robinson thinks that people can't see that her face is filled with botox. Whats up with that, I thought we black women didn't need all that.
Tannygirl's picture

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jolyqw's picture

From all the judgement on

From all the judgement on here, you would think you people are paid by the Fashion Police. I would LOVE to see what all of you spewing negativity and judgement look like. So easy to be a cyber, judge and bully. LOL
LBA1's picture


gogreen's picture

Alfre Woodard with a

Alfre Woodard with a crakkka???? Awwwwwwwwwwww come on sistahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I didn't know that man, that just fucked my day up.
LetsGetIt's picture

And the Fire-bait Messenger

And the Fire-bait Messenger is up to his old tricks, again! (Regarding LetsGetit Comments)
rebellious soul's picture

my mouth still open

my mouth still open
bre's picture

Shout out to Oprah for

Shout out to Oprah for bringing the Young Beautiful South African Queens here .
LetsGetIt's picture

I wouldn't have guessed that

I wouldn't have guessed that Shaun Robinson was 50 in a million years!!! She looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Ok....I was kinda worried

Ok....I was kinda worried from the cover pic. I thought it was a gathering of D-listers. For the most part everyone looked amazing. There were a few that need to be called out. What did Persia White do to her face? Why is Jill Jones constantly making that ugly face like someone dragged her there. Girl, u know u didn't have any where else to be. WTF is Tia wearing? Regina Hall turned around to make sure everyone got a glimpse of her flat ass. Tatyana is wearing 1 of those pants suits that u need a model's body to pull off. Since she is not 5"10 and pencil thin it didn't work. Megan Good should give that dress back to her mom. Kelly Roland is my best dressed among them. Too bad she didn't get her wig done to go with that beautiful dress. Mehcad is the best dress male
Somerknight's picture

Oh oh I love Lauren's new

Oh oh I love Lauren's new color but hattttttttte JILL SCOTT'S outfit!
cutethatsall56's picture

Kelly looks super gorge! It

Kelly looks super gorge! It kind of looks like she had her nose done. Alfre I'm not feeling the Jeruselum sandals. Lastly, WHY WAS ROCSI EVEN ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING?!
cutethatsall56's picture

Well Kelly and Gabriel looked

Well Kelly and Gabriel looked amazing...so did Oprah (but not the hair). Where did Garcelle think she was going? Nice colors, wrong event and too youthful.
Denise2007's picture

For a minute I thought Lauren

For a minute I thought Lauren London was Erica Mena. EEK! Oprah's 'daughters' are true African beauties! Kelly once again is my fave! I love her! Lala, once again *sigh*...
PacificGirl's picture

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kelly looks so pretty i just

kelly looks so pretty i just hate the wig she has on...its too "wiggy" gabby union is looking pretty. lauren london is annoying me with that thing she does with her mouth. the weight looks really good on tamera and jeanette looks pretty. how adorable is that little quvenzhane? oprah looks a hot ass mess and how is it possible that shaun robinson is 50?!??!!
litebrite's picture


MS_NONO's picture

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zzcv10's picture

Looks fun! Can't wait til I

Looks fun! Can't wait til I get invited....
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Why are LaLa and Rosci there?

Why are LaLa and Rosci there? Go down to Latina magazine's gala at the Tijuana Motel 6 and leave us the hell alone.
WoolyBlunt's picture

LUV Oprah's hair-hush yo

LUV Oprah's hair-hush yo mouth! At least its HERS. Quvenzhané Wallis is the cutest lil thing; she always looks like a little lady should. Naomi Campbell is just GORGE!! Kelly Rowland and Lala look nice. Jeanette Jenkins looks like a tanned Kourtney Kardashian. I don't like the lighter hair color on Lauren London but her makeup is pretty. Jill Scott, Tia, Tichina, Tracey Edmonds, Star Jones-NO!!! Not flattering looks for y'all.

Kelly is such a doll, I swear

Kelly is such a doll, I swear I girl-crush her. I always lo♥e my Jilly from Philly (not always her style) but always her. Garcelle Beauvais looks like a princess, very lovely. I'm not feeling Lauren's hair color, sorry. Oprah and her 'daughters' look beautiful and what a beautiful thing she's doing: she's been blessed so she turns and helps bless others.☺
Peace Silas's picture

Oprah you did that!!! Your

Oprah you did that!!! Your hair and whole look is serving them hunty!!!
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Gabby, please stop the side

Gabby, please stop the side poses. You are remarkably flat in the back. Just smile and keep the attention on your pretty face! Most look gorgeous. Some needed a little more time or help but they tried so A for effort and for supporting one another. Very important! Now, to Shaun Robinson. This lady is gorgeous and I had to verify the 50 part and YBF is right. She is 50 and looks to be early thirties at most!!! She is doing a lot right! Go ahead ma!
sista2sista's picture

I believe that is Oprah

I believe that is Oprah sporting her natural hair. I love it. She is being authentically her. GOOOOO Oprah!

Holly and Kelly what is with

Holly and Kelly what is with those pageant poses??? Geesh!!! lol!
sweetpea1989's picture

I am not feeling Oprah's neew

I am not feeling Oprah's neew hairdo, I have seen her look better but, I admire her a lot for her accomplishments. Jill- EPIC FAIL!!! waht were you thinking, Garcelle- that prom dress is not becoming, everyone else looks okay.
sweetpea1989's picture

Damn!!! So many beautiful and

Damn!!! So many beautiful and delectable black people in one place. A lot of ppl got it right here. I kinda like Oprahs hair. Oprah's daughters are the epitome of gorgeous. Just beautiful. Why is Lala on Will Packer like that?
Ethel Mertz's picture

LOVE Oprah's new 'do!!! Looks

LOVE Oprah's new 'do!!! Looks great on her! Whoever styled Jill Scott needs to be FIRED...sorry...that look was not good for her shape.
diamond2012's picture

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