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Kendrick Lamar Drops "Poetic Justice" Video...While Janet Jackson Is BACK TO BRAIDS At Milan Fashion Week

 photo JanetJacksonSergioRossiPresentationCocktailQDMsL6sMyhel_zps15ca56e9.jpg

How coincidental.  The newest Cali rapper prepped to take the West Coast throne just dropped the video for his song that's in part a salute to Janet JacksonKendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" video inside, plus Ms. Jackson herself rocking her iconic braids again at Milan Fashion Week...


Janet's fabulous self put in her box braids....not as iconic as her Poetic Justice film braids but just as cute...for her Milan Fashion Week stint.  She and her boyfriend Wissam hit up Sergio Rossi presentation cocktail with Mr. Rossi himself:


 photo JanetJacksonSergioRossiPresentationCocktail0yebGTJbhhkl_zpsb88328d7.jpg photo JanetJacksonSergioRossiPresentationCocktailznHTLzUekJcl_zpse1f7ccaf.jpg  photo JanetJacksonSergioRossiPresentationCocktailBVuNofIMzwXl_zpsc25c31fe.jpg


And even though Janet didn't make a cameo in Kendrick Lamar's much anticipated "Poetic Justice" video...though she was reportedly asked to do so....he made the vid just as interesting.


Dr. Dre & Eminem's protege brings it back to his hometown of Compton for a romantic yet sad message.  He and his round-the-way girlfriend are included in parallel love stories, as well as his homie Drake who's featured on the track. Check out how actual poetic justice plays out in the video above.  "Poetic Justice" appears on Kendrick's debut studio album, good kid, m.A.A.d city.




I love this song, the video

I love this song, the video is awesome though and omg the girl with Kendrick in this video is sooooo beautiful ! So rare to see those type of black girl on video, she's flawless !!

=== http://www.pokostyle.com

=== http://www.pokostyle.com ====
zzcv10's picture

No likey the song or video..

No likey the song or video..
Laia's picture

Clearly Janet has done botox

Clearly Janet has done botox and fillers. 40 plus and no crows feet while smiling. !? Regardless of how well someone ages , there are always signs. Thats if you know what to look for.Not to mention she has had atleast two nose jobs and thats a fact.

Not necessarily. I've seen

Not necessarily. I've seen people age very well naturally. No cracks, wrinkles or any of that. She uses outside help so she probably has had other things done. And the nose job(s) is a big fat duh! We all know that.
chantayk's picture

Black women hate the way they

Black women hate the way they look. and try to look like white women and it fucks their natural beauty up. First with the nose jobs, then with the cheeks , the with the booty chin. Like goddamn black women YOU LOOK BETTER WHEN YOU ARE YOUR NATURAL SELVES
LetsGetIt's picture

Get it right, that is not

Get it right, that is not true for all black women. I love my features and I'm not wanting to look like anyone else. You can say that for a lot of women. Including (SOME) white women who try to plump up their lips, hips, ass and tan to look more like us.
chantayk's picture

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tom100's picture

Nope@those braids, they have

Nope@those braids, they have Ms Jackson looking too much like Ursula from The Lil Mermaid.
Realist's picture

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mayerbeaton's picture

Janet hasn't done nothing to

Janet hasn't done nothing to her face. Stop hating on her....Glad to see her happy and in love...And marrying into money lol....
Chocolate_Box's picture

Love love love Ms. Jackson

Love love love Ms. Jackson but saddened to see the extreme of her face job. A little nip, pinch, tuck, ok I guess. But she is no longer the natural beauty she once was. Women, embrace the aging process. You aren't supposed to look like you did when you were 17. Hopefully you don't act that way either.
sista2sista's picture

Love the video...and its

Love the video...and its refreshing as fucking hell to seek a black girl be a love interest and not some typical latina booty model...I'm so sick and tired as hell of that fucking formula...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture


gogreen's picture

Great video. It is quite

Great video. It is quite refreshing to see a pretty natural black girl and not some booty model of another race or even of the black race as a main girl in a video. Who told these idiots labels and directors that people are interested in all that mess?? Silly black boys?? I mean we see our President with a black family, so why in the hell is it hard to show that for rappers and r&b artists? Smh.
Keys's picture

Janet is elegant and sweet as

Janet is elegant and sweet as always.
Tannygirl's picture

What is Janet hiding under

What is Janet hiding under all those layers, Janet is letting her hair grow out for her wedding to her billionaire fiancé.
TeaNicole's picture

What has Janet done to her

What has Janet done to her face?
Somerknight's picture

I noticed...and btw, the

I noticed...and btw, the braids are not really working for her any longer. Natural hair is now too thin so Too much scalp
star's picture

I absolutely love Kendrick

I absolutely love Kendrick Lamar. Janet has always looked great. Her foundation looks too light for her actual complexion.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Love that Poetic Justice

Love that Poetic Justice video. Nice to see hip hop go back to videoS with beautiful black people in them, a meaning and real structure. Nobody can wear those box braids like Ms. Jackson.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Love Kendrick!!! Janet looks

Love Kendrick!!! Janet looks great, kinda wish she woulda did the video though... I love it anyways :)
Candace's picture

why is janet always covered

why is janet always covered now?? guess that has to do with who she's dating & his culture??
diamond2012's picture

...or because it's winter...

...or because it's winter...
GG Boo 4 U's picture

+1 very funny.

+1 very funny.
gogreen's picture

lol right.

lol right.
Keonta's picture

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