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ONCE AGAIN IT'S ON: Jay-Z Heads Out For Another Summer Tour....With Justin Timberlake

The Carter household is going to be one busy place this summer.  Not only will Beyonce be on her Mrs. Carter World Tour...but now her husband Jay-Z is about to roll out for a Legends of the Summer tour with Justin Timberlake.


Deets inside...

Last summer he had mad fun touring with Kanye West on the Watch The Throne tour.  Now, LiveNation has announced that Hov will rock 12 stadium performances with his "Suit & Tie" homie Justin Timberlake as JT promotes his upcoming 20/20 Experience album dropping next month.

The twosome--who have been in this game for over 2 decades--have 23 Grammy Awards, 67 million albums sold and two Emmys combined.  So they came up with a fitting name for the tour.

It's called the LEGENDS OF THE SUMMER tour and it will kick off July 17th in Toronto, Ontario at the Roger's Centre and continue through August 16th in Miami at Sun Life Stadium.

They're taking their talents to San Francisco, Vancouver, Detroit, Baltimore, and Philadelphia and performing in legendary stadiums like Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Rose Bowl and Candlestick Park.

Tickets for all dates except New York (that announcement coming soon) go on sale to the public on Thursday, February 28th at LiveNation.com.

And if you're wondering if the two have more music collabos on the way, it looks like that.  JT told KissFM UK today:

“We just started messing around and you know…not to give too much away, but we did a lot of stuff, Jay & I.”


Peep all the dates below. 

July 17 Toronto, ON Rogers Centre

July 19 New York, NY Yankee Stadium**

July 22 Chicago, IL Soldier Field

July 26 San Francisco, CA Candlestick Park

July 28 Los Angeles, CA Rose Bowl

July 31 Vancouver, BC BC Place Stadium

August 4 Hershey, PA Hershey Stadium

August 6 Detroit, MI Ford Field

August 8 Baltimore, MD M&T Bank Stadium

August 10 Boston, MA Fenway Park

August 13 Philadelphia, PA Citizens Bank Park

August 16 Miami, FL Sun Life Stadium

Who's going?



One more blind fool stepping

One more blind fool stepping up for this opportunistic white boy.
Realist's picture


star's picture

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jolyqw's picture

he is trying to take the

he is trying to take the attention away from bey, pure selfish. idc bout this 10city tour it shouldn't be happening but, im sure bey wold have her fun away from camel anyway tho.

Bad move. JT does not need

Bad move. JT does not need HOV.
Somerknight's picture

I agree. This tour seems

I agree. This tour seems sooooo contrived. And people are acting like Justin needed Jay-Z when Jay-Z is the one who's been collaborating with any and everybody to make his music hot.
CheyPie's picture

Surprised that justin felt he

Surprised that justin felt he couldnt go it alone for his comeback. Its as if he is saying i need someone to make my music relevant...I guess gywnnie will be making sure her and bey stay besties now that the younger prettier.Miss Biel is around
ava's picture

Well gheez who's gonna be

Well gheez who's gonna be watching baby Blue???
rn4137's picture

his days are numbered

his days are numbered when...he HAS to travel with 27 Body Guards
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I was kinda hopin that your

I was kinda hopin that your days would be numbered also.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

my days are numbered....buy

my days are numbered....buy MORE people.want him DEAD
Jesus H. Christ's picture

What the hell are you talking

What the hell are you talking about? I was just joking. Who is him? Jesus or Jay Z?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I would love to catch them

I would love to catch them while they're on tour. I'm sure the show will be real good.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Im happy to see so many

Im happy to see so many people from my community/generation getting to become successful and live out their dreams. Its a beautiful thing.
shuga's picture

umm..good for them?

umm..good for them?
HNICCHICK's picture

please don't come to canada

please don't come to canada mr jayz no one wants to see old raper who keeps repeating the same words like my 80yrs grandma
gluebella's picture

I like both artists,,,,More

I like both artists,,,,More power to them!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

rap is dead...when a crack

rap is dead...when a crack dealing camel wins for a soundbite that says "ball so hard" 97 times
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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