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A SENSIBLE RANT? Kanye GOES OFF On Stage In London Saying "The Grammys Can S*ck His D*ck".....And He's NOT Feeling "Suit & Tie"

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We all know Kanye West no longer speaks to the media anymore...because he feels like everything he says is twisted into something negative.  So he often uses the stage as his platform.   And he may have more people than usual on his side tonight after his rant at his London concert...

After Mr. West performed "Clique" on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo in London tonight, he gave the audience a piece of his mind about the Grammys and people respecting his creativity.  And he spoke in general about reminding folks why he does this...and people in this business losing site of the art.

He said he hates business people and sponsors, the ones who ask him in meetings how they can "sell" what he's doing instead of understanding and respecting his music. 

He called out rappers who talk about smashing other dudes chick (Ha!).

He said "The Grammys can s*ck my d*ck"...and alluded to the organization not respecting creativity.

He also said he's got love for Jay-Z, but "not feeling that Suit & Tie sh*t."  Not surprised.

Check out his rant in full below:

Do you agree with Kanye?



it true what kanye said . he

it true what kanye said . he never won a Grammy in a category with whites. since they cancel a lot of the RNB category you notice beyonce only win 1 Grammy. because blacks don't win in the umbrella category.
xedos's picture

He was just speaking his mind

He was just speaking his mind on a freestyle, it's not that serious.
vanessa.boo1's picture

All of this he's about to be

All of this he's about to be a father soon doesn't meant sh**! There are men that are fathers that still act like this... Case and point, Lil Weenie. These two BITCHES are cut from the same cloth except I think Wayne is a little worse. I feel bad for anyone who procreates with these assholes. You would think after the Taylor Swift incident he would change his tune. But Kanye West will NEVER grow up or learn from his mistakes! He's an entitled negro that blames everyone for his problems and mistakes. Reminds me of another male on this blog...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I guess he's throwing a

I guess he's throwing a temper tantrum because Jay Z is in ATL with JD for his 20th anniversary party and not in London at his show. Grow the fk up Kanye! You are about to become someone's father. Leave the tantrums to the kid. The Psycho Gemini strikes again!
PacificGirl's picture

He probably is pissy over

He probably is pissy over that. But JD has a longer friendship and history with Jigga. They go back like a little over 20 years of being friends. Kanye is a whiny mouth nobody.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

'Money ain't a Thang' was the

'Money ain't a Thang' was the first time a lot of people outside of the North East saw Jay-Z or knew who he was so he should be in Atlanta. If that's the reason Kanye is upset then he's not ready to be a father.
Yesidid's picture

Very true. Jermaine was more

Very true. Jermaine was more mainstream and a big producer in music at the time and put Jay on that track when he was still trying to blow up just nationally. Round the way dudes like Jay hold tight to their real friends. Like it was said they go back years as friends before Ye's jealous ass was even a thought in music.
JJFad's picture

Brotha, you about to be a

Brotha, you about to be a father soon, stop acting like a CLOWN ASS NIGGA!! I have a feeling the brotha jay z is about to let this dude go
LetsGetIt's picture

It wouldn't surprise me. I

It wouldn't surprise me. I would get tired of this immature idiot either. Always talking shit about colleagues and what they do in the industry, bitter as hell.
Tannygirl's picture

I AGREE! You are supposed to

I AGREE! You are supposed to have an opinion. However, its the way you address the situation that determines how much class you have. And why is Suit and Tie not a good song???? Its grown and sexy. something fresh for a change. He should have released it closer to summer but still.
Classic87's picture

Whatever. Kanye is on his

Whatever. Kanye is on his period. Again.
YBFFan33's picture

SN: whatever happened to the

SN: whatever happened to the user LisaRaye??? The one that was always bashing BeYAWNce??? lol did she change her username??? LisaRaye where you at girl????

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm u fine!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm u fine!!
LetsGetIt's picture

from what i've read her

from what i've read her account was suspended and her new s/n is jesus h. christ
lilbit's picture

What creativity? I don't

What creativity? I don't think you know this but...... your music is bullshit, your attention seeking owl mask, straight jacket, kilt attire is bullshit, your rants are bullshit, YOU are bullshit, and the only reason you probably don't like Suit&Tie is because yourcocky ass wasn't invited to be on the track nor the tour. Bitch ass crybaby! smdh.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Exactly! Unfortunately a lot

Exactly! Unfortunately a lot of weak "artists" these days think being different equals being creative. Kanye has really fallen off musically. It was hard enough to embrace this dude and his antics when his music was on point, but now, it's just impossible. Kanye can kick rocks. A 35 year old child indeed.
CheyPie's picture

true to the fullest

true to the fullest
Peace Silas's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I seriously thinks he's doing

I seriously thinks he's doing these rants bc he really doesn't give a flying horse's ass about performing and making music anymore. He has officially lost it....he is having problems and needs help

Now that I think about it,

Now that I think about it, Kanye must be feeling extra salty cause Amber had her & Wiz's baby boy and she genuinely looks relieved and happy away from Kanye. Good on Amber to get away from this monstrosity who needs constant attention.
Coffy's picture

If Kim is really pregnant, I

If Kim is really pregnant, I feel so bad for that child to have two megalomaniac famewhores as parents. Yeah, it will have money and nannies galore, but to be raised by/with the Kardashians with an added side of kanye West...Good God!
Coffy's picture

LMAO!! This guy...smh at

LMAO!! This guy...smh at least he's not wearing some crazy costume like the last two times O_o

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