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PICS: Celebs Hit The So So Def CASTLE PARTY In Atlanta

 photo DSC_0143_zpsa09ca115.jpg

Jermaine Dupri has been partying hard lately in celebration of So So Def's 20 year anniversary.  And last night, on the eve of the big So So Def Anniversary concert, celebs turned up for the private VIP Castle Party at Summerour Studio in Atlanta.


We've got the pics of J.D., Bow Wow, Da Brat, Trina Braxton and more....

 photo DSC_0121_zps995296d8.jpg

Photog Paras Griffin snapped pics of celebs like J.D. celebrating the night before the So So Def anniversary concert (going down tonight at the Fox Theater in ATL) with his homies like Anthony Hamilton and Bryan Michael-Cox.  Mr. Dupri brought some major hits in the 90's, so it's only right the label celebrates.

 photo DSC_9763_zps6dc20fec.jpg

Trina Braxton is still with her hubby Gabe apparently.

 photo DSC_9758_zps99af5345.jpg

She kept it simple in a fitted black dress and mirrored blue pumps.

 photo DSC_9863_zpsf012d67c.jpg

Da Brat reached into her 90's closet--which is her normal closet--to put on her tomboy oversized tee and camo with a neon green MCM backpack.

 photo DSC_9853_zpsc9e7caa7.jpg

Oh Brat.

 photo DSC_9775_zps414fec0d.jpg

SoSo Def newbie Dondria rocked a black cutout dress for the party.

 photo DSC_0054_zpsf5f34003.jpg

JD's business partner & dad Michael Mauldin came out to party too.

 photo DSC_0273_zps2b160939.jpg

 photo DSC_0249_zpsb9c30f4c.jpg

Bow Wow jetted to ATL to get back to his Def roots.  And he hit the DJ booth with V103 host Big Tigger.


 photo DSC_0224_zps1b00f257.jpg

Bow's "106 & Park" co-host Shorty Da Prince went down to support too.

 photo DSC_9953_zps7430ea42.jpg 

T-Pain and his beard made an appearance.

 photo DSC_0198_zps363bc0fe.jpg

So did Jagged Edge and friends.

 photo DSC_0102_zps5f11c285.jpg

DTP's Chaka Zulu came out to support.

 photo DSC_0068_zps70f9fa6d.jpg

Wonder if Darrin Henson is still making workout videos somewhere.

 photo DSC_9994_zps503176f6.jpg

"Football Wives" former star Chanita Foster was at the party.

 photo DSC_9987_zpsd931db1e.jpg

And "Big Rich Atlanta" stars Sharlinda & Kahdijiha Parker brought their wiggery to the event.

 photo DSC_9964_zps85031739.jpg

V103 host Egypt hit the carpet with her hubby.

 photo DSC_9903_zps06f26ecc.jpg

Raheem DaVaughn kept it bald.

 photo DSC_9881_zps488d7a82.jpg

And designer Mychael Knight showed off his designs on the carpet with "his model".

Fun times.

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/gparasphotography.com 





Da Brat has turned back into

Da Brat has turned back into a boy.
Twila's picture

JD's dad's date is what we

JD's dad's date is what we use to call a good weave. It's a natural length and it's look yaki not silky straight.
Somerknight's picture

I am so tired of seeing

I am so tired of seeing sistas in these raggady 20in weaves that are not even our hair texture. I have nothing against weaves. I just came along in an era where u had to ask a bitch.....is that a weave? Now u can spot em a mile away.
Somerknight's picture

They just look like a bunch

They just look like a bunch of Gays,these rappers need to just come out the closet,like Frank O cean,they are not fooling anybody...and T-Pain needs to bleach his teeth,all that money these rappers make,can not understand why they don't bleach there teeth..

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tom101's picture

Egypt's hubby looks more like

Egypt's hubby looks more like her son. Smdh@Brat Im beginning to think there is no hope. Mr DaVaughn I need some more songs, where have you been?
Realist's picture

I agree bout Egypt's husband.

I agree bout Egypt's husband. I don't think Egypt is as old as she look. She has the legs & knees of a 60yr old woman. She would have looked better in something that come to below the knee.
Somerknight's picture

Ok ok ok, What up tho!!!! Da

Ok ok ok, What up tho!!!! Da Brat Baby nooooo stop it! Trina looking sexy and Fit. Bow Wow still look 16. Egypt is cool but put on a few pounds and her Husband yummy Dj Fadelf can Get it. Mr Knights guest is looking Fab in the White. Chaka Look like, where's waldo lol. Q's wife and her wig looks old and NO. Dondria be singing but that dress isn't working baby. JD looks great for his age. IM DONE.
Jpearson's picture

It looks like they all were

It looks like they all were competing to see who could look the most like a crackhead. Trina's body is shaped weird. The Brat looks stupid per her usual.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Is it me or does everyone in

Is it me or does everyone in these pics look like midgets? Like no really..
cutethatsall56's picture


Zetagirl's picture

Da Brat is trying to keep up

Da Brat is trying to keep up withher image but doesn't realize that it's supposed evolve not stay the same. If she came out with a hot song, an updated image, & really represent her sexuality, she would sell off. Living in the past Da Brat.

LMAO & agreeing with these

LMAO & agreeing with these comments. JD, Tyga, Anthony Hamilton, Raheem DeVaughn and Darrin Henson look neat and well-groomed. The other ppl--men and women look BUSTED and CRACK-WHORISH! I haven't been a fan of Bow-Wow's behavior in recent years but its nice to see that he's loyal to JD, as he should be. Da Bat looks ridiculous and corny. But JD must really luv her/shim cuz after that stunt she pulled at his club a few yrs back--breaking that bottle on that chick--I would NOT eff with Brat EVER again!

Da Brat...sigh! Let's try to

Da Brat...sigh! Let's try to evolve and look like we're a grown ass woman...please!
SassyFace11's picture

All the Braxton's have those

All the Braxton's have those Evelyn Lazado legs including little azz Toni.
TeaNicole's picture


star's picture

Egypt man shoes tho.

Egypt man shoes tho.
TeaNicole's picture

Look at all those little men,

Look at all those little men, DaBrat you look ridunkulous this ain't jail girl. I see Mr. Trina Braxton kept his senior look. Egypt cover those old lady legs. T Pain try soap and water before dressing.
TeaNicole's picture

What happened to Trina

What happened to Trina Braxton's FAT LEGS????? And how HIGH was Janet Jackson when she was fucking Jermaine Dupree???????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

LMAO @ how high...

LMAO @ how high...
Laia's picture

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