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2013 OSCAR PERFORMANCES: Jennifer Hudson SLAYS "And I Am Telling You" + Adele & Shirley Bassey Salute James Bond (And First Lady Michelle Obama's Appearance!)

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The 85th Annual Academy Awards are over, and in case you missed performances from Jennifer Hudson, Adele & more, we've got them inside....

As the Academy gave a tribute to musicals, Jennifer Hudson--in a beaded silver Kauffman Franco gown--did another performance of the song she sang in Dreamgirls, "And I Am Telling You."   And slayed it for a standing ovation.  Check it below:


And as the Oscars celebrated 50 years of James Bond films, Dame Shirley Bassey rocked the iconic "Goldfinger" theme song and Adele--who just won the Oscar for Best Original Song tonight and rocked a Jenny Packham dress--performed "Skyfall".  Check out both below.



Dame Bassey:




 photo article-2284057-18434592000005DC-968_634x424_zpseb5ca1f5.jpg

And the biggest surprise of the night was First Lady Michelle Obama presenting the Best Picture Award...live from the White House. 


She looked gorgeous in a dazzling metallic gown by Naeem Khan as she live streamed the opening of the envelope from D.C. as Jack Nicholson presented on stage.  Nice!



Shirley Bassey is 76 years

Shirley Bassey is 76 years old and still amazing!!! my grandma's favorite singer.
Twila's picture

Jhud screams too much; I

Jhud screams too much; I thought I was the only one who noticed; but from reading here I am not the only one; don't get the fuss over her; I would go see her if I had free tickets...no reason
ladydiinpa's picture

Shirley Bassey brought the

Shirley Bassey brought the house down with that Goldfinger number. Eveyone else paled in comparison.
Realist's picture

Call me when beyonce do a

Call me when beyonce do a full gospel tour and concert for God which is are in heaven....peace and love:-)
GOLDEN HEART's picture

I thought that jennifer did a

I thought that jennifer did a wonderful job:-)she ace it
GOLDEN HEART's picture

People sits up here taking

People sits up here taking about how Beyonce sold a million ticket less than minutes for her concerts...you can make all the plans that you want but really it's what God wants...you never know what gonna happen between now and than...this is for all beyonce fans who's dewelling on this concert...wish beyonce nothing but the best I hope she puts God first...never make a deal with the devil because beyonce may look like she on top now but the devil will make sure she'll lose it all...always put God first
GOLDEN HEART's picture

On another note Michelle

On another note Michelle Obama looked pretty and that was the best DRESS I have EVER seen her in. Adele was nervous I could tell but still stayed in her lane and did not try to over sing it! Youtube SYESHA MECARDO she was on AI but did not win she song SKYEFALL SO AMAZINGLY WELL with just a man playing the guitar. When I saw her on AI I did not remember her sounding this GOOD, she must LEARNED HOW TO SHOW more CONTROLL and RESTRAINT! AMAZING VOCALIST AND HER SKYFALL performance is how it should be done! I wanna see more singer's like her come on the scene! I refuse to support LOUD HORRIBLE SINGER'S!
Shay's picture

I would never go see Jhud in

I would never go see Jhud in concert. As for people saying Holiday sing the songer better. HELL NAW....She can scream jhud out an arena. They both have big voices that they don't know how to control them. This performance & that awful performance for the Obama's is making me think Simon on Amer Idol was right. Aretha & Whitney came from gospel but they didn't scream your ears off. This is getting very old.
Somerknight's picture

Sorry Natasha but it's a

Sorry Natasha but it's a matter of opinion IF YOU CALL A PERFORMANCE OF YELLING AND SCREAMING A GREAT PERFORMANCE! OH SHE SLAYED IT OH RIGHT!She slayed everyone's EARDRUMS and SLAYED her own VOCAL CORDS in the process! "EVENTS SINGER JENNIFER HUDSON DOES IT AGAIN with not knowing when or how to TAKE IT DOWN or HOLD BACK! What was so AMAZING about WHITNEY HOUSTON was her ABILITY to show RESTRAINT and CONTROLL with ALL her performances, she knew that singing LOUD HARD and STRONG every INCH of the performance did not make YOU or the SONG sound any BETTER! Cee Lo Green told one of the contestant's that song a Whitney song on the "Voice"that she song her song too HARD all the way through and he loved the way Whitney could go in and out w/ such AMAZING CONTROLL! EVENTS SINGER J-HUD thinks if she's not YELLING she's not SINGING! I FOR 1 DON'T LIKE HER VOICE or her type of SINGING, you can find this type of singing in any CHURCH CHOIR anywhere across the USA, she's NOT THAT SPECIAL to me! I am TIRED of Clive Davis and all his SISSY POWER getting her all these GIGS! I AM SICK TO DEATH OF J-HUD and wish she would just GO AWAY! Clive knows she DON'T SELL NO ALBUMS so why is she just handed these EVENTS! CLIVE DAVIS and his EVENTS SINGER JENNIFER HUDSON who's working on ALBUM #3 can both GO SOMEWHERE! When she can sell ALBUMS like Whitney, Mariah, Tony B, Christina A,Celine, Anita Baker, even SCHEECHING KEYS and other's, then she would have EARNED her way on these SINGING GIGS! "EVENT'S SINGER" J-HUD needs to sell ALBUMS not have CLIVE D and his gay connections to open doors for her. I HATE SAYING THIS BUT IT'S TRUE, J-Hud needs to STOP using SYMPATHY VOTES from the TRAGIC LOSS of her FAMILY to MAKE IT IN THE INDUSTRY WITHOUT SELLING ANY DAMN ALBUMS! J-Hud will continue to be the EVENTS SINGER TO ME w/ a LOUD, OLD LADY OVER THE TOP SCREAMING CHURCH LADY IN THE CHOIR VOICE TO ME! Lord I miss Whitney's VOICE, BEAUTY and TALENT!
Shay's picture

I wouldn't say it in those

I wouldn't say it in those words but I totally agree. I started to wonder if I was the only one that could not hear the greatness in her voice. I'm just not feeling the hype around her.
Tannygirl's picture

Trying to force her on

Shay's picture

Congrats to all the ladies

Congrats to all the ladies Oscar performance!
Like Really's picture

I felt Jennifer screamed and

I felt Jennifer screamed and shouted most of her performance I wasn't feeling it at all. Miss Bassey still has it but the Bond tribute was whack! No actors brought out who played the iconic character?? and one song tribute...boo Adele was great as always

Seriously, if Jennifer Hudson

Seriously, if Jennifer Hudson would have stopped screaming at us last night with her poor performance, we may have enjoyed it more, calm down girl and for god sakes tone it down!

So y'all are not going to

So y'all are not going to give Adele here own post for winning a Grammy, Emmy and Oscar in 49 days? Ok. Adele is quietly the Queen, i said quietly!
Username's picture


..... http://www.pokostyle.com ....
zzcv10's picture

Jhud shouts her songs. I

Jhud shouts her songs. I can't...
GigiA's picture

She doesn't need a mic.

She doesn't need a mic.
Username's picture

I enjoyed the Oscars.

I enjoyed the Oscars. Jennifer aHudson has a good voice but at times she screams her songs actually I prefer the original dream girl Jennifer Holiday ot sing that particular song now she can SANG!! with so much power in her voice. Congrats to Adele!! the fashions was hit a miss. Halle looked great as usual. Kelly - MEH!! liked her grammy dress better. Kerry- MEH!! i have seen her look better Jennifer Hudson- NO!!! the dress was not flattering and she had on the wrong shoes, she needs a new stylist, her clothes does not look good on her. Octavia- dress was okay she looked better last night than last year when she won. Zoe Saldana- looked better than I have seen her look. Our First Lady was FLAWLESS!!! her dress was gorgeous!!! LOVE HER!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Each of these young women do

Each of these young women do their own thing without trying to compete with each other. Jennifer is a very good singer and acts pretty well so far, Beyonce is a total entertainer she is in another genre of performers, there is no one is better than the other, they are both good at what they do. Why is everyone trying to pit people against each other, there is a place for everyone! Like it or not Lady Bey IS going down in the history books as one of the Icons of this generations' culture, so move on. Only time will tell how much any performer including Jennifer will affect society in a whole so that masses gravitate toward them. If there is a need for you to make Jennifer or any other person high in demand and so hot that people around the world want to see them and be them, then get your campaign started, spend your money, live, breathe, eat, sleep them, I am sure they will appreciate your effort, but please stop thinking people become popular because they have no "IT" factor cause THAT is what the masses see and believe, and Lady Bey has got that IT factor!

See that's the thing, Bey

See that's the thing, Bey really isn't the "It" factor BCUZ her music is  sooo iconic, legendary, or sells out to teenage fans. Like Pit her against who, she has been handed an exclusive lane for the last twenty yrs to do her w/out any intruders! Chile Not even her DC bandmates were allowed in! Lol.. I really wish people wud get the real reason behind the Vegas burlesque shows..For one The music just ain't good, no matter how much the media boost her head or the stans, it's just as many or more people who D0 NOT care for her period! That's the difference in Janet, MJ, Whitney,Etc..and what makes u a legend the world holds u too..,EvERYBODy luved their sh!t..No maybes, Everybody was on the same Page..No guessing and BCUZ Everyone was the MAJORITY they still are today! NOT these self-made titles, where u have to write KING on a dam mirror, so sheep will hold u to a certain regard, that only wreaks of insecurity at what it is u sooo confident at D0ing anyway and anybody with a lil' sense knows this! Bey's ears may not be musically inclined toward sofisticated, but it's not an excuse for the lack of creativity and being an innovator of her generation! Like it or Not She has done neither..its all a redundant repeat! 
Like Really's picture

That "It" factor I was

That "It" factor I was talking about is given to performers by the masses. It is something THEY observe and like about certain people, MJ, WHITNEY, THE BEATLES, and ELVIS are just a few of the people who had it! I did not say Bey was the best singer, she's no GLADYS, Aretha, PATTI, NANCY, or even JENNIFER HOLLIDAY ( by the way still gives me chill bumps when she sings), but however, people who don't care for BEY feel, she has that something, and one can keep talking about how the industry pushes her on everyone, it is because more of society like her than those who dislikes her, and That is the real formula for her making her money and being popular. What ever marketing strategies she is using should be the blue print for "HOW TO SELL". Before you say it is sex, cause a lot of people play that card also, in the industry sex sells for everyone, including all the other talentless people (KIM. both of them, all the video vixens, all the men who now join the ranks of putting their private parts on line, all the so called hot starletts, whose names no one knows, but you damn sure recognize their asses and who they laying up with! All I am saying is why pick this one child to pretend like this is all brand new, when all she is really doing is playing the game better than most of the others. You may not like her, but admire the fact that she as a young black woman, who works and it shows reward for her hard labor. I got that same love and admiration for Oprah, I see how these sisters work it!

U got one thing right and

U got one thing right and that's playing "games", which is what iconic figures don't have to do! This BS business has strategically appointed her as that factor and no one else, while making societies youth theism and mentality toward money, along with oversexed visuals being better than anything! In this case BEY doesnt have the most vital part to artistry, the dam repertoire of songs  to match! Like I said give any talented person ten yrs to perfect dance moves w/ nobody allowed, same results! Aaliyah is still a gr8t example of her genre, but genuinely liked and not forced becuz her music, charisma, and character spoke for itself, she didn't need a fake azz Sasha or anybody else to prove who or what she was! The same can be said for others, who cud be just as good or BETTA, if given the same timeline of opportunity! I already said she is all that she can be except an creative innovator, which is one thing ya'll can ever make her be! Smh..*sigh
Like Really's picture

i agee. let Adele drop a CD

i agee. let Adele drop a CD on the same day as Bey and it will outsell Beyonce's 5 to 1. With no marketing, no hype and no advertising. Beyonce has the money behind her brand (and the husband with connections) that allows her to do everything non-musically related to keep her relevant. The instagram, endorsements, documentaries....legends don't need that. They don't need to play tricks with their fans and produce their own documentaries and give themselves titles...if you're a legend...your story will write itself.
Username's picture

100% Truth = Highly Favored

100% Truth = Highly Favored
Jesus H. Christ's picture

JHud was amazing. What a

JHud was amazing. What a phenomenal performance. Bravo!!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

FLOTUS' gown looked amazing.

FLOTUS' gown looked amazing. I wish we could have seen all of it though.
The Real Thing's picture

Jennifer Hudson can SANG, I

Jennifer Hudson can SANG, I bet if she gyrated her coochie and showed a lot of skin, she'd be Icon status...Go Jen
Reign's picture

and we r about to give you

and we r about to give you miss emelie sande, she is so dope
ava's picture

ok usa, so what exactly are

ok usa, so what exactly are you guys up to with regards to fresh new talent cos it seems like the uk is slaying u guys.We' ve given u adele, ellie goulding, and even a boyband one direction (no matter what u think of them there killin it). U guys are renowned for brilliant talent but there is nothing new coming just the same old samw old beyonce justin jayz.Come on now we want the new generation of usa talent comin out and blowing up globally
ava's picture

illuminati has taken over

illuminati has taken over like post-nuclear fallout cockroaches. they've sold their collective soul to the DEVIL for money & power.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No black people won shit!!???

No black people won shit!!??? B.E.T. need to have their own show called: "The Roscoes"........ that way black people can win some shit too...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

up to I saw the check that

up to I saw the check that said $7954, I accept ...that...my friends brother actualie making money parttime on their apple labtop.. there mums best friend haz done this for less than 20 months and recently paid the morgage on there house and got a brand new Toyota. we looked here=== BIT40.COM ===
mikolperna's picture

Michelle looks to die for!!!

Michelle looks to die for!!! Gorgeous!
cutethatsall56's picture

Somewhere in Tribeca BeYAWNce

Somewhere in Tribeca BeYAWNce is mad she still hasn't won an Oscar *sign* oh wells hahaha JHud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BeYAWNce

Correction, Beyonce is

Correction, Beyonce is relaxing until her upcoming show, which sold out in CT under 10 mins. I'm sure she is reflecting on all of her accomplishments that made her $400 million plus (w/o her hubby). This post has nothing to do with Beyonce, but I see you can't get her out of your mind. Go figure! smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Beyonce is never at risk of

Beyonce is never at risk of winning an Oscar. She just can't act at all. But she'll keep those Grammies rolling in. I really hope JHud gets another shot at an Oscar worthy film role some time soon.
The Real Thing's picture

Girl please Beyonce is

Girl please Beyonce is getting ready for her shows which sold out in under 12 mins.
cutethatsall56's picture

Oh you mean that SAME show

Oh you mean that SAME show where she does the SAME dances to the SAME songs wearing the SAME costumes like she has PREVIOUSLY done??? Hmph....again JHud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BeYAWNce


J Hud can't BEGIN TO COMPARE her career to Beyonce's! Please! YOU go have several broken seats!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Truth. Her music material is

Truth. Her music material is not Michael and Janet level for me to spend my money to see the same old dance steps. She makes teen level pop. I would rather go see her husband perform his old music first.
Keys's picture

Yep that exact one where she

Yep that exact one where she is releasing new material...and where's your sold out anything? Oh ok
cutethatsall56's picture


Ethel Mertz's picture

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