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Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard COUPLED UP In The Club In Atlanta

Looks like these two are getting more comfortable with taking their love public.  After a few mystery Instagram pics together, rapper Nelly brought his new girl, model and actress Tae Heckard, out to the club in Atlanta this weekend.


Check their pics inside...

Yeah, we see you Nelly & Tae.  While she's already confirmed she will be returning to her role as "Jazz" on "The Game," Tae is in ATL shooting and partying with her new man Nelly.  The twosome were spotted at The Gold Room Friday night getting in some drinks and QT.

Nelly def has a type though.

The twosome were spotted drinking and partying in their private booth all night as they partied with boutique owner/model Delicia Cordon.  And made their creep out the club together as well.


Photos: Prince Williams/ATLpics.net







"Nelly never claimed Ashanti

"Nelly never claimed Ashanti publicly and that's a huge Red Flag that your man has no intention of marrying you." Well... Beyonce and Jay Z did that to each other for years, even after they were married. She probably thought they weren't talking about it because they wanted to keep their relationship sacred and free from unnecessary drama.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

B and Jay did give subtle

B and Jay did give subtle hints though.. in that "dirt off your shoulder" video, you could see B's silhouette, while Jay rapped "I got the hottest chick in the game, wearing my chain".. So he did "claim" her, but still kept most of their relationship private. To my knowledge, Nelly never even dropped the littlest hint..
D_truth's picture

LOL Truuuuuuuuue!

LOL Truuuuuuuuue!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Tae is definitely NOT a

Tae is definitely NOT a downgrade from Shanti, sorry! Both are pretty but come on....Shanti ain't had nothing going on since 50 distroyed Ja Rules career. Shanti stays on the scene, her fashion is a hit or miss, Tae is a free spirited BOMBSHELL!!! Nelly and Tae are looking just as good together!
Dria's picture

I wonder was she purposely

I wonder was she purposely going for the Harley Davidson club member look. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I guess Nelly is still a

I guess Nelly is still a sucka for cornrows and manicured toes. Lol.
tprops's picture

Lololz! good one☺

Lololz! good one☺
Peace Silas's picture

That was funny.. lol

That was funny.. lol
Keonta's picture

I'm going to need YBF to stop

I'm going to need YBF to stop referring to girls who spread it wide for King and Smooth magazine models. IJS.................
Miss T's picture

I think Tae is a very cute

I think Tae is a very cute girl. I would dare to say pretty. She has some growing up to do. Im sorry that Nelly and Ashanti couldn't make it.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Sorry Nelly, she is a

Sorry Nelly, she is a downgrade from Ashanti. She hasn't done anything other than "feature" in someone else's ish. Video chicks are always temporary.
jdotty's picture

Videos aside, she has a role

Videos aside, she has a role on The Game and she's been in a couple of movies. Nothing major, but it's something. Ashanti isn't doing much these days either, so I'd say they're in the same lane.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Wait....Ashanti isn't on the

Wait....Ashanti isn't on the new season of Army Wives? She didn't write 85%of her songs and is still collecting checks? She isn't working on a new album and on every red carpet at major events?? Oh, I'm going to need for you to swerve. Tae Tae doesn't have any grammy's, is not a millionaire , hell she's not even a hundredthousandaire!!! lmao!!
jdotty's picture

I don't really like Ashanti,

I don't really like Ashanti, but the girl was at one point on top of her game. I always say it's better to be has been than a never was to begin with. Just because she appears to not be doing anything now doesn't mean she's on the same level as someone who's never done anything big. The same thing goes for Olivia, ppl can clown and say she ain't ish now but at one point in her career she was very much poppin with G unit. So on some level she is a little more relevant than chicks that never got their foot in the door. Ashanti's not so much on the music scene anymore but she's been doing broadway, appearing on Army Wives, and writing behind the scenes for other artists.
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Yas's picture

dam so Ashanti just got

dam so Ashanti just got dropped like a hot potato then??? aww man!
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