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CELBUSPAWNS: T.I.'s Daughter Deyjah's New Sitcom Moves Forward + Zoe Kravitz Nabs Jewelry Line + Reginae Gets OFFICIAL Contract With Young Money

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Reginae Carter just made her Young Money contract official.  Check out what the star in the making posted last night from her pop Lil Wayne, plus other celebuspawns like Deyjah Harris & Zoe Kravitz nabbing their own ish...

Lil Wayne's oldest kiddie Reginae (pictured above out and about this week with her mom Toya Wright) has been talking about a singing career, fashion career and literary career on her Instagram for a while now.  Reports came out a few weeks ago that 'Nae landed a book deal with Cash Money Content.  Now, she's posted a message from her CEO dad saying he just finalized her (and her bestie LoLo's) contract as the newest signees of Young Money:

 photo 19eecbac807f11e282e122000a1f9aae_7_zps6b1a52a7.jpg

She said: "Yaaaassssss The happiest day of my lifeeeee...They ain't ready suhh"

Who says nepotism only exists in the corporate world?  The cutie teen, who is also a cheerleader at her school, left the OMG Girlz a few years ago as her mom wanted her to focus more on her school work.  I guess it's all good now, because she's got her won deal on a big label.  And she's already helping design the YMCMB Princess fashion line for girls.  Must be nice...


 photo ZoeKravitzActressZoeKravitzseenarriving6UGtzlDhzNXl_zps4714d0e3.jpg

Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet's daughter, Zoe Kravitz, is launching her own jewelry line for Swarovski Crystallized.  The 23-year-old actress, who was spotted above arriving at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood late kast night, will be creating a 9-piece collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings incorporating her birthstones, turquoise and tanzanite, and other Swarovski Elements.  And it will all be inspired by her travels.

Zoe told WWD:

''I wanted it to feel organic and fun. Something that would allow each person to make it their own.  I was inspired by places I want to travel such as India and Morocco. Those countries have such vivid landscapes so I wanted to pull in colour from there.''

The line will range from $94-$194 and will hit Swarovski Crystallized stores in New York, London & Austria, as well as on their website.


 photo TIs-daughter-Deyjah_zps0d481ce1.jpg

And finally, rapper T.I.'s youngest daughter, Deyjah, is moving forward with her own sitcom.  Back in December, it was first reported that the youngin, who often appears on her dad's VH1 reality show "TI & Tiny: A Family Hustle", landed a new Atlanta-based sitcom called "All For MyLove."  It also stars Oprah's Goddaughter, Hannah Cartwright.

The show is about a coming of age story about a girl, named MyLove (don't ask), who is trying to make it in the industry.  Deyjah will play troubled teen Yasmin, while Hannah will play Chelsea, MyLove's best friend.

Here's the synopsis:

Mylove, leaves the UK to live with her brother after her father dies. Mylove’s brother Quentin is a music manager and has accomplished many successes for his artists. In order to obtain his inheritance, Quentin must secure a successful singing career for Mylove.

Once in the states, Mylove begins attending the Jewels Private School Of The Arts where she befriends many like minded kids. Yasmine, a 12 year old with a troubled past, 11 year old Chelsea, Quentin’s youngest artists Jabias, who starts to form a crush on Mylove, smart and business minded 12 year old named Sheldon, shy yet skillful 12 year old rapper Young D, plus many more interesting characters.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The casting call we previously reported after it originated with a TN radio station, has been said by the publicist to not be happening.




I'm not sold.

I'm not sold.
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The quiet ones are the ones

The quiet ones are the ones who have the most talent @ whoever said Ti's daughter doesn't talk....
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TI daughter didn't say two

TI daughter didn't say two words on the show,i did not know she can talk,And why her mom is not on here?

Congrats to all!

Congrats to all!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

These comments below me are

These comments below me are too funny lol..Although Zoe's style speaks "help me" I want to see what her jewelry will look like
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Are you kidding.

Are you kidding.
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Does Zoe ever comb her hair?

Does Zoe ever comb her hair? I mean really, she always looks like she needs a bath!
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reginae still looks like a

reginae still looks like a mini lil wayne to me. i shouldn't even use mini they must be the same height by now lmao
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That trailer is a hot mess.

That trailer is a hot mess. The bright side is that there will be no commercials because no company would be willing to purchase 'air-time' while this mess is on........ SMH
SpeakingMyMind's picture

I can't believe the "Writer'

I can't believe the "Writer' and "Producer" put their name on that (unless they still in Elementary School) ...........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Lol you almost made me spit

Lol you almost made me spit my drink out..now that was funny (in my Pam voice). I can't believe T.I. would let his daughter be involve in something so corny
Blessed020509's picture

Lol..ikr! ThaT was super

Lol..ikr! ThaT was super wack!
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The production may not be the

The production may not be the best but at least she is doing something that she is passionate about
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wheres ti's daughter ? lmao

wheres ti's daughter ? lmao didnt see her in the trailer...
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This whole post gets

This whole post gets a.....hmmmmm ok.
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Something tells me that

Something tells me that little Nae is gonna be autotuned to the masses. Anywho... That trailer is a complete WTF! lmao Count me out.
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I'm almost certain that sh*t

I'm almost certain that sh*t was shot with an iphone
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PPpffftt! Lololol!

PPpffftt! Lololol!
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Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You're a mess!! LOL!!

You're a mess!! LOL!!
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