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Nicki Minaj Says She Hasn't Had Plastic Surgery Y'all...At Least Not On Her Face

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Nicki Minaj recently talked about her "changing" appearance and denied ever having surgery on her face.  She chalks up her appearance to good make-up and contouring.  And we believe her.  Watch the interview inside...


For a recent interview of Extra, "American Idol" judge talked to Nicki Minaj about rumors of plastic surgery and her second-run collection with MAC.  Here are the highlights:

On  plastic surgery rumors:  

“I’ve never had surgery on my face…They'll see contour and they'll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at RuPaul's drag race and you'll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want.”

On why her looks have seemed to change:

“When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I'm doing to my skin, but it's makeup.”

On her second MAC lipstick: “It's a bit more grown and sexy and like... less is more.”

What she wears on a regular day:  “...scarf on my head, t-shirt, Uggs.”

On who would win if she and Mariah were the last two contestants competing on American Idol

Me of course! Oh, I wouldn't sing, I would just stand there and flash my boobs.


So there you have it.  Nicki has no plastic surgery....on her face.  With all that said, chick looks hot in the above pic from the upcoming "Freaks" video with French Montana.

Watch the clip here:

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I see my boy Lorenzo!!!!

I see my boy Lorenzo!!!! Dancehall Funk y'all....
cherry1981red's picture

I know its late, but when did

I know its late, but when did these two ( Mrs. Carey- Cannon and nicki become enemies. Didn't they do songs together on "Pink Friday"?
kimaras31's picture

Honestly as an MUA looking at

Honestly as an MUA looking at so many of her before and after pics. I do believe it's just contouring regarding her nose. Her face just looks like she has a ton of make-up on. Obviously she's had her boobs done, and she probably just wears butt pads like a ton of celebs do now days. Just my opinion
nikki6's picture

Nose job! come on people. and

Nose job! come on people. and we know about the ass!

lol!!! a bold interviewer

lol!!! a bold interviewer would have said, AINT NOBODY ASKING ABOUT YOUR DAM NOSE! stop being coy Nicole! she bet not go on Oprah or even Chelsea Lately with tht story.
shuga's picture

I believe her.

I believe her.
Happy Lady's picture

Lately I can't advice but

Lately I can't advice but think, check out this = http://free-hd-wallpaperz.blogspot.com/ the Adam's Family affair song if She's posted! Po' tink is def agitation her worse, adverse to what Ybf believes!

i actually believe her...i

i actually believe her...i cant believe that bow wow and omarion rumor..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I find it incredibly hard to

I find it incredibly hard to believe that she can get her waist, ass, arms and tupperware hips done but not fuck with her face at all. Not when her nose looks like Pinnochio's peen. In these days and times it's all about the PR statement and never the truth. Nikki over all needs to tone down her look because she's promoting trashy and not in a good way cause her look is starting to get worn and played out. As an FemCee she's getting wacker and wacker with every single dropped. She was a smart cookie for taking that Idol check cause the Hunger games is about to knock at her doorstep in 3, 2...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Disgusting lil "Monkey Troll"

Disgusting lil "Monkey Troll" . Of course she's going to lie (Duh) only her and The plastic Surgeon that performed the procedures will know (Might I add) he did a "Horrible" job on her nose. We already know the body is Fake lol
REd™'s picture

[2 Chainz' voice] Nicki Nicki

[2 Chainz' voice] Nicki Nicki Nicki, ppl aren't concerned about the work you had on your FACE, it's them BOOBS & A$$ that look MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS!
tori's picture

Who was even remotely

Who was even remotely interested enough to ask?
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romance2013's picture

when has she ever looked hot?

when has she ever looked hot? really?
Laia's picture

Lately I can't help but

Lately I can't help but think, the Adam's Family theme song when She's posted! Po' tink is def rocking her worse, contrary to what Ybf believes!..*sigh
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Diana C. Hurley's picture

I believe her,,,,,,I mean her

I believe her,,,,,,I mean her nose is the size of a big ass dick.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Harsh! hehe

Harsh! hehe
C2C's picture

When did the writers on this

When did the writers on this site become so one-sided?
Classic87's picture

and her voice is like Fran

and her voice is like Fran (the nanny) but deeper. ugh!
Classic87's picture

If that's a BOOB job, it was

If that's a BOOB job, it was done perfectly
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