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BABY FAB: Amber Rose Gushes On New Mommyhood, Says "Bonding With My Baby Is Unbelievable"...But Dishes On Painful Breastfeeding

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-28at95435AM.png

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are basking in the glow of Baby Sebastian who's bonding quite nicely with his famous parents.  See how Amber's handling mommyhood inside....

New mom Amber Rose excitedly tweeted fans pics of from some of her and Wiz Khalifa's intimate moments with their new son  Baby Sebastian.  One pic (shown above) shows Sebastian grabbing his grandmother's nose.  

And Amber's thugging it out through breastfeeding saying, "Man breastfeeding is awesome.... It kinda hurts tho but the bonding with my baby is unbelievable. So worth it :-)"

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-28at95515AM.png

The couple also installed his own little throne next to hers says, "The Spa is ready for your highness The Bash ;-)"

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-28at95525AM.png'

And when Amber isn't breastfeeding, Daddy Wiz is right there to step up to the plate so she can rest.  She shared "Best daddy ever.... Up with the baby so Muva can go back to sleep :-)"  And Wiz, who loves his new role, has thrown himself full force into daddyhood.   "Im not gonna lie, i havent been on twitter, instagram, in the studio or nothin. Juss bein Sebastian's dad is good enough for now"

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-28at95456AM.png

And while Amber's dad has been having his share of intimate moments with his grandson, she tweeted Wiz's mother for her birthday and talked about her "birthday gift."  "Happy bday @OGJustPeachie! Ur present from me this year is a Grandson. Next year? Vegas! Ur the best mom-in-law a girl cld ask 4 Love u!"

  photo ScreenShot2013-02-28at95507AM.png 

And the well wishes are still rolling in from the couple's famous friends.  Amber tweeted, "Sebastian says "Thanks Uncle Diddy!" Lol @iamdiddy they are beautiful thank u so much. Hugs :-)"

Nice to see Amber and Wiz and Sebastian all so happy!


Photos via Instagram




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Yeah she's a famous HO! I can't stand the media these days. You're famous now for being a jumpoff? GTFOH!
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FYI. Pegleg is that LisaRaye

FYI. Pegleg is that LisaRaye maniac. You can tell by the fact that she is obsessed with Beyonce.
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breastfeeding shouldn't hurt

breastfeeding shouldn't hurt though. she should see a lactation consultant.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

ma'am you obviously have

ma'am you obviously have never breast fed... I watched my wife go through a year of that, its not that it 'hurts' per se... is that when the mammary glands swell as the baby is about to feed, the rush of milk to the breast is painful....
Grown Man Ish's picture

sir, you interpret what she

sir, you interpret what she means when she said it hurts and i'll interpret it my way but don't you say that i have never breastfed. don't be a jerk!!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Until the nipples toughen up

Until the nipples toughen up a bit, it can be quite painful.

I think its different for

I think its different for everybody. Once I got my son to latch on correctly we were fine but when he didnt......oh lawd!! thankfully the hospital had a lac. consultant to help us because I can see how someone would give up. with my daughter she was so tiny and her mouth was so little that it was like razor sharp pain everytime for at least a month. oooh it hurt and again, I can see why someone would give up without the right support system or encouragement. it aint easy, especially not right after pushing out a baby. ppl should def. be more respectful.
shuga's picture

I just feel sorry for poor

I just feel sorry for poor Sabastian, he has a trick, drug abusing, drunk, smoker for a mom... Skeleton drug abusing, drunk, smoker, grossly over tattooed dad... Future looks bright
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Right! he's so "Annoying" lol

Right! he's so "Annoying" lol
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No! She's thinks your gay

No! She's thinks your gay because you always bring ya ass to posts ONLY ABOUT females, giving some hateful ass opinion,and because no STRAIGHT man in their right mind would do such a thing.. "clears throat" .... NIGGA YOU GAY!!! lmao
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you bicker with women about

you bicker with women about hair, makeup and how to feed their kids in a way that will never apply to you. thats not normal. its catty and a lot of gay men such as yourself are catty and concerned with female issues like hair, makeup and being fabulous. let me know when your episode of catfish comes on cuz i know you somewhere pretending to be a skinny white girl.
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+1 hehe

+1 hehe
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@Pegleg, must be awful having

@Pegleg, must be awful having Beyonce live rent free in your head all day!? Free up that headspace & get an education...this also goes to @Letsgetit. Many black women breastfeed and get this...many white women do not.
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U been waitin' all day to use

U been waitin' all day to use that line...huh???? **puts Udder Butter on cracked nipples then folds arms**..........
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@Pegleg is that crazy bitch

@Pegleg is that crazy bitch LisaRaye! Here obsession with Beyonce gives her away every time. LOL
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I could not care less about

I could not care less about Cray Bey Knowles....i like to rile-up her Nutty Stans..........
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Sista, why do black women

Sista, why do black women ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS bring white people into the convo. Alwayssssssss deflect and say "wellllll white women dooooo it tooooooo, many white women do notttttttt" FUCK WHITE WOMEN RIGHT NOW. Alrite..... I aint speaking for yall, im speaking from what i see, and i don't see to many black women with their titty in their baby mouth. They always have the little one on that damn bottle.
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YOU my friend are an IDIOT!

YOU my friend are an IDIOT! Lol have you ever heard of a breast pump? Mothers usually PUMP; then FILL bottles with their PUMPED breast milk- when going in public! Did it ever occur to you that these BLACK women you see (in public) would rather not pull their TITTY out in front of you and everyone else? Your deadbeat ass BLACK mother is not the "POSTER CHILD" for all black mothers, DUMBASS. You consistently bring your self-hating ass on this site to antagonize, and belittle the African American race, and it's getting extremely TIRED. GTFO.
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FOR PUBLIC PLACES!!!!!! I said more than once IN PUBLIC. How in the hell do you know what happens in the privacy of their homes? I am not angry, however I do take offense to your comments but I'm not mad. If anything I feel sorry for you, you've been hurt by someone- my guess would be a women of color- and it has a unrelenting negative hold on your life and everyday decisions. I think you should seek counseling immediate-before it's to late.
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look here foolio. breast

look here foolio. breast milk whether it comes direct or not is a valiant effort because its not easy. some women CANNOT nurse their children at all due to illness, etc. if a parent is a good parent they will bond with their child in millions of other ways over the course of their and the child's lifetime. I nursed but it aint no way in the world im about to look down on anybody for not being able to do it or not being comfortable with doing it. being a mother is an extremely hard job and your useless ass and millions of other black men like you aint making it no easier. why dont YOU do better? why dont you go on a site for other "fabulous" men and tell their monkey asses to be more supportive? black women have not only nursed our own kids but other ppl's kids too. start giving credit where due!
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I wont go to a fabulous man

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Seek some sort of medical

Seek some sort of medical attention ....... the END.
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congrats to amber and wiz..

congrats to amber and wiz.. stayed prayed up and God is the final judge
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oh lol @pegleg how is it that

oh lol @pegleg how is it that you make a username to just to talk shit about Beyonce on every post. thats real dedication
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Yea this woman CAN'T BE

Yea this woman CAN'T BE BLACK. Black women do NOT BREAST FEED AT ALL!!! Which mean they have no real bond with their baby. BREAST FEEDING is like the first bond between a baby and mother,but they go straight to the gov and get that similac. Not all but too damn many black women feeding their babies from a damn bottle with milk that's not from them.
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Are you educated? Seriously.

Are you educated? Seriously. A mother and child bond starts when they're in the womb.
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You're a niggardly little boy

You're a niggardly little boy that deserves the chastisement of Allah for all of eternity. And for the record, my Black womanly self breastfed my son....arsehole.
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You have NO idea what you are

You have NO idea what you are talking about. Maybe the black women you know don't breastfeed but I know PLENTY that do. But whether they do or not, it's THEIR decision. Just to be clear many women (white and black) had given up breastfeeding in the past 20-30 years, but it has now become the right thing to do . More nutricious for the baby, brings mother and child closer. You need to keep your mouth out of women's business and take care of your own.
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(hangs head while shaking it

(hangs head while shaking it and LOL) I just can't........
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Just when I thought you could

Just when I thought you could not possibly get any more ignorant....
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What did i say that was ignorant, explain....
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You black women, sure are respectful and speak just like a woman would.
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I never disrespected a black

I never disrespected a black woman in my life. I just give constructive criticism, alrite black woman.I dont give a damn what other races do. IM CONCERNED ABOUT THE BLACK RACE!!!!!And what does a black woman giving birth to me has to do with me speaking the truth about black women. You know what i find funny, is that when black women went on msnbc nitewing, ricky lake, queen latifa, oprah show, sally, donohue, etc and said black men are gay, aint shit, deadbeats, live with they momma, in jail, dumb, uneducated. NOBODY TOLD THEM "HOW YOU GONE DISRESPECT BLACK MEN, YOOOOOOOOO DADDY BLACKKKKKK" nobodyyyyyyy said thatttttttttttttttttttt, nobody!! But when you bring up the bullshit black women doooooo theyyyy always do 4 thingssss "Bring up your momma being black, Say white women do it too, say you just saying that cause ya gay, or they say IT'S NOT ALLLLLLL , IT'S NOT ALLLLLLL"
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Why you always so angry sista

Why you always so angry sista lol. I said "not all" but it's way to many feeding their babies similac, ya can't disagree with that my young sista. If you nursed your son COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, i don't know to many black women that breast feed their children, im just speaking from personal experience i aint saying all. So stop getting mad shuga damn woman!!!!!!!!!!!
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yous a stupid muthafukka and

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Now sista shuga, this is what

Now sista shuga, this is what i want you to do, i want you to scroll up, and see atleast 2 or 3 black women saying the samething you just did. "WHITE WOMENNNNNNN THISSSSS, WHITE WOMEN THATT" as if white women are the standard, or as if i said white women don't do it. lol We know the white man had yall breast feeding their children, i know history sista shuga. But in recent times many black women do not really breast feed. And i might be from the south, but u aint gotta call me a bama sista, just cause your great great grandparent went up north and started acting like italians and the mafia , don't make you too damn different sista. Alrite...
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You are the one who

You are the one who insinuated with your first comment that the WHITE women was the standard by saying that it was obvious that Amber Rose could not possibly be BLACK because she was breastfeeding IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!! These women are comparing Black to white because it was you INITIAL argument! They are providing you with examples of other RACES of women who DO NOT breastfeed to DISPROVE you INITIAL comment- incompetent fool! You are a disgrace, we don't need your constructive criticism (if that's what you wanna call it) because it does not come from a place of love, or a true desire to see the BLACK COMMUNITY succeed. SO SAVE IT. PUNK A**, HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A BLACK MAN.
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you said you dont SEE black

you said you dont SEE black women whipping out their breast to feed our kids and I explained why you see white women do it and not women of color (black, brown, red or yellow). we are not trying to show the world. like i said, i nursed my kids for a long ass time but if you would ask anybody they couldnt tell you that they saw it because I was doing it to feed my babies and not to put on a show. you prolly the type to go in mcdonalds and say aint no billion ppl being served in here. just because you dont see it doesnt mean it doesnt happen, ya big dummy!
shuga's picture

I think I loves you,

I think I loves you, shuga!!!!! :o) Amen...and amen. So people just don't even need addressing, but this fool right here. I think it's all about the shock value to him. Surely, he can't be serious.
MrsCPA's picture

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