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Celebs Hit BET's 2013 RIP THE RUNWAY--Kelly Rowland, Boris Kodjoe, Jada & Jaden Smith, Karrueche Tran & MORE

 photo riptherunwayteaser_zps7a818b8e.jpg

Wednesday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom, celebs, including hosts Kelly Rowland and Boris Kodjoe, turned out for BET's 2013 Rip The Runway show.  Check out who all attended the taping and a few spoilers inside...

 photo BorisKodjoeKellyRowland-ZNV-001284_zps31eb35bf.jpg

Hotties Kelly Rowland and Boris Kodjoe put on their hosting hats for BET's Rip The Runway taping Wednesday night.  Kelly put her toned bod on display and looked gorgeous in a black chiffon cutout dress and Saint Laurent Paloma Striped Sandals while Boris dressed up more than he did for Cynthia Bailey's pageant on "RHOA" last week.  And looked damn good.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetloasmwJY1ARl_zps05896c85.jpg

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetrjoixThDNCql_zps2fd4b3d3.jpg

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpet2vvUqWuV3AZl_zpse31d3b75.jpg

Ms. Kelly looked gorge posing it up in her dress on the red carpet before the show started.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetz1EUC03uU1Hl_zpsdebb1b1b.jpg

Meek Mill posed it up with Kelly on the carpet before his performance.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpet9--mFYAJVQkl_zpsb8fa439e.jpg

Nice look for Mr. Kodjoe.


 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetesvLXGT66d-l_zps8dfb9717.jpg 

Jaden Smith hit the carpet before taking the stage to perform.  And he posed it up with mom dukes Jada.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetzm8AhX9U8KPl_zps702f1498.jpg

Looking fly as usual, Jada wore an Iro Colorblock Crepe Jumpsuit and a pair of Christian Louboutin Boudubou Booties.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetRDFTtZNM-x_l_zpsa07ff649.jpg

 photo BETRipRunway2013BackstageVzT0m4VIWeZl_zps05638abd.jpg

Jaden took the stage to rap one of his songs....and brought out his little sister Willow at the end.

 photo BETRipRunway2013BackstageEovfOOhuTecl_zpse3d5b232.jpg

Cute little look for Willow.

 photo BETRipRunway2013Backstagem6WNbNdVxn7l_zps26dff93a.jpg

Speaking of performers, Rick Ross took the stage to tear things up with the models.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetE5J1-DhEHNvl_zpseb2667e9.jpg

Teyana Taylor was there of course and brought her best friend Karrueche along.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetEroYKQvhWl9l_zpsb2307e0d.jpg

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpet0BmcIbqUWrgl_zps6eec6bb4.jpg

This sexy dress is def her style.  And may be part of Kae's The Kill clothing line with Chris Brown.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetSLmKKz-StkBl_zps5140aba1.jpg  

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetD9-tGbWGYtPl_zps93dd2dc6.jpg

 photo BETRipRunway2013Backstage4zVAXmT0UHil_zps9f9a39c8.jpg

Model Bria Murphy rocked a black & white look on the carpet, then kept it glam in a nude bodysuit and sheer overlay for the press room shoot.

 photo BETRipRunway2013Backstage6zlSf140NO4l_zpsef0c5c1e.jpg  

Kelly changed into an all white look with a high slit and back cut-out to show off her bod.


 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpet4a3jiXCMoXSl_zpsc47a2358.jpg

Alicia Keys' brother Cole Cook kept it colorful on the red carpet.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetd8U7nY6pcJ4l_zps046e4d24.jpg  

Maybach O was in the building along with Ricky Ross.

 photo BETRipRunway2013RedCarpetZg-6HqsG4X-l_zps09fb5cc9.jpg

And Chris Brown's new artist Sevyn Streeter performed and bared her midriff and colorful pants on the carpet.

And here's all 7 of Kelly's HOT on stage looks from the night.  If you don't want the spoiler....stop reading now.


 photo KellyRowlandJadenSmithPerformsBETRip4sIMcVuwNl7l_zps76491e91.jpg

Kelly in Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 T Strap sandals

 photo KellyRowlandJadenSmithPerformsBETRipAsokECSXOq9l_zps0e0d1e41.jpg

 photo KellyRowlandJadenSmithPerformsBETRipGHASBf5xhOSl_zpsa578195f.jpg  photo wenn20173480_zpsf2859edd.jpg

Kelly: Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 Metal-Detail Suede Sandals

 photo wenn20173483_zpsf7e6147a.jpg

 photo KellyRowlandJadenSmithPerformsBETRip7aBCADzeV7kl_zpsf0b1975e.jpg

Kelly: Black Louboutin Zoulou sandals

 photo wenn20173484_zps20256f13.jpg 

Kelly: White Louboutin Lady Higness pumps

Loving every single one.  The show airs on BET March 20th at 10p/9ct.


Pics: WENN




Yes Yes and Yes..Kelly look

Yes Yes and Yes..Kelly look Spectacular!!!
cathithomas's picture

Kelly is hot chocolate

Kelly is hot chocolate drizzled on butter melted into a doll. I friggin' lo♥e this girl.
Peace Silas's picture

Is there any way that a

Is there any way that a person could purchase a body like Kelly's??? I'm so perturbed that I don't have that body...oh well. She looks amazing. Bria was always thin but she's definitely looking even thinner than before. Looks like an interesting show. For once.
Zetagirl's picture

Gotta check out

Gotta check out www.worldofalfa.com! That is some hot gear! You design it, custom-made and affordable!

Um please tell Jaden to take

Um please tell Jaden to take off that black scarf from around his leg, he wouldn't make it out the hood with that attire. Kelly is werking it!!!... when is Karate's pretend fashion line going to pop off....maybe never.... *shrugs
sexybrownpyt's picture

Kelly is giving me life, love

Kelly is giving me life, love and fashion. Fierce, yasss werrk! *side note* I love the Smith's, but why does Jaden always look like he's saying "Dude where's my car?" In his pics?
nikki6's picture

Kelly is hot and her body is

Kelly is hot and her body is sick!! Can't hate on none of that. Please Kerosine and Teyanna go away. Neither one of you have a lick of talent and no reason to be all over these blogs.
Keys's picture

Kelly ROW, makes chocolate

Kelly ROW, makes chocolate skin look more HOT than it is. She is sexy! that blouse on Boris, though, He's geting a 3 for style. Really, though
ABINAonline's picture

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karoladesrosiers63's picture

This is Ms.Kelly's moment!!!

This is Ms.Kelly's moment!!! I'm so glad she is finally getting it. Bria Murphy has a manish face like her mom and that nude bodysuit makes her look like she has a wang dang doodle....bad makeup and outfit choices for her.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

ok I need to stop looking at

ok I need to stop looking at Jaden like that before I end up sitting at the table drinking lemonade with Chris Hansen. Wonder why Sevyn tied that jacket around her waist. It must have been to cover up her cocaine stains, right Natasha?? *cracking up*
shuga's picture

Kelly- fail on both dresses,

Kelly- fail on both dresses, she is pretty but the outfits are a no go. Sevyn or whatever her name- out fit - NO!! Jaden and Willow try smiling for once, always sporting the pissed off look. Twyana- NO Karrueche- cute but don't like the dress. Boris- very handsome, nice suit but the shoes are all wrong. Bria- pretty girl but NO to the outfits. Alicia's brother Cole- your sister looks better, why is he there anyway??? lol!
sweetpea1989's picture


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commonprosperity6652's picture

I can't say I loved any of

I can't say I loved any of the looks in these pics. Jada and Willow looked cute. Kelly's black dress had a little too much fabric on the bottom for my taste. Coochie's dress was swallowing her up, but I do like the short hair on her. She needs to get in the mirror and learn how to pose. I wasn't feeling either of Bria's looks including the hair down to the hair color. Even her face wasn't the usual fabness. Overall I just think no one shined.
Bird's picture

Um excuse me. I don't usually

Um excuse me. I don't usually comment on this type of blogs, but lately i have to. Karreuche gets a lot of hate. She is beautiful. I love her dress and i love her look. She dresses with a edge! She simply looks gorgeous in that dress and if it was from her 'Kill" collection i would def rock it! I love her natural beauty. Please, leave her alone. She is a beautiful person. I also love Chris Brown's artist look as well. Kelly needs to go back to the short hair, she is killing me with them wigs. Ms Teyana Taylor is also doing the thing. Her and Kae look good as best friends. Sorry to spoil the hate party. I wish Rihanna's navy stay off of Kae. Let the girl live!

Kae is the shyt! LOVE HER!

Kae is the shyt! LOVE HER!
Kia Lovesbi's picture

for what? because you feel

for what? because you feel sorry for her? Im just asking. I dont hate her at all, by the way.
shuga's picture

I didn't see any unfair hate.

I didn't see any unfair hate. Everyone is just expressing their opinions on the looks. Just because someone doesn't like her look for the night doesn't mean they hate her on behalf of Rihanna. I'm noticing that people are very sensitive when it comes to her. It's very strange.
Bird's picture

I'm thinking it's because she

I'm thinking it's because she seems to be a really sweet and genuine person. And I think a lot of people feel sorry for her since Chris publicly dumped her for his superstar ex.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

so they pity her? iono if

so they pity her? iono if thats good or bad but I tell u this much--she doesnt work and probably never will. she doesnt have an education and doesnt seem to want one and she still manages to be in all the hot spots doing all the hot shit that most ppl arent privy too. I wonder what her episode of "Unsung" is gonna be about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
shuga's picture

Alicia Keys has a brother?

Alicia Keys has a brother? Uh oh. I guess he'll be screaming a song, trying to act or model soon. Please no! If he hasn't chose a stage name, he should consider Casper because he looks like a ghost.
Child Please's picture

#dead @ screaming a song!!!

#dead @ screaming a song!!! you a fool. but that girl on fire song is a hot mess. i mean damn! burn up already bish!!! lol
Candace's picture

ok so dont know to much about

ok so dont know to much about this boris kodjo here in the UK, but if he is married i apologise to his wife,but, kelly and boris would make one of the hottest celeb couples. They look absolutely stunning together.
ava's picture

Boris's wife, actress Nicole

Boris's wife, actress Nicole Ari Parker, is fine as hell too. Her and Boris are an unfairly beautiful couple.
Bird's picture

Kelly Rowland need to get

Kelly Rowland need to get them long ass bangs out of her face, that shit looks stupid.
jgraves58's picture


zzcv10's picture

Kelly look stunning and Boris

Kelly look stunning and Boris look fine his damn self. I absolutely love Jada's outfit, she is always on point, I love her style. And, her kids are just too damn adorable. Those Smith' genes are strong. I don't why Bri look so mature in these pics but she's a cute girl. I hate the catsuit and shear over piece, ugly! The Sevyn girl is ugly and she can't dress. Teyana just look nasty, she need to get a stylist because the looks she running around with are not it, ma'am. That is probably why no one takes her seriously, she dresses like a broke down stripper. And as for Karrueche and that H&M Clearance rack look, try again, girl. Plus, she needs to get some more hair put on her head. Her head and face are too fat for the thin stringy look.
Sweets88's picture

I agree with you on that with

I agree with you on that with all that money they have some of these people can not dress to save their lives. The only thing that is pretty on Teyana is her hair and poor Karrueche needs to tone up although I would like her dress better if it was shorter. Kelly always has it together and Boris is damn fine as hell but I do not get that wearing sneakers with a suit business. Jada has it going on all the time she dresses like she has money and class.
jadakiss's picture

Kelly looks gorgeous with her

Kelly looks gorgeous with her first look. I just love looking at Kae, she's such a cutie. Willow looks nice too :)
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

OF COURSE Teyana Taylor and

OF COURSE Teyana Taylor and Karcoochie had to make an F-List appearence. Kelly looks gorgeous!!! Love that dress omg! Boris is standing like his wife has been licking new places on his body lately, and Jaiden Smith is looking good. He's turning into a little man. Willow eh.
cutethatsall56's picture

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