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In Case You Didn't Know....Ne-Yo Was MARRIED Years Ago

 photo NeYoBETMusicMattersGrammyShowcasePQNBIDBzcmFl_zps9bc5c960.jpg

Ne-Yo just revealed a little nugget of info to the public.  Check out him talking about his past marriage inside...

Ne-Yo was spotted leaving out of Supperclub in L.A. this week when he revealed to TMZ paps a little secret.  He used to be married...11 years ago!

In a random impromptu chat with a paparazzo, Ne-Yo was asked if he'd ever been married before (likely because some reports keep stating he and Monyetta Shaw are married when they're in fact, still engaged).

Ne-Yo quickly said no then remembered a little-big thing from his past.  He DID get married over a decade ago.  And they got an annulment because it lasted less than a year.

He said they called it off because he wanted to work toward a singing/writing career, and she wasn't feeling it.  Check out the video above.

Damn...how unforgettable was THIS chick...




Didn't know & DON'T care!

Didn't know & DON'T care!
tori's picture

Ill be damned if some eskimos

Ill be damned if some eskimos dont blog here. llh
Realist's picture

To a man right?

To a man right?
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romance2013's picture

YEAH I'm sure it was a

YEAH I'm sure it was a "Tranny" named Sidney Starr
REd™'s picture

At first I thought "Dang, she

At first I thought "Dang, she must be salty!"..... then I realized that if she didn't like the idea of living that life then, she probably still doesn't. I'm weak he basically forgot about it though.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Real Talk: Need to realize

Real Talk: Need to realize most men in this business are GAY.....what straight man goes into the °Arts" and "Acting" unless they GAY as FUCK....most men go into sports
PegLeg®©'s picture

You sound dumb as hell! I

You sound dumb as hell! I personally went into it because I love what I do and all the bad females that go along with the industry definitely a bonus!! So far so damn good!! If a person tests you in this business its real easy to stand up for yourself...so people who 'get down like that' were already that way before they came into biz...
Money First's picture

LMAO That is sooooo not true

LMAO That is sooooo not true and wrong on many levels.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

DA#* why my husband tell me

DA#* why my husband tell me he was gay? I wanted to listen to his music. @Candace, are ya'll sure. LOL Whatever, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In God We trust's picture

The title should've been "In

The title should've been "In Case We Cared"...... and the answer would've been NO!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Do you suffer from

Do you suffer from depression?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Lmaoooooo she sure does have

Lmaoooooo she sure does have the signs of it!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

LOL!!! Nope

LOL!!! Nope
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karoladesrosiers63's picture

Yes indeed, Ne-Yo was

Yes indeed, Ne-Yo was married.... to a man!!! dun dun dun!!! :)
Candace's picture

Same thing I was thinking

Same thing I was thinking BWAHAHA
MsMidwest's picture

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