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Free Hits The "Dead Man Down" Screening In D.C., Tweets About Losing Her Radio Gig At WPGC

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Media personality Free hosted a screening of "Dead Man Down" yesterday, just one day after she revealed that she's left her radio gig at WPGC-FM.  Find out what she said about her departure inside.... 

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Yesterday, Free, looking cute in red, joined FilmDistrict athlete West End Cinema in Washington, DC to host a screening of the flick Dead Man Down starring Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Noomi Rapace and Dominic Cooper (opening March 8).  

She spoke about the movie saying, "I am an action drama nut, so this movie definitely spoke to me. Colin Farrell gets finer by the day and all I could think about was Terrence Howard saying I have a car and a driver. Overall, it was a really good movie. There were some parts that was a little slow to watch, but I love when you can figure out who the bad person is."

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But as Free smiled through the event, the big elephant in the room was that she's no longer working at WPGC-FM.

 photo deadm3.jpg  

We're not sure if she was fired or if both parties mutally agreed to part ways but she did tweet, "Dear DMV: I have enjoyed our time on the radio. Today was my last day at @WPGC #staypositive #ontothenext yall know how this goes!"

See also said goodbye to her co-workers saying, "Dear: @DJHeatDC @thejuliewright @GuyLambertNews was my pleasure Thanks for all the lessons and laughs!"

From the tone of the tweets, it doesn't seem like she knew she was on the way out the door.  But we're sure she will land on her feet somewhere...  


Photos via Anwaa Kong 





her and pablo had NO

her and pablo had NO chemistry and she was wayyyy too sensitive on the show, when he would tease her and joke . Maybe should could do a Bootie Video! LMAO
Datz My Word's picture

The only reason I tuned into

The only reason I tuned into WPGC after Big Tigg left was because of Free. Love her!!! That guy they have on there now is a total CORNBALL. He said something a couple of weeks ago that seriously made me question why I was even continuing to listen, so now I'm out. I listen to 105.1 on regular radio and Howard Stern on siruis satelite in the mornings. Booooooooooo on WPGC for firing Free.
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Free outfit is covering up

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She wasn't funny on the

She wasn't funny on the station to me at all. She also looks different.
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free looks nice...i cant

free looks nice...i cant believe ciara pulled a beyonce... i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

WPGC been whack since tigg

WPGC been whack since tigg left. Pablo is crony main reason why I listen to Power105.1
BrooklynBrooke's picture

Free been getting her eat

Free been getting her eat on....I ain't made at you girl!
Lynn313's picture

She may have the thickest

She may have the thickest booty ever
PegLeg®©'s picture

I saw this coming a MILE

I saw this coming a MILE away! Free just doesn't fit in well the the obvious pop direction they're going in, but it's THEIR LOSS!!!
PinkRose's picture

I Knew it! Sunni took her

I Knew it! Sunni took her place. SAD!!
Piggy Brown's picture

Sunni isn't funny either.

Sunni isn't funny either.
cutethatsall56's picture

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