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MUSIC FAB: Ciara RELEASES "Body Party" COVER ART & SNIPPET + Azealia Banks COVERS The Strokes "Barely Legal"

 photo ciara-body-party.jpg

Ciara has released the cover art for her upcoming single "Body Party" along with a short snippet. Listen to the track inside and hear Azealia Banks' remake of The Strokes' hit "Barely Legal."


We've been talking about Ciara's upcoming One Woman Army disc for over a year now and though it hasn't gotten a release date, we do know that she'll revisit her ATL roots on an upcoming single called "Body Party."  The track samples the ATL bass classic "My boo" by the Ghost Town DJ's and is a sexy mid-tempo track that listeners can dance to....or grind to.  She tweeted, "My Body's Your Party Let's Get It Started..."


Join the "Body Party"  here:


In other new music:

Before her highly anticipated album, Broke With Expensive Taste hits the stores, Azealia Banks had dropped yet another buzz single which she hopes will catch fire on the radio and in the clubs. The song, "Barely Legal" is a dance club remake of a rock and roll single by the band The Strokes. Luckily, Azealia can pull this kind of music off without batting an eyelash.




So far so good for Ciara

So far so good for Ciara (very 'Janet Jacksonish')...I wish her all the best!
Money First's picture

absolutely NOT Ciara!!! When

absolutely NOT Ciara!!! When a woman feels like she gotta expose herself 2 the world for attention she's extremely desperate & confused!!! SMH, U sell'n music or ass??? #SeekTherapy.
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Simply gorgeous!

Simply gorgeous!
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She Looks

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Cici is a gorgeous woman with

Cici is a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous sexy body to match! So that song under Ciara's is Azealia Banks singing? I'm confused...
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Good luck Ciara.

Good luck Ciara.
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Well, Ciara is a delectable

Well, Ciara is a delectable woman. She looks great and she dances great. I just wish someone would get some jumpercables and revive her career.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Dam She looks Beautiful

Dam She looks Beautiful
get right church and let's go home...'s picture

She's a gorgeous woman who

She's a gorgeous woman who can dance = Modern Day version of Carmen Elecktra (she can thank Prince for that Name & past Fame) .........
PegLeg®©'s picture

She looks beautiful in that

She looks beautiful in that pic.
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LOL...lay naked with a sheet

LOL...lay naked with a sheet to try to boost your music? Boo...
Laia's picture

She's so

She's so boring...ZZZZZzzzZzzzzzzzz
cutethatsall56's picture

ok,,,hope its a coo

ok,,,hope its a coo hit.because sorry sucked..
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Cici got that "My boo" Ghost

Cici got that "My boo" Ghost town DJ beat on her track. ....hmm she betta kill this song, so far her its sounds good.
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cici looks hot but i cant

cici looks hot but i cant believe she pulled a beyonce..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture


My Moniker Is...'s picture

Janet Jackson (Is all I’m

Janet Jackson (Is all I’m getting from Ciara) If this girl is so “Talented” then why is she constantly stealing from Janet?? If it didn’t work for the last (Single) its not going to work now.. Please take you’re ass “Back To The Basics” or get a new Writer …
REd™'s picture

Really though? She's still

Really though? She's still trying?
queenkyc's picture

I'm just ready for some good

I'm just ready for some good new music.
Miss T's picture

Okay Ci-Ci, I see you! I'm

Okay Ci-Ci, I see you! I'm feeling that snippet and I haven't felt anything of hers since Goodies.
Miss T's picture

when all else fails........

when all else fails........

Nice pic and the snip is

Nice pic and the snip is sounding much better than that other crap!
Like Really's picture

Excited for Cici...My Boo is

Excited for Cici...My Boo is a classic. She usually delivers when she samples a song. (i.e Like a Surgeon with the One in a Million sample).

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