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BABY FAB: Cassie THROWS Lola Monroe A HOLLYWOOD Baby Shower With Teairra Mari & Tocarra Jones

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Rapper Lola Monroe celebrated the pending arrival of her bundle of joy with a Hollywood Hills baby shower thrown by Cassie. See pics from the party inside... 

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Former stripper turned video vixen turned rapper Lola Monroe was spotted glowing during her baby shower in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend.

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The party was thrown by Diddy's gal Cassie whom Lola thanked for the beautiful celebration tweeting, '"Thaank u @CassieSuper 4 being so special n throwing me such a beautiful baby shower!!ur such a great friend #Rare #Genuine Love u so much! ❤"

 photo pret1.jpg

Casse was all smiles as she rubbed Lola's baby bump. And you'll recall that Lola made an appearance on Cassie's "All Gold, All Girls (Remix)."

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Guests included singer Teairra Mari, top model Toccara Jones, rapper Hazel-E and eye lash guru Jammal Buster.  Lola tweeted, "So much love today...friends and family..in town to the ones that flew in. Thank you for joining us to be apart of something special."


 photo cassiew1.jpg

Lola's body hugging maternity dress was by BCBG. 



1.  New Orleans rapper Mr. Magic, who was once signed to No Limit records, died Friday night in a car accident.  The crash, which occured in Hattiesburg, MS, also claimed the life of his wife.  Reportedly, the couple's 12-year-old daughter survived the accident.  Story.  


Photos via IG



Everyone looks nice.

Everyone looks nice. #ThatIsAll
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Lola is so naturally

Lola is so naturally beautiful. Who says black girls don't have long beautiful hair. Ethiopian beauty.
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What an ignorant and silly

What an ignorant and silly comment...Lola this must be you or one of your peeps...lol
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Lola looks pretty, see her

Lola looks pretty, see her belly Beyonce this is how women look and act who are with child.
TeaNicole's picture

Beyonce did have her belly

Beyonce did have her belly out in a bikini..the thing is Beyonce isn't basic like this crowd so she doesn't have to post her baby shower for supreme thirst. She has real talent.
cutethatsall56's picture

These two ladies are besties?

These two ladies are besties? Who knew? I would love to see a reality show about them. By them, I am speaking of Cassie, Lola Monroe and Amber Rose. All bad ass, pretty, young chicks. I'm tired of all of these Atlanta reality shows with random people and washed up artists from the 90's. I'm ready to start a petition about that sh-t. They are saturating the market with people who aren't even famous. Preacher wive...doctors wives...drug dealers wives...ex wives...baller wives...really rich women who wish they were wives...etc. GIVE US A BREAK. If all those nobodies can have a show, they could at least let me indulge in the lives of chicks I actually recognize and know.
Sabs4Prez's picture

But you want a reality show

But you want a reality show to show a bunch of women who have no talent besides lying on their backs having children out of wedlock and getting pats on the back for it???? Wow, you are the product of why are society is so fucked up.
Eden Hansom's picture

No daddy around. How tragic,

No daddy around. How tragic, but how accepted.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Some one is hating on Miss

Some one is hating on Miss Lola because ANY woman will tell you it is untraditional for men to attend the baby shower (as well as the bridal shower). They CAN attend but, it's not mandatory of the man. And, everyone knows the child's father is Los (except for out of the loop people such as yourself) #HiHater
Sabs4Prez's picture

Love her baby shower dress! I

Love her baby shower dress! I don't love how Tierra Marie is more concerned with her weave than her girls day, and how nobody else is dressed for a baby shower. Liquid leggings were made for one thing and it wasn't a baby shower.
cutethatsall56's picture

Lola look so beautiful

Lola look so beautiful preggers.
Bird's picture

yhall love to ask dumb

yhall love to ask dumb questions that Goggle can easily answer. Her babies father/boyfriend is King Los, Baltimore rapper signed to Diddy's Bad Boy records.. hence her friendship to Cassie, hence the babyshower thrown by Cassie

Lola's boyfriend is signed

Lola's boyfriend is signed with Diddy's label??? HA!!! Good Luck with that we all know how Diddy's artists have one hit and then they have no more.
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"Hence" you really should get

"Hence" you really should get out and read a book instead of knowing all this useless information.
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BOOM!! POW!! llc

BOOM!! POW!! llc
Realist's picture

I guess when you don't have a

I guess when you don't have a career you can through baby showers for groupies. #CassieandTeairraMari
PacificGirl's picture

At least her body looks

At least her body looks proportioned now....
allnatural's picture


sianna1's picture

This is about the 4th baby

This is about the 4th baby shower Ive seen highlighted for this groupie, who's the daddy?
Realist's picture

I know...right!

I know...right!
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Cassie is about 2 be the

Cassie is about 2 be the Queen of NYC...once she marries Diddy....King Cassie!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

If you think Sean Combs is

If you think Sean Combs is going to marry Cassie, I mean truly believe it. You are about just as delusional as she is. I do wish them all luck. That Lola girl got pregnant by a up and coming artist that's her label mate. It could be real, I mean the love.
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queen of what? she doesnt do

queen of what? she doesnt do shit. the fuck outta here. and no where near a king.
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Happy Monday!

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