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PARTY FAB: Yandy Smith, Meek Mill, French Montana, Lance Gross & MORE Take Over Charlotte For the CIAA Tournament

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Charlotte, NC was the place to be as many reality tv stars and rappers descended on the city for the CIAA Tournment. See pics of French Montana, Meek Mill, Yandy Smith and more inside....


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Yandy Smith was spotted at several events over the weekend in Charlotte, NC for the CIAA tournament.

 photo ciaa13.jpg

 photo ciara11.jpg

During one of the day parties, she posed with fellow "LAHH" stars Rich Dollaz (without Erica Mena), Olivia and her boo Mendecees (atop). 

 photo ciass7.jpg

Juelz Santana was also at the party.

 photo ciaa1.jpg

Draya Michele looked like she had a long night.

 photo ciaa6.jpg

Before her nap, Draya tweeted, "I choose green carpet over red carpet."

 photo ciaa2.jpg

Charlamagne posed next to a Ford Fiesta.

 photo ciaa3.jpg

Lance Gross was spotted partying with Ludacris.

 photo ciaa4.jpg

Tahiry Jose was seen with ex-boyfriend and "LAHH" co-star Joe Budden.

   photo ciaa10.jpg

French Montana rocked the mic at one of the clubs.

 photo ciaa9.jpg

Meek Mill and his boys was spotted with "bands" for the dancers.

 photo ciaa8.jpg

He partied at Societe Nightclub with Bridget Kelly.


Photos via Instagram





Yandy looks really nice.

Yandy looks really nice. Homegirl snapped BACK after that baby, hunny lol Olivia and Tahiry looks nice also. If I was Kaylin (Joe Buddens' girlfriend), I would either have to nip him spendin so much time with Tahiry in the bud or just let that ish go cuz its too much Lol Draya looks pretty as usual. Seems like fun..
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I had fun and got to meet

I had fun and got to meet Charlamagne so I'm a happy girl. I didn't see all these other people. And Mendeecees is not in these pics nor was he there. He is locked up without bail awaiting trial on federal drug trafficing charges.
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40ish and still posing with

40ish and still posing with the middle finger up. SMH ~ these jiggas kill me.
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Yandy looks great! Love the

Yandy looks great! Love the yellow dress on her. She just need to change her hair up a bit. Rich and Olivia just need to go ahead and be a couple. They know they're in love with each other. He looks out for her like he's her man. I think they're cute together. Charlamangy irks me. How are you that unattractive but stay insulting people?Him and Lil Duval are two bitter b*tches. Tahiry please go ahead and marry Joe so this charade can end. Draya really wants people to believe her trash lifestyle is "where its at". Please go get your child and sit down.
Keys's picture

Olivia hair be looking so

Olivia hair be looking so good! Yandy the gym has done it's job on your body. Tihary looks pretty. Draya be partying just to much lol....rest ya bones girls....it's okaaaaaay to miss a night!
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Yandy body is snatched!!!

Yandy body is snatched!!! congrats to her cousin/body trainer. Go head Yandy!!!
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I recognised Luda & Lance,

I recognised Luda & Lance, that's it oh yeah and that insect Charmalign.
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The 11th pic with french

The 11th pic with french montana, direct your attention to the creepy b*tch with her head stuck between them lol I been laughing for a full 2 mins at that priceless
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Yandy Bitch! If you don’t do

Yandy Bitch! If you don’t do something about them “Jet Black Armpits” Gurl You Fired LMAO … anyways a post full of irrelevant People …..
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Yandy looks nice... better

Yandy looks nice... better than alot of these Reality-Show slores that cry for attention. Probably cuz she has an actual *job* and skills to fall back on. I bet Rich was glad to be free of Erica's crazy a$$...Olivia still taggin' along I see...Juelz didn't like the cameras on the show but he's in EVERY pic flossin' huh? Whateva. LMAO @Charlamagne's fugly a$$ posing by a Ford. SMH-really?!

I love Yandy.

I love Yandy.
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Is Joe Budden off drugs yet?

Is Joe Budden off drugs yet? Olivia definitely.....had work done on her face!!!! She no longer has that "something stinks" look.
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