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SPOTTED: Jaden Smith DINES OUT With Kim Kardashian's LITTLE Sister Kylie Jenner AS Will Smith CHAPERONES

 photo kyli1.jpg

Jaden Smith dined out with Kylie Jenner yesterday as Jaden's dad Will Smith tagged along.  See the pics inside....

 photo kylie4.jpg

Last night, Jaden Smith stepped out for a sushi dinner at Nobu with Kylie Jenner (Kim K.'s little sister) in London.

 photo kylie3.jpg

The pals (whom say they are just friends) have been spending a lot of time together as they were both in NYC at the same time a few days ago.   Also, both donned leopard print gear....giving the illusion that they "might" have dressed alike on purpose.

And Kylie also has a close friendship with Jaden's sister Willow as they were spotted at FAO Schwartz together while in NYC.

 photo kyliej2.jpg

And the teens weren't out alone as they dined under the watchful eye of Will Smith (who flashed his winning smile for the cameras).

Photos via Splash







I think this is just a public

I think this is just a public outting for kids and this was just a small part of the group. I don't think Will or Jada will let their kids hook up with the Jenner girls cause their mom is a bit too opportunistic. But I do think the Smith parents will give their kids a chance too view people in their true light.

Well this reeks of a set up

Well this reeks of a set up fake hollywood "friendship" for publicity.
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Is that a mustache that I see

Is that a mustache that I see growing on Jaden Smith face?
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You hit the nail on the head.

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will is growing oldyou can

will is growing oldyou can see it in his face...cant believe ciara pulled a beyonce..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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yes he is and so are we, he

yes he is and so are we, he can't be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air forever. we have watched him age right in front of our eyes...its not a bad thing..just real

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Hopefully the kids in this

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Oooh now Will and Jada want

Oooh now Will and Jada want to be parents? What happened to letting your kids run wild so they can be free from constraints. smh
cutethatsall56's picture

Yuck. If Kylie ever comes out

Yuck. If Kylie ever comes out of pocket and talks to Jada crazy like she does Kris I'm sure this "friendship" will be shut down with the quickness.
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will Smith is getting old :(

will Smith is getting old :(
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And you will too.

And you will too.
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Coffy...........it's waaaaay

Coffy...........it's waaaaay to late. I really don't think the smiths give a damn bout their kids. Did u hear about Jaden trying to get into a club last night at 14? WTF were Will & Jada. Probably on their knees servicing a same sex partner
Somerknight's picture

I agree! Their great actors

I agree! Their great actors but awful parents.
cutethatsall56's picture

People fail to realize that

People fail to realize that Will and Jada have known the Kardashians for a while now, this is nothing new, the kids have been hanging out for sometime now, but I am sure the ignorance will follow soon. You people choose to classify people and put some on pedestal, all of these celebs hang with each other, the Kardashians are very well connected in the industry, people act shocked when they see them with certain folks, these people grew up around and involved in fame, this is all second nature for them. The kids are being kids.
kayla1010's picture

Jada, do not let the

Jada, do not let the Kardashian infestation infect your family! Do something quick!! Even though your youngest kids are super annoying, they don't deserve to be affiliated with those K pests!
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