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 photo UsherUsherCruisesDucatiBikem_7zC3EKfCpl.jpg

Usher Raymond was spotted purchasing a new set of wheels and cruising down the streets of New York yesterday.  See the candids inside...

 photo UsherUsherRaymondbuyshimselfDucatimotorcycle7n_kOc_8x02l.jpg

Singer Usher Raymond was spotted doing a little shopping in NYC yesterday.

 photo UsherUsherCruisesDucatiBikexVaBMW_-odFl.jpg

But he wasn't in the market for any new fashions, he was looking for a new set of hot wheels.

 photo UsherUsherCruisesDucatiBike4g9A241fF8Dl.jpg

He was seen speaking to a Ducati salesman who USHERed him over to his newly purchased motorcyle.

 photo ushercycle1-1.jpg

Moments later, photographers spotted the singer, and his red high top trainers, leaving the dealership and testing out his new ride on the streets of NY.

 photo UsherUsherRaymondbuyshimselfDucatimotorcycleo02v5yoFnBQl.jpg

Usher may have used the new purchase to take his mind off the arrest of a man accused of killing his stepson in a jet ski accident last year.  And with all of the bumper to bumper traffic he found himself in, he definitely had time to focus on other things. 

 photo UsherUsherCruisesDucatiBikehOLUN-32Uqil.jpg

Fans of Usher will soon get to see him in his new role as a judge on "The Voice" when it returns to NBC.



Photos via PacificCoastNews.com and FAME




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Looking almost like himself

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hooklookping's picture

lmao where did he buy those

lmao where did he buy those pants from??? baby gap?
imjussaying's picture

If he divorced her and moved

If he divorced her and moved on...how is he still responsible for HER son?
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Really people how graphic! It

Really people how graphic! It is not bad parenting if while your child is not with you he/she gets hurt unless you directly had a hand in something that you know will hurt them (eg-leaving them with a crackhead and they take crack and overdose)! P.S this was not his biological kid and he was going through a divorce, he had a hard time seeing his own children much less the ones that weren't his! GYL
shadyluv24's picture

Still love Ursh..I'll check

Still love Ursh..I'll check him out on The Voice occasionally.

hes gonna be on the voice!

hes gonna be on the voice! hell yes!
BritJackson's picture

He's trying to DIE.....just

He's trying to DIE.....just like he neglected his OWN Son!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

…a very nice looking

…a very nice looking Motorcycle, but, I don’t like them because they look too dangerous.
rebellious soul's picture

Um that wasn't his son, it

Um that wasn't his son, it was his STEPSON..who was with his BIOLOGICAL FATHER at the time of the accident.
PacificGirl's picture

It wasn't his responsibility

It wasn't his responsibility to be there. It was the boy's mother's responsibility. Idiota!
Classic87's picture

He wasn't his father but the

He wasn't his father but the horrible way he treated his ex will hopefully come back to bite him in the ass. Motorcycles are dangerous. People are hurt all the time. Can you say Karma, Usher?
LBA1's picture

Whenever your kid gets his

Whenever your kid gets his head chopped-off and sinks to the bottom of a Lake......it's bad parenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

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