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CIAA SHENANIGANS: Drake Drops $50K At Charlotte Strip Club + More Party It Up

 photo drake-strip-club-money-photos-05-480w_zpsd778673a.jpg

CIAA weekend in Charlotte was all about the green carpet.  And by green carpet we mean dollar bills covering the strip club floors.  Throw it up throw it up....watch how Drake, Meek Mill and "Basketball Wives: LA" star Draya ball out inside...

 photo drake-strip-club-money-photos-04-480w_zps41c387c4.jpg

Rapper Drake reportedly dropped $50,000 on the skrippers at Cameo in Charlotte last night.  All to wrap up CIAA college basketball weekend.  And apparently the games are an afterthought, because everybody hit the strip clubs every night since Thursday.

TMZ posted pics of Drake tossing dollar bills at the big booty strippers.  And bringing his friends in on the fun too:


 photo drake-strip-club-money-photos-019-480w_zps572ea75e.jpg  photo drake-strip-club-money-photos-013-480w_zps13b8378b.jpg  photo drake-strip-club-money-photos-021-480w_zps4f3ef39c.jpg

 photo DSC_5813_zpsf85d8fd9.jpg

Meek Mill brought his stacks as well:

 photo DSC_7703_zpsb90a10ad.jpg 

And Draya danced with the strippers all night throwing dollars in their g-strings:

 photo DSC_7301_zpsb60d8f6a.jpg  photo DSC_7296_zps273fba14.jpg

 photo DSC_6902_zps792458ed.jpg

Bet she loved that.

 photo DSC_6561_zpsbe8743b9.jpg

Drake hit the stage while Draya posed it up for the cameras with Kenny Burns:

 photo DSC_6487_zps42c19c30.jpg  photo DSC_6454_zpsba37b90b.jpg

 photo DSC_7013_zps4a448955.jpg

The love 'dem strippers....

Pics: Prince Williams/ATLPics.net/TMZ




I can't tell if Draya is

I can't tell if Draya is bisexual because she thinks it makes her more "attractive" as a "model" and possible future sidepiece or if she really truly likes girls. Any thoughts?
Santi114's picture

I officially Hate being Black

I officially Hate being Black in America. Niggers are SO fucking Stupid. We are the Dumbest Race today, a walking talking Example of what Not to Become. I Mean I just heard a song on hot97 & the background to the song Was not a Beat or instrument creating sound, but the squeaking of a mattress with explicit lay by lay sex. Only DUMB Ass Niggers ALLOW these Disgusting Vile STD inducing destructive activities & images to be broadcast to smother the minds of Young Girls & Boys without fathers Thirsty for Anythingggg Anythingggg I hate being a Black Woman in America. I hate my nappy ass hair so I spend all my $ on fake hair Just so a nigga can holla at me, welp he ends up marrying a white girl or spanish girl or chinese girl or any non black girl. He tells her how Hot she is & How Black biches Aint Shit. Cant blame him thou. he dont wanna be black or have yet another hungry ass black baby thas gonna rob his grandma in 16 years... I Hate that Nigger b/c now gotta raise his Nappy Ass Black baby bymyself while he say Im fat & mad. Nigger Im fat cuz I only afford the $1 menu Help a Bitch Out. Yea Im Mad bc I NEVA EVA see white becky bitches on the MTA city buses & trains wid They Baby Carriages & shit. I always see dem white Bitches getn real Birkin Bags & they have things I NEva Heard of. Being a Nigger is WACK. Im killn my self ONE LESS NIGGER BITCH unless Beyonce, Tyra, Condolessa, Mona Scott Young, any poppin black bish would go natural maybe Id FEEL Proud or a lil bit better.
Nobody Wanna Be Black's picture

Shameful. This is a disgrace

Shameful. This is a disgrace to our community and our ancestors. Draya is a lost woman and she doesn't even realize it. She thinks she's living when she's really dead on the inside.
Keys's picture

I just finished watching a

I just finished watching a documentary, 30 for 30: Broke, about how professional athletes make all this money and then are broke as soon as retirement rolls around. Rappers are the same way. Why is it always the black artists who are being extra flashy in the club and anywhere else for that matter? Do you ever see white artists do this? No, (a select few maybe) that's because they were taught the value of money and how to make it work for you. Not to mention, these artists and athletes talk a lot about the groupies and how they only want you for your money. Well what do you expect? You aren't showing off your money, cars, jewelry for your homeboys. You want the ladies to see this. That's any man. It's all for the women, so when you get the groupies scratching at your door, don't start talking about how they only want your money and not the real you. You get what you put out. Black people (men and women) we need to do so much better. We need to respect ourselves and have our money work for us and not the other way around. I'm so sad for our future generations. It's like any and everything is acceptable and no one has any type of standards.
JayDeeTee's picture

ummm...hate to tell u, but

ummm...hate to tell u, but Drake, that shit is NOT hot. u looked stupid af...
Laia's picture

This is the main reason why

This is the main reason why people need parenting classes to teach their kids not to keep perpetuating this nonsense. This girl is pretty but seriously lacks morals. Where does she find these outfits??? These guys are not men. We need to do better!!!
Just observing's picture

does Draya ever spend time

does Draya ever spend time with her son?

Unbelievable… My friend kaly

Unbelievable… My friend kaly has just married to a handsome wealthy guy They met through ~~ Šugardadmeet.Ćom ~~ a good place to talk with successful wealthy guys and beautiful classy women (doctors, lawyers, busy professionals, benefactors. etc….)perhaps you can have a try
echo's picture

what a waste of $$$

what a waste of $$$ lol...dude with the Trukfit sweatshirt on is a cutie!
diamond2012's picture

Man....hoes be winnin'!!! As

Man....hoes be winnin'!!! As a hard-working, single parent, and college student, I can't help but be a little salty that these rappers throw tens of thousands of dollars at strip hoes, but wouldn't pay off my student loans if I begged 'em to. Matter of fact, Imma ask Drake on twitter to do just that and see if I get a reply LOL.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Look what our

Look what our culture/generation have been reduced to... how embarrassing!
Sunshine's picture

lol!!! The first pic with

lol!!! The first pic with Drake standing there tossing his money in the air and that stripper behind him looking over her shoulder her facial expression is Like! hey toss some of that my way!! her lumpy azz all out is so not attractive.
sweetpea1989's picture

I see Drake's got on his high

I see Drake's got on his high gloss sweat pants [frequent visitor(s) standard attire] ~ I have brothers ~ I hear, I know. What a waste of a good 50K.
GetUrLife's picture

Real classy......

Real classy......
sexybrownpyt's picture

Drake know he need to hold on

Drake know he need to hold on to his lil cheddar cause word on the street is he has the worse contract in modern rap history. Young money own him like a slave. I know white folks just sit back & laugh. These niccas will be 50 broke & busted asking the next Jay Z for a hand out. I rememeber when Jay said I'm not running a hip hop welfare agency
Somerknight's picture

LOL right only if you're

LOL right only if you're Memph Bleek can you get a check for doing nothing Jay say he's going to be rich forever wether he rapped or not once upon a time ago
Mouse's picture

Doesnt this delinquent type

Doesnt this delinquent type of display ever get old?
Realist's picture

The way these bills are

The way these bills are flowing through I'm going to be on that pole soon.
cutethatsall56's picture

I don't think I will ever

I don't think I will ever understand the facination with dumping thousands of dollars on a strippers ass call me naive but I can think of a thousand different uses for 50k maybe I'm the one that's crazy
Mouse's picture

You aint crazy! These people

You aint crazy! These people make me ashamed to be black. So low class. Where are these folks morals? That's right, don't have them.
LBA1's picture

Ashamed to be "black?"

Ashamed to be "black?" You're going to allow some ignorant and classless idiots determine your self esteem? That's crazy and stupid. Every "group" have their low class. I'll be damn if I let these dummies make me feel bad about myself. Just because we have the same skin complexion doesn't mean we have the same morals and ideology. Screw them!

Agree. Our people have

Agree. Our people have contributed, accomplished and invented too many amazing things for me to allow trash that's found in all races to make me ashamed of mine. If you are ashamed of your blackness over daily ignorance then you may consider study your history more or reading blogs like BlackGivesBack.com or TheBlackSocialite.com . I'm not trying to promote their blogs but giving you examples of places you can go to see our people at their best instead of blogs like this that really cater to showing the worse about us but pretending to serve us "fabulousness". It's very clear all Natasha and her employees care about is money and hits at the expense of debasing their own people.
Keys's picture


Datz My Word's picture

Looks like a 6-pack of Lysol

Looks like a 6-pack of Lysol is in order.
MrsCPA's picture

I hope people don't think

I hope people don't think Drake's cute CUZ in my eye's he's the MALE VERSION OF TINY Tameka Cottle NOT CUTE AT ALL! Draya is such a lil hooker, nice body though w/ her lil bird face self.
Shay's picture

LOL...why does it matter to

LOL...why does it matter to you? Shiiiit I LUVS me some Drake!!!! Tiny's in a class all her own with her distorted facial features-but hey, TI likes it...Draya's just trashy.

@Godiva -Diva what's so funny

@Godiva -Diva what's so funny about it this past week I had to write up 2 GROWN ASS PROFESSIONAL FEMALES for getting in all out ALMOST FIST FIGHT over a UGLY ASS Pharmaceutical SALES GUY who is a cross between DRAKE and that UGLY man that Terri McMillian wrote her book about "Stella Got Her Groove Back" ! I asked those 2 DEMWIT'S is this BIG LIPPED SUCKER worth both of yall asses LOOSING a job? So Lol, it really did'nt matter to me but seeing Drake's face took me back there! Female's are DESPERATE THESE DAYS!
Shay's picture

LOL--no problem, I was

LOL--no problem, I was teasing you--clearly we're all entitled to our opinions. But desperate, simple women risking their jobs over ANY man-handsome or ugly, rich or broke is just downright STUPID!! SMH--wow that's crazy.

Draya looks drunk out her

Draya looks drunk out her mind. Visit my website Ill keep you in the know!!! http://submergedlife.com!!!!!
Blee's picture

There's no question, Draya

There's no question, Draya Michele likes strip clubs.
jgraves58's picture

Of course she likes strip

Of course she likes strip clubs, she used to be a stripper. It's like "going home" for her lol
DCchica's picture

Draya looks cute & everybody

Draya looks cute & everybody looks like they had fun. Wish I was there....lol....booo to me!
shuga's picture

Whatever Drake needs to

Whatever Drake needs to do...to feel manly, i guess.
PegLeg®©'s picture

I think that's stupidity at

I think that's stupidity at its finest but whatevs! Meek Mill's shirt should read "Ugliest".
Ethel Mertz's picture

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