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SHOP GALS: "RHOA" Stars NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey SHOP IT UP In NYC

 photo wenn20181279_zpsd95f7ae9.jpg 

NeNe Leakes and her fave gal pal from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Cynthia Bailey made their way to NYC to shop it up Sunday afternoon ahead of their joint appearance of "Watch What Happens Live." 


Check out the twosome out and about, and NeNe's explanation for the dinner party drama on last night's episode...

After the dinner party episode aired Sunday night where NeNe told the ladies to GET TO STEPPIN' afer they--the guests of honor--showed up 3 hours late to her Hollywood Hills home, "The New Normal" star hit up Andy Cohen's "WWHL" to explain.

 photo wenn20181282_zps7c8cdd41.jpg

But first, the ladies did a little shopping.  She and Cynthia first hit burned down Bergdorf's, then headed downtown to Giuseppe and a few other spots. 

NeNe told Andy that she was simply upset because the dinner chef and servers had been there since 6p, and no one from the group of girls called her to say they would be late.

Cynthia said she took one for the team because she is notoriously on time, but instead of leaving the group and heading to NeNe's on time by herself, she stuck with the group.

Check out their talk with Andy above.


BONUS: NeNe took to her Twitter last night during the show to call out Kandi for being negative and being a sh*t starter:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-04at105834AM_zpsdd5def36.png



Pics via WENN




Nene is not a good actor. All

Nene is not a good actor. All she is doing is playing her self . They will soon find her out.

I don't think Cynthia really

I don't think Cynthia really gets her due as a model. This is a candid shot and she looks like she just stepped off the set of an eyeglass shoot. She looks fabulous!
Santi114's picture

Lolol Nene is too funny. Wish

Lolol Nene is too funny. Wish she was my Auntie or something Lol Must be nice to walk around NYC in a Birkin and some comfy Uggs and run thru Bergdoffs and Guiseppe! I understand that the girls were late because they were super tired from traveling, and then understand Nene's point of view because they were extra late while they were the guests of honor and they didnt even call. Plus, she had them stayin there in STYLE, hunny lol That place they stayed in was niiice Lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Kandi has good money and need

Kandi has good money and need a trainer and a stylist. She be looking so basic and always eating!!
Dria's picture

Kandi do be tripping and

Kandi do be tripping and should stay silent with those Forever 21 outfits. Phaedra and those faces she make are super weird an no matter how much she talks about Kenya, Kenya body a 10, hers is a 5 maybe 6 on a good day. Nene my girl but she brags waaaay to much, what's known don't have to be said every time the camera on u girl!
Dria's picture

Kandy is such a hater with

Kandy is such a hater with her FAT A......She was begging for something to eat looking like a Amazon...first of all, she needs to get in touch with a personal trainer...She has always been jealous of NeNe....And lets not talk about Phadra with her country wanna be ass..Go sit Down....NeNe cut those Haters off!!!get off that tacky ass show!!!!keep it moving.
cathithomas's picture

After watching last night's

After watching last night's RHOA episode ~ I DO NOT like Kandi Burruss. She looks like a walking piece of thigh rubbing $hit that gets a$$ fucked every which way ~ no class.
GetUrLife's picture

I don't blame Nene. What they

I don't blame Nene. What they did was inconsiderate and all of them need to be mindful that time is money. Nene needs to tone that blond down. It was cute when it was a darker blonde but this is too harsh against her skintone. Cynthia is always a fly model diva to me.
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I am proud of Nene and at

I am proud of Nene and at first I was on the girls' side buuuut then it said they didn't even CALL!! Showing up to someone's house 3-4 hrs late is one thing but not even calling to let me know? Yeah your playing.
cutethatsall56's picture

Nene, that blond mop is a hot

Nene, that blond mop is a hot mess
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Cynthia is a true African

Cynthia is a true African Atlantan American Woman and put NeNe to shame......smh......*puts baby in the sink & washes it like a sauce-pan*............
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zzcv10's picture

Her hair color is horrible.

Her hair color is horrible. It used to be cute to me but now it's just too much.
holmesa925's picture

Nene is funny and all but

Nene is funny and all but last night was really taking it over the top a bit, she had already made the decision to not let them in WE GET IT, they were REALLY REALLY LATE, but to stand outside and make a SCENE about again just shows NO CLASS, and someone who is not USE TO MUCH! Before Nene goes FULL OUT HOLLYWOOD I would PUMP MY BRAKES a bit and make sure that the "NEW NORMAL" is really gonna make it to a couple of more SEASON'S, being that the show is really trying to make it of the STRENGTH OF "MODERN FAMILY" and her Character is not a MAIN CONTENDER like the character SOFIA V plays on "MF". AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT they could write that character OUT and the show continues on, THAT'S even if THE SHOW MAKES IT! Some people are so HOODRAT w/ NO TACT and it SCREAMS NEW MONEY and again NOT BEING USE TO MUCH! Cynthia B will always be right UP HER BUTT AS USUAL no surprise there! I do believe it's about that time for BRAVO to GET RID of MS WATER BUFFALO FACED PHAEDRA along w/ all of her DUMB SAYINGS AND COMMENTS AND UGLY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, she brings 0 NADA ZILCH TO THE SHOW! I hate saying this but at this point they could use MARLO BACK anything but FUNKY FACED PHAEDRA this chick just IRKS ME! Oh and now that she's preggo's again that her ONLY STORY LINE, HERE WE GO AGAIN we saw how BORING Kim's storyline was w/ her pregnancy's, FOREAL THOUGH! PHAEDRA MUST GO!
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echo's picture

Ugg boots are warm and

Ugg boots are warm and comfy!! I love Cynthia!! and I agree with Nene coming to dinner three hours late was messed up. She made it special for them and put a lot of effort in that dinner. Sometime you got to be that "b*tch" to get your point across. HOWEVER, Nene showing late the next day was very hypercritical. So.... to me getting mad about "lateness" then being "late" the next day is meaningless. #Nene.was.dumb.for.that #lead.by.example.through.actions.not.MOUTH
sexybrownpyt's picture

The gray birkin is back.

The gray birkin is back.
Realist's picture

Welp, I wouldve done the same

Welp, I wouldve done the same thing Nene did if you show up to my house at midnight trying to eat. That scene was too funny though. I understood both sides but I agree with Ms. Hollywood Nene. Cynthia looks gorge as usual.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Nene, you can't act for shit

Nene, you can't act for shit -- besides that fake talking that you have been doing -- trying to ACT like you're "educated" and have a good sense of the English language. Bitch, you sound stupid on those shows trying to sound like you're not a country Georgia whore that is getting a little more than 15 minutes of fame. Your head is getting as big as your body. Go sit down and take that dumb-ass Cynthia with you. Cynthia should play the role of the Scarecrow if the remake 'The Wiz' -- that chic definitely doesn't have a brain.
Child Please's picture

Thank you for saying this. I

Thank you for saying this. I get so pissed when I see her in interviews like on Today show. Well you know Hoda I am an actress. Oh puhlease
LaFord's picture

lmao @Scarecrow , that

lmao @Scarecrow , that hairstyle she got is perfect all she need is the outfit....
sexybrownpyt's picture

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