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STILL STROLLING: Kanye & Kim Grab A Romantic Lunch In Paris

 photo spl505474_001_zps3cbcacf8.jpg

After a big night of partying with Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci, Ciara and Frank Ocean, Kim & Kanye took a romantic stroll around Paris today.  Pics inside...

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestseentogetherPalaisJTyWl5b8ZfUl_zps20916328.jpg

A dressed down Kanye was spotted holding hands with his baby moms Kim K. as they grabbed lunch at the Palais de Tokyo -- a building dedicated to modern and contemporary art -- in Paris today.

Kim rocked a pair of black pumps we're not loving as she covered her baby bump in her big black fur.

 photo KimKardashianKanyeWestseentogetherPalaisrPv-oldphrel_zpsdb9f39b6.jpg

  photo KimKardashianKanyeWestseentogetherPalaisV9PIvc-Ut4xl_zps177541bc.jpg  photo KimKardashianKanyeWestseentogetherPalaisu4psCiZrkk9l_zps3b59f692.jpg

The two cuddled up and held hands on the sidewalk while waiting for paparazzi to get their shots their car.  We're sure they'll be hitting up more Paris Fashion week shows soon...

Pics: Pacific Coast News/Splash




He's either wearing a crazy

He's either wearing a crazy mask on stage or dressing like he just rolled up out of bed. Why is there no middle of the road with the guy? I could not be dressed to the nines like Kim is here walking next to Kanye with that big t-shirt, looking just a mess. Grow up!
Santi114's picture

Kanye took it back with that

Kanye took it back with that flight jacket Lol Kim looks nice, cant even tell that she is pregnant. They do look as if they are going to 2 different destinations though Lol Must be nice to dress up all day, everyday *Sigh*
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

WHY is he dressed like a

WHY is he dressed like a broke down thug? He looks awful like he's going to the gas station and she looks like she's going to a red carpet event. SMH
Datz My Word's picture

cute shoes and i like it that

cute shoes and i like it that he always holds her hand.
shuga's picture

Kanye's finally dressed like

Kanye's finally dressed like MAN...imagine such a thing...Kim you might want to start investing in pregnant comfy shoes because when those ankles start to swell your feet are going to be all corned up if you try and literally walk around in a 5 inch heel.
cutethatsall56's picture

“Still unbelievable” but

“Still unbelievable” but happy too see a (Normal) pic from them CUTE…..
REd™'s picture

Its hard to believe they both

Its hard to believe they both had the same destination, she in stilettos & fur, him in a blouse the same recycled black pants.
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hooklookping's picture

These two look like they

These two look like they struggle to Not be fat. Kim is no Kourtney ~ Kourt whether pregnant or not is adorable and stylish. Kim should take notes from her older sis ~ her man (Scott) is just as much a walking train wreck as Kanye ~except Ye's account ends in more zeros.
GetUrLife's picture

Agreed! Kourtney has much

Agreed! Kourtney has much better style in general to me. All of these monochromatic suits and dresses are a snoozefest. Kourtney was much more real pregnant too. She wore sneakers and stretch pants at times. She keeps it real more.
cutethatsall56's picture

Those heels look like walter

Those heels look like walter steiger shoe.
lolo's picture

People are spitting all of

People are spitting all of the this hate about a pregnant woman? Pitiful. Who cares what color she wears? She's always worn black. Kanye has always looked like that. This woman keeps the chicks mad. If she's a wh0re, then you stay a virgin, get married and than have a baby and show her how it's done.
Username's picture

We all know there's a lot of

We all know there's a lot of whores out here but its another thing to be selling tapes of you getting banged by someone. That's a whole another level of whoredom that just can't be lived down. I don't care if she was green she still had Ray J's peen in all her holes on camera in mass distribution.
cutethatsall56's picture

+1 yep!

+1 yep!
gogreen's picture

All that fur was unnecessary

All that fur was unnecessary today in Paris... It was very warm... She had to be hot as hell...
AlwaysFabulous's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

Kim's fur and shoes are

Kim's fur and shoes are everything! Those shoes are really sexy goodness! Kim looks so nice and Kanye looks like a dirty stinky booty crack 12 year old who thinks looking a mess looks cool. I would be ashamed of how he's dressed if I was her.
I_love_laughing's picture

dem shoes are horrid

dem shoes are horrid #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

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echo's picture

what will it take to wipe

what will it take to wipe them off the face of the earth. two scum bags that deserve each other. what type of ho remains married , has a baby with a douche bag and parades around flaunting she is nothing but a ho and up for sale to whoever.
lola69's picture

Kanye look as happy as you

Kanye look as happy as you would be cleaning a toilet.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

I love how the chic in the

I love how the chic in the third to last pic is not even trying to be seen with these schmuks.
TrueThinker's picture

You know, wearing alot of

You know, wearing alot of black throughout a pregnancy gives off negative vibes. I'm sure Kim K wants to downplay her weight gain; but she also doesn't look at happy or excited as many expectant mothers. You're pregnant Kim-you're going to gain weight. Embrace it--don't overshadow it. I'm not a 'fan' of Amber Rose but I respect how HAPPY she was about being pregnant & when my day comes I'll be SUPER-excited myself. But all of this black and 'draping' screams of misery.

The House of Givenchy

The House of Givenchy (Notice: Crayonce' Knowles COPIED them with her "House of Dereon" mess...smh) Anywho...They are EVIL and members of the illuminati cult.
PegLeg®©'s picture

i wish you get a fuckin life.

i wish you get a fuckin life. how does one live with beyonce and her fam in their head 24-7? rent free at that? you need to see a therapist
BritJackson's picture

YOU REALLY LIKE saying the

YOU REALLY LIKE saying the "Rent Free" line....cuz u say it EVERY TIME!!!!!! Anywho....my Therapist has a RESTRAINING ORDER against me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! **takes meds then folds arms** ............
PegLeg®©'s picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

and man was that a crappy

and man was that a crappy line. what your woman under 30 would wanna wear that stuff. remember when it launched her and her mother sittin up there like they put out something
LaFord's picture

....and the clothes were made

....and the clothes were made by 9 year old Slave Labor in Asia...smh.........
PegLeg®©'s picture

I love them together, they

I love them together, they look cute.
saHTC12's picture


MsMidwest's picture

Fur????? I'm praying to the

Fur????? I'm praying to the Lil' Blue-Eye'd Baby Jesus...that this EVIL Chick has a Bloody Miscarriage then dies right after she sees her OWN DEAD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smh
PegLeg®©'s picture

Damn don't hold back girl

Damn don't hold back girl tell how you really feel lol sweet blond baby jesus bless the minks, foxes and chinchillas
Mouse's picture

Two of THE most lame,

Two of THE most lame, overrated people ever.
Keys's picture

Do these two make any moves

Do these two make any moves without having papparazzi at the ready? I swear they pay cameras to follow them around on the most innocuous of outtings. And it is a complete bore. Nothing to see here folks . Move on . . . . .
The Real Thing's picture

and all this time a lot us

and all this time a lot us blamed Amber.
LaFord's picture

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