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VIDEO FAB: Fantasia's "Lose To Win" + Shystie's "Control It" Ft. Azealia Banks

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Fantasia has released a stylish new video to accompany her "Lose To Win" single.  Watch the video inside and see British MC Shystie team up with Azealia Banks for "Control It."

As she preps for the April 23rd release of Side Effects Of You, Fantasia is back with a lavishly vintage style video for her latest single, "Lose To Win."  The video follows the singer building herself back up after a heartbreak, which is a similar to the way she's been building herself back up after being tormented by the media.

You'll recall the backlash she received after a post on Instagram was  taken out of context (or so she says) and most recently, she was angered by JET's choice to go with an "old" pic for a recent story on her.  And she was further insulted after a Facebook post by JET's EIC Mitzi Miller went viral after Mitzi vented her frustration about having to apologize or explain why she chose the pic she did. 

Mitzi went on to apologize for her Facebook post, (which references Fanny's illiteracy) saying,

“It was a thoughtless comment made during a moment of frustration. It was unprofessional and not representative of the JET mission, which is to uplift. I regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I am truly apologetic.” 

Keep your chin up Fanny....sometimes you gotta lose to win.  Or something.

Watch "Lose To Win" here:



In other new videos.....


British import Shystie teamed up with Harlem femcee Azealia Banks for her "Control It" video.  She spoke to Billboard about the risque Oliver Whitehouse-directed clip saying "sex-with-class" was the concept. 

"I wanted something fun, artistic and creative. I feel [like] a lot of videos nowadays just look generic.  I went back and forth with Oliver Whitehouse about a million times in putting the treatment together, just to make sure that we had something sexy, shocking and entertaining. I wanted this to stand out from all the other visuals I have to date. The track is sexual and domineering, and I wanted the video to reflect that."

Did she succeed?  You be the judge.  Meanwhile, she'll release her "Pink Mist," EP on April 28 followed by a studio project in September.

The Randomness:

1.  Gucci Mane says he is not changing his name.  Story. 




I love the rock/rnb sound...

I love the rock/rnb sound...
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love fanny's new song. the

love fanny's new song. the other video/song is garbage.
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Fanny why?

Fanny why?
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love Fantasia, love the song,

love Fantasia, love the song, and love the video. Keep up the hard work, you look great!


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and the ghetto queen makes

and the ghetto queen makes another video. who keeps funding Fantasia's garbage? this is so danm annoying.
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To all the people below me

To all the people below me who are saying she is ugly, which "she" are you talking about? There are 3 women; which one is ugly? Good song Fantasia. Stupid song British rapper girl and Azealia.
I_love_laughing's picture

I like Fantasia's voice on

I like Fantasia's voice on this song, she's not over-singing. I don't like the sampled beat but I like the song. I can tell she's trying to come with some real R&B, instead of chasing a hit. I also appreciate that the video was not in front of a green screen or an empty roof top or some shyt. JET did her wrong. But who knew JET was still in circulation anyway? Not I.
Username's picture

I like Azealia, but this

I like Azealia, but this video right there.... i just can't get it.

Love the Fantasia song & she

Love the Fantasia song & she looked good after having her baby.
DivineBeauty's picture

I really like the song..but

I really like the song..but damn she a uggamug!
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fantasia that was fire its a

fantasia that was fire its a rock soul movement baby

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Good song for Fantasia and

Good song for Fantasia and the subject matter will be relatable to many....Azealia is doing what she wants to do so keep doing you!
Money First's picture

i thought someone said that

i thought someone said that she was looking better. I don't know, maybe she is just one of those people that no matter how you package them they just ain't attractive.
lola69's picture

Not a fan and not interested.

Not a fan and not interested.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Zzzzzz!! this video looks

Zzzzzz!! this video looks like something Fantasia ahs done before.
sweetpea1989's picture

Shystie????? Thats a

Shystie????? Thats a hilarious name...hahahaha
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