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Keri Hilson Gets IN HER FEELINGS, Tells The "Haters" To LEAVE HER ALONE!

 photo keri-hilson-mad_zps9bbc22c1.jpg

Keri Hilson is mad y'all.  She's in her feelings on Twitter going off about being done enduring all the criticisms from her "haters."  And she's demanding folks to leave her the hell alone.


Deets inside...


"Pretty Girl Rock" singer Keri Hilson went on a Twitter rant recently to express her annoyance with the hateful messages and tweets aimed at her.  And instead of logging off or simply not reading people's responses, she got her feelings into a tizzy about random people's criticisms.

Apparently, some folks are still railing her for that line from her "Turnin' Me On" song Beyonce stans believed was aimed at their Queen Bey:

"Your vision cloudy if you think that you the best/ You can dance, she can sing, but need to move it to the left..."

Keri denied it was about Mrs. Knowles Carter, and then rumors hit the net that she refused to hold up a certain magazine with Beyonce on the cover when she was at an event for the publication.  And rumors about a Keri/Beyonce beef have been flowing ever since.

Keri has said many times there is no beef between the two, but she can't get away from people calling her lame and wack and giving her harsh criticisms via social media and publications.  So she got fed up this week and wrote this ish:


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at45849PM_zps5805b96a.png

“I’m here for MY FANS! I’m stronger than you imagine, but waking up/goin to bed to your ugliness is just TOO MUCH, kids. I get it, ok? You can stop now.”


To be quite honest, we didn't even know Keri was still trying to continue a singing career as we haven't really heard (or paid attention to) much outside of her recent sexy Mexico vacay with boyfriend Serge Ibaka (pictured below):

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at35608PM_zps9ff98908.png

So who is hating and why?  Is this all an exaggeration of just a few random people saying stupid things (like they do to EVERY celeb)?  Or does she have a point?

If she wants our advice....we suggest she sit back, collect those writing checks and go be with that sexy ass man of hers. And ignore the foolery like stars who know they are stars do.

She's also working on a third album with Timbaland to be released this year.  Do you boo.




if she was more successful

if she was more successful she wouldnt care as much. she's not mad at the backlash, she's mad because she's not as successful as she would like to be. but hell, she more successful than my 9-5 working ass so she needs to count her blessings and her money and press that big red X in the top right hand corner of the screen. and neva eva evah wear that bogus outfit again! evah!!
shuga's picture

Lol. She tried to diss

Lol. She tried to diss beyonce and said, have a baby. Beyonce had a baby and is still better. Lol

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People need to stop it with

People need to stop it with harassing these celebs. Just because they're on social media does not mean they deserve to be treated shitty. It was not like she has issues with Jesus. Beyonce is nothing more than an entertainer so people need to get their minds right. I agree with her enough is enough.
Keys's picture

I didn't see a B diss, but I

I didn't see a B diss, but I do feel she has animosty towards B, hence her not referencing her in the tweets as if the said person was not Beyonce, but anyway, she got some attention today so she kinda won. #just4today
SkeeWee's picture

People hate on every

People hate on every celebrity, that is what comes with fame. She needs to grow up. I have never seen anyone get more unfair criticism than Beyonce, yet she keeps it classy and simply ignores the comments and pursues her dreams to the disgust of so many haters. Keri GROW UP!
Maat's picture

GTF off social media if you

GTF off social media if you can't take it. The End.
Laia's picture

Natasha is such a fucking

Natasha is such a fucking hater. It is very clear when she doesn't like someone. Her post are full of negative under tones when she doesn't like someone. Shit this is your site if you don't like someone don't report on them instead of creating a post full of negativity. She does this all the time. Grow up Natasha shit
DontKare's picture

Keri is this you?

Keri is this you?
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Miss Keri , Didn’t yo mama

Miss Keri , Didn’t yo mama ever teach you "Sticks and Stones May Break You’re Bones” But (Words Will Never Hurt You) gurl Please move it along, This was a waste of a Post! BYE………….
REd™'s picture

Kerri is an sordid example of

Kerri is an sordid example of being blackballed at the height of her BUZZ! Media never gave her solid chance BCUZ they blowed up what sane people knew and already felt about lying azz "Bey the Pen"! At the end of the day making a long story short, her brand is the money that makes the Moola! Songwriting is an art that consist of long bread, so when ur body gives out frm 20+yrs of hip thrustin'..and ur voice ain't the same frm yodeling,..well yea I'm almost positive one cud say wte the Fuxxx they want! Now That's something kerri CANT be shunned frm..whether u like her or not!
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echo's picture

We place these people on a

We place these people on a pedestal like they're supposed to just keep calm while people lobby all kinds of reckless and ridiculous claims at them -- I would snap too! And as for this blog, your hate is showing. We know, she said something that may have implicated your idol and she didn't back away from it. Ugh. So annoying and childish.
Girl's picture

Responding to the hate does

Responding to the hate does nothing but fuel it. If you want the fire to fizzle, don't respond. Better yet, if you can't handle the heat get out the kitchen...and off of instagramfacebooktwitter. smh. I will never understand these sensitive celebs: You know what you sign up for when you join social networking, period. Wrong or right, it's the platform you've jumped on.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

poor keri should have never

poor keri should have never opened ya mouth. yep you wrote a song for ciara not bey. keri should have just stuck to song writing because her voice live is nothing.
BritJackson's picture

I like Keri Hilson. Unlike a

I like Keri Hilson. Unlike a lot of ppl who are famous, she actually has talent. Who knows for sure if she was talking about Beyonce in her song? Beyonce is not the queen of the world/universe, definitely not mine. Oh well she made a general statement, just like beyonce has done as well
nico89's picture

She is such a gorgeous sexy

She is such a gorgeous sexy girl with a body to match. She should know that as gorgeous and sexy as she is people will ALWAYS be jealous.
I_love_laughing's picture

I don't know anyone that is a

I don't know anyone that is a fan of this chick. Keri ruined he own short career. I don't care who u are, u don't come on the scene dissing an established artist. If I get my 1st big acting role, I'm not going to come out telling Halle, Kerry or Megan to go sit down & have babies. Now she wanna blame "da haters"
Somerknight's picture

Bye Keri. I never even check

Bye Keri. I never even check on her to hate on her. Absolutely irrelevant.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Celebrities really need to

Celebrities really need to stay away from Twitter. It makes you get out of character and respond to irrelevant shit. She was trying to get away from the negativity but pretty much confirmed that she did in fact have a "reason" to hate Bey and she's been dealt with by God. I guess by that she means her career, or lack thereof. Don't get upset when you put negative energy out there and it comes right back to you.
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cheryl51's picture

Keri grew up wealthy &

Keri grew up wealthy & sheltered....she can't handle criticism....it's not in her DNA.
PegLeg®©'s picture

people seriously need to stop

people seriously need to stop hating on keri...shit is getting too damn much...i cant believe kelly rowland said she didnt like being dark skinned..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I didn't even understand most

I didn't even understand most of those tweets. I also don't get the B diss in the lyrics from her song. Anyway, she has about as much star power as Kelly Roland. Both of em need to be in someone's group.
Bird's picture

Lol thankyou

Lol thankyou
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