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DIVA STATUS: Ashanti Hits The NYC Streets With Her Fur, Her Pups & Bodyguards

 photo ashantidogs1_zpsbd60547a.jpg

Ashanti's been parading around NYC all week doing promo for the upcoming season of "Army Wives," and we've got the pics of her diva status look yesterday, complete with her dogs, fur and bodyguards.  Check the pics inside, plus a sneak peek of her first scene on the Lifetime show....


 photo greenpups3_zpsf126e477.jpg

Ashanti jetted from press op to press op yesterday in New York with her doggies in tow.  And she rocked a fitted floral paneled dress, her shades and a fur.  Her bodyguards kept folks at bay...we think.


 photo AshantiSingerAshantiflankedbodyguardsdEfIHmNau3yl_zps73841937.jpg

 photo AshantiSingerAshantiflankedbodyguardsJpJ2iagTf_Ol_zps9a7be74d.jpg

 photo ashantidogs2_zpsd29680fd.jpg


Check out her interview with VH1's Big Morning Buzz below, where we get to see a sneak peek of her scene from "Army Wives" (premiering this Sunday March 10th) and she talks about landing a top notch rapper for her upcoming album:


Pics: Splash




Damn ya'll are harsh as hell

Damn ya'll are harsh as hell Lol Go 'head, 'Shanti lookin like $money$ Lol I think Ashanti is very pretty and likeable. She seems like a really nice person. I've always liked her, so Im rooting for her to make a really good comeback and make some hits. I wish her and Nelly's sexy self woulda made it work after all of those years. Good Luck, girl! ;)
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

No shade but

No shade but ummm........yeah!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Someone said that Ashanti is

Someone said that Ashanti is worth $25 million. I find that hard to believe. Her records definitely didn't make her that much money -- and I can't imagine that she did enough concerts to have that much. I think that the show, Army Wives, has scheduled her interviews and paying for her limo and security. If I saw that talentless, baby teeth girl, I would walk by her -- unless I was lucky enough to have some tomatoes and eggs in my bag.
Child Please's picture

On a positive note....I wish

On a positive note....I wish Ashanti much success & she is definitely keeping it classy!
No1sname's picture

Y does Ashanti have all of

Y does Ashanti have all of those bodyguards?
star's picture

This post should have been in

This post should have been in the 'tomfoolery' category.
SpeakingMyMind's picture



Ummm…Ashanti is worth over 25

Ummm…Ashanti is worth over 25 million regardless of how long ago her last hit was... I would have body guards too. One is prolly her manger or something though…Dope dealers in the hood only worth 100 stacks be having they lil bodyguards and posse so why wouldn’t a (former) international celebrity??? …not feeling that jacket though. LOL
t.anonymously's picture

Totally agree with everything

Totally agree with everything you said..but I do love the jacket lol!!!
MsMidwest's picture

This is hysterical. I guess

This is hysterical. I guess she thought she was Mariah Carey for a minute and someone might actually want her autograph or picture. Bahaaaaaa!
PacificGirl's picture

Ummm why does she. Need all

Ummm why does she. Need all them dam body guards......Ashanti who?

How is it a PR stunt??? I

How is it a PR stunt??? I walk down the street everyday with my two puppy's rocking heels dresses and mink coats..so everybody DONT do that???o_O
MsMidwest's picture

Oh goodness, this is all

Oh goodness, this is all kinds of staged! Nobody is checking for Ashanti, not even when she did have a song or two out a decade ago, ha! I bet nobody came up to her during this PR stunt.
Coffy's picture

Bodyguards ~ Really?¿

Bodyguards ~ Really?¿ (crosses eyes and exits page)
GetUrLife's picture

Who took the pics? Was it

Who took the pics? Was it papz or did she hire someone to take them? Seems real staged, walking down the block in stilettos walking your dogs. pppppplease. But good luck Ahanti. Next time don't try so hard. Jeans, boots and a cute top, no dogs, 1 bodyguard/assistant. Think it over.
GG Boo 4 U's picture


shylibra's picture


WHHHHHYYYYYYYY???? does the top of Ashanti's foot in the first pic look so ashy???? O_o..... BODYGUARDS???? smh I CAN'T!!

Maybe the bodyguards were for

Maybe the bodyguards were for the dogs LOL. Reminds me of Kenya from RHOA rolling deep with security when noone even knows who she is. Ashanti was a pop sensation but that was 10-11 years ago. OAN she looks great and that FUR is everything! I might watch Army Wives its been in my Netflix Q forever.

Her bodyguards keep folks at

Her bodyguards keep folks at bay??? Child boo, somebody would come for them dogs before they came for Ashanti. Girl, ain't NOBODY checkin for you! Thirsty much?
DesignDiva's picture

You better live Shanti!!!!

You better live Shanti!!!! I'm really pulling for her to keep her head up cause I know she's in pain after how Nelly did her.
cutethatsall56's picture

While this is over-the-top

While this is over-the-top and an obvious PR stunt, I like it. Ashanti is reminding folks that she's still here, she's not broke and she's not worried about Nelly's short a$$ or his new gal-pal at-all. I'm rooting for her and Ciara to make big comebacks somehow.

ok????? co-sign girl.

ok????? co-sign girl.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

some old dude is

some old dude is bank-rolling...to get between her thick-slimey thighs....yuck!!!!!!¨
PegLeg®©'s picture

So over the top and photo

So over the top and photo op-ish. (rolls eyes)....... and btw, LOL at her for having all of those bodyguards...... girl ain't nobody coming for you. smdhlol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I could not agree with you

I could not agree with you more, although we live ina crazy world with lunatics everywhere BUT no one is checking for Ashanti!! she is practically unknown now, most of these long forgotten celebs hire the guards , limos etc just for show.
sweetpea1989's picture

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