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Rihanna Gets ASSED OUT To Show Off Her Custom Prada Boots

 photo 3040ecca861811e2b74e22000a9e07d7_7_zps909d1247.jpg

Rihanna wants the world to see her brand new custom Prada boots.  But what she REALLY wanted us to see was her bare ass in a thong.  Check out her newest NSFW snap inside...

In a white lace thong and a garter belt, Rihanna is doing what she does best on Instagram....showing us her her fave private body parts in the most revealing of ways.

She posted the above pic in her new thigh high boots saying:

Gotcha bitch tip toeing on my marble flo'!!! Sick ass custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thank you

Well, that's one way to capture people's attention during the official first week of sales of her Rihanna for River Island collection. 

The line is available exclusively at RiverIsland.com and in River Island stores around the UK, as well as OpeningCeremony.us and Opening Ceremony stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Tokyo.





Yess Rihanna, girl #WERK. Lol

Yess Rihanna, girl #WERK. Lol She is THEE ultimate girl crush for me *stops thinking dirty thoughts and gets back to the comment*, she is soo sexy. I understand what a lot of the naysayers are saying, but Oh well she can do what she wants! She's young, fun, and super sexy.. I aint even mad *licks lips* lolol ;)
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

she has an extremely nice

she has an extremely nice backside. i gotta do some squats lol
litebrite's picture

That's a cute little

That's a cute little rumpshaker I'm not going to lie but I'm tired of seeing it everywhere. I want her to learn modesty that's way more alluring, no more raunchy it's tacky and tired.
Peace Silas's picture

nothing wrong with the

nothing wrong with the picture at all its just that a lot of ppl have a negative perception of the human body.
shuga's picture

its not a negative perception

its not a negative perception of the human body i cant speak for everyone but perhaps ppl are just tired of her & the way she goes about things..i appreciate the human body no problem & to eachs own but MAYBE its just me but she seems narcissistic not to mention her own mother doesnt like when she has semi naked photos it can bring about a negative connation..i could understand if this was the first time..ok cool..but how many times are we going to see semi naked pics of her..its like ok? & i feel like some ppl keep saying oh she's sexy she can do what she wants but then ppl condemn a fuller figured woman doing the same thing or strippers its like what makes rihanna so special
KIIIIIIII's picture

i personally dont condemn a

i personally dont condemn a stripper. i think the strip club is a beautiful place. now as for fuller figures....its a matter of preference. i dont find fat to be attractive but for someone who does its a beauty to behold. for me its like saying, "ewwww why does she keep showing that work of art?" duh. cuz its a work of art! lol....show dat shit!!
shuga's picture

lol when i meant fuller

lol when i meant fuller figured i meant one with [larger] breasts & butt..lol but i get what youre saying its a preference..& to eachs own [in what they do] then
KIIIIIIII's picture

I remember in the 80's &90's

I remember in the 80's &90's people were talking the same way about Madonna. while Whitney Houston were been praise as the good girl who grew up in the church. Madonna is now a good mother of four Whitney end up a frigging mess died from drugs. Rihanna is in her 20's that's when you do crazy shit
xedos's picture

So true!!!!!!!

So true!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

people need to stop using age

people need to stop using age as an excuse bc there of plenty of celebrities & regular folks doing crazy shit & they not in their 20's..its just the individual themselves & how they go about things
KIIIIIIII's picture

she's a celebrity. of course

she's a celebrity. of course she wants attention. That's her JOB. get over it. Do you have to live w/ her decisions? Or anyone else who makes decisions that society doesn't approve of? No. May as well say something positive or nothing at all. World has enough negativity.
effn_gorgeous's picture

And do you have the right to

And do you have the right to tell other people how to feel? How to express their opinions? In MY opinion, this is TOO much. Rihanna's a fab chick & she's a full-blown celeb by now so she doesn't have to go overboard to get attention. But clearly she LUVS it. I ain't mad at her--but I hate to see a woman's butt-cheeks or vajayjay fully exposed. Its TACKY.

wtf! rihanna you are a mega

wtf! rihanna you are a mega star! wtf do you need to be showin yo ass all the time fo? she is too beautiful for this....the naked pics are getting old
BritJackson's picture

My MY MY MY MY!!!!!

My MY MY MY MY!!!!!
BigJohn's picture

I have to say that this chick

I have to say that this chick has become quite the attention seeker. they are far more better ways to grab someone's attention. if it wasn't for the CB incident combined with her catchy yet empty tunes she wouldn't be where she is now. she's a huge pop star yet still insists on selling her body to get attention. always showing off her ass and it's flat AF by the way. Oh, those boots are horrid.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Cosign, those boots look like

Cosign, those boots look like the o nes fishermen wear when they are wading in the lake trying to catch fish. lol!! Rihanna!, like another poster said you area top celeb there is no need to keep doing the attention seeking antics, you like Beyonce get enough attention just by walking down the street.
sweetpea1989's picture

thats what i keep saying..she

thats what i keep saying..she over there quoting Tupac & smoking weed & 'living her life' & being bad ass BECAUSE of the incident if that didnt happen she wouldnt have a reason to 'be' like this..think about it she being rebellious & not trying to be a role model bc ppl told her she couldnt be with him or were tryin to make her a victim...i really wonder where she would be if the accident didnt happen other than that it isnt like she IS THE BEST artist out there
KIIIIIIII's picture

You can tell she'll be mother

You can tell she'll be mother of the year one day. Seriously tho she needs to find her chill before she gets an std.
cutethatsall56's picture

Looky here...she's all

Looky here...she's all top-ass....after a baby or two....she'll get a thick-ass (she ALL LEGS right now) ..........
PegLeg®©'s picture

She is so extra. She needs an

She is so extra. She needs an intervention. I don't see this Chris-RiRi thing ending on a good note.
SkeeWee's picture

love that they are attached

love that they are attached to the waistband. thats sexy as shit.
shuga's picture

smh... Poor attention seeking

smh... Poor attention seeking Ri Ri....... there are other ways to get attention you know. The world has seen your naked ass a billion times, nothing new. If you really want attention that bad, try hitting Chris again. (puts both hands up and says... HEY.....IJS, then finishes with the Kanye shrug and walks away)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

she might as well pose for

she might as well pose for playboy and get it over with..... #that.weave.look.dry.and.horrid
sexybrownpyt's picture

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