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Meet Cree Summer's Brand New Baby Girl HERO PEREGRINE

 photo herobaby_zps22029c03.jpg 

Actress and voice over actress, Cree Summer, recently had her and her husband's second child.  Meet baby Hero Peregrine inside....

Since starring in "A Different World" over two decades ago, Cree Summer has been the voice of several animated shows and movies and even has dabbled into music.  And she's also been creating a family with her husband, Angelo Pullen.

43-year-old Cree, who's currently the voice of the green M&M in the M&M commercials, just posted the first pic of her brand new baby girl.  And the name is just as interesting as their oldest daughter's, Brave Littlewing, who's 2.

Cree said about her cutie patootie above, "My How Time Flys , Hero Peregrine already 5 Weeks Old."  She also said she was "having fun" with the newborn.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-07at91438AM_zps6863b895.png

Daddy Angelo and Brave seem pretty excited about it all too.  Cute.  Congrats Cree!

Pics: Twitter




The pix above is not her

The pix above is not her hubby, it is her brother Rain..
Lizzy's picture

Those babies sure have some

Those babies sure have some mouths on them....Very cute too
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echo's picture

I've been in love with the

I've been in love with the name Hero forever, she's one of my favorite Shakespeare characters but I'm not too crazy about Brave - kinda out there. Cute kids though.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Crazy names for the kiddies

Crazy names for the kiddies but they are beautiful, congratulations to her and hubby.

By the way, I've always like

By the way, I've always like Cree. I've seen her in a few interviews over the years & she appeared to be a free spirit just like her character Freddie. People don't realize how much money u can make doing voice over work. U don't have to weigh yourself everyday like actresses.
Somerknight's picture

I never see "they will make

I never see "they will make cute babies" when the parents are brown...SMDH! I had to check an old ass coworker who claim NOT to be color stuck. I asked Why do u only have a pic on your desk of your mixed grandchild and not your 2 darkskin grandkids. She started stuttering cause I put her on blast. Other coworkers thought that was her only grandchild but I knew her son & his wife. She was more proud of her unwed daughter who came home from college knocked up by some white boy who already had 2 other mix kids. Black people, U gotta love em
Somerknight's picture

Same thing w/someone I know -

Same thing w/someone I know - They don't even know WHICH white man fathered this child, and receive narrrrr penny of child support as a result, but are sooooooo giddy she's mixed! -__- Then told me my kids were pretty - "to be their color." NEVER darkened (literally) that doorstep again!

In this woman's defense ---

In this woman's defense --- half-hearted, so sure :), your daughter's children are not in doubt, whereas your son's children always are, absent a DNA test. Of course, we all know that she is color struck and it's a darn shame that she is more proud of her bastard half-white grandchild than the progeny of her married son.
PR22's picture

SMDH, But it be like that!

SMDH, But it be like that!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Love the names! Beautiful

Love the names! Beautiful babes!!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Cute kids....the names are

Cute kids....the names are very Native American.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I guess I shouldn't be so

I guess I shouldn't be so concerned with running out of time at 27, when women are brewing and birthing at age 43!! Wow. She and her husband make cute kids!
blynne23's picture

Me either, I want to finish

Me either, I want to finish school before me and my husband procreate. Looks like I have more than enough time as well. Women in their forties giving birth is becoming more common these days I have noticed.
precioustx's picture

I HATE the names with a

I HATE the names with a PASSION!!! smh! They are cute though.
Happy Lady's picture

Well one thing I can say is

Well one thing I can say is that she makes some beautiful children.
Ethel Mertz's picture

always wondered what she was

always wondered what she was up to after The Different World
DivineBeauty's picture

Precious little Hero!! Those

Precious little Hero!! Those kids have some names to live up to.
SweetDivaT's picture

Oh great, more: I'm smelling

Oh great, more: I'm smelling myself names.....Hero is gonna be called "Zero" or "Hoagie" and other kids won't call Brave "Brave" either......smh. C'mon MAN!!!!!!!!! **drops off baby Jesus at Kindercare** ........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Awwww...look at Freddie all

Awwww...look at Freddie all grown up! Beautiful family. I'm guessing those names are derived from her Native American roots and have meaning. Different indeed...but so is she.
MrsCPA's picture

Brave and Hero really? -___-

Brave and Hero really? -___-
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Beautiful family. Congrats.

Beautiful family. Congrats.
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