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STILL GOT IT? Brian McKnight's "4th Of July" Single

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R&B crooner Brian McKnight is hyping up the release of his 15th album More Than Words with his old-school flavored single "4th of July." But we're wondering....does he have "it"?  Decide if Brian can still floss the silky sound inside....  

Brian McKnight caused quite the controversy last year when when his x-rated track "If You're Ready To Learn" went viral and showed that the G-rated songster had a freaky side. And with his first album in two years, More Than Words, due March 19, the singer manages to gives us those lush vocals we've come to love and still expose his naughty side.  

And he continues with the controversial ish like what he recently said about another track on the album,  “I Didn’t Really Mean To Turn You Out.” He told Huff Post Black Voices:

"...To kind of take people’s minds off the fact that I just really said that. Because we all been there like, “Girl, I told you, you can’t love this d*ck like that. I told you in the beginning.” [Laughs] It’s real tongue and cheek."


But outside of his journey to the naughty side, Brian explained why he's still chugging along in a business that's changed drastically over the years:

I really didn’t think I would have this much to say anytime soon. And when the label came to me to say, “would you like to do another record,” I said, “Well I got these sixteen songs sitting here, so let’s do it.” And that was pretty much it...I never stopped writing, it’s just the way that the business is now you just try to find a different model. But once I started writing I said to myself, “Maybe, I’ll do one more, let’s see what happens. Let’s see if the world is ready for another one.” So we’ll see.

Now, you can decide if this is the old Brian McKnight we came to love. Listen to his new "4th of July" single below:





Thank you Brian; Love the

Thank you Brian; Love the song nice, nice:)
eervin's picture

See - err-time I hear his

See - err-time I hear his voice now, I hear that darn p@ssy works mess & can't even listen any further...You wrecked it Brian O_o

Hahah I thought that pussy

Hahah I thought that pussy work thing was funny.
jansjem's picture

you can make music no matter

you can make music no matter how old you are...i cant believe nicki minaj actually got booty implants..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Absolutely!!!! Yes... I

Absolutely!!!! Yes... I always have loved me some Brian!! Cant wait to cop this one!!!!

Yes, he still has it. I fell

Yes, he still has it. I fell in love with Brian McKnight with One Last Cry (I was in the 6th grade) and I've been a fan since.
Username's picture

yes indeed he still has it.

yes indeed he still has it. people now and days over look talent because of sex. nudity, scandal and foolery. Though there are still black musicians who shows positivity in the black music industry many has forgotten what good music is about. He's talented and will always be

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echo's picture

Yes Yes Yes! He still got

Yes Yes Yes! He still got it!! <3 me some Brian!
laydeegirl's picture

SORRY, I will NEVER support

SORRY, I will NEVER support woman beaters or child molesters (R.Kelly) I don't care how old the crime is!

I soooo agree with you.

I soooo agree with you.
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